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Part 78: Shouten is defeated.

Update 78

Woo, yet another Title Change.

Well, no longer a hero, but eh. That works.

"Oh, and by the way, the Yatagarasu sent you an extra tube. Now you can carry even more demons."

This is the way to reach Shouten.

Both of them useful treasures, if for different purposes.


Oh boy! It is a big... Elephant... Thing.

Shouten: "Prove to me the potential that lies within your brittle frame! That is, if you're not afraid of my immense size!"

Shouten: "You are indeed suitable to perform the Ritual of Unsealing. But can your will withstand my fearsome rage? Let us begin... This is the second trial of the Ritual of Unsealing! I am called Shouten... I shall test the tenacity of your will!"

Shouten is accompanied by two Turdaks. All the demons in this battle are weak against Fire, so if one has a demon or two with Agi type skills, it should not be too problematic.

Unless you are an idiot, like I am.

By all rights this should've been really easy. Muspell has good hp and decent magic (and AGIDYNE)
Thoth is very very extremely fragile, but agirati should've made him safe for this fight.

Shouten: "Show me that you have power enough to warrant the trip!"

Yeah, that.

See? All is super effective.

But I kept getting in Pulinpas. A confused Muspell is not good news for anyone.
I dislike that Charm and Confuse are functionally identical when they hit the summoned demons.

War Cry is a very very useful skill. Also, it is strange that SHouten looooves using Agi when he himself is weak against it.

Hell I think goddamn Soulless Soldier can take more hits than Thoth at 12 levels lower. Probably worth grinding him?

Shouten: "That makes this challenge all the more exciting!"

Yeah I hate that skill.

His Mad Rush, while still dangerous, is not nearly as bad as it was when Red Rider Rushed.

When I stupidly ran out of MAG I was tempted to use this. BUt no, it is better to keep it for when it is REALLY needed. Shouten's life is extremely low there, so it would just be a waste.

Shouten: "Even my might failed to stymie your attempt... "

Shouten: "Very well. You have passed the trial. However, you will find the road ahead more difficult. It will truly put your will to the test... Now go... Onward to the third trial of the Ritual of Unsealing."

And thus Raidou is suddenly transported once more.

And the second line is traced. Woohoo.

The next one is in Ginza-Cho.

Can't see shit, cap'n.

Oh. There it is.
It is... Another dragon?

Voice: "To carry the world's destiny on your back at your age... I am impressed. Would you allow me to test your strength? I'll be waiting."

And meanwhile, Raja Nagas and Ippon Dataras appear. Again, an upgrade for the random encounters. That shall make loyalty AND xp grinding a bit easier.

But Raja Nagas are assholes, it seems.

I don't know what Muspell's personality is supposed to be.


And this convenient save spot near to the stairs marks the end of this update. Mainly because I am feeling like crap. And so on. NEXT: Grind and killing that dragon. Yes.
Maybe even killing him with himself, if at all possible.