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Part 79: Third part of the ritual done, just two more to go.

Update 79

Well it's time to wrap this step up as well. But first, time to get pretty much everything that is in the area.

Gashadokuro: "Mind telling 'em to cut it out? They're being a real nuisance. WHaaaat? Me? Nah, I couldn't do it... I'm scared stiff of bugs... Getting rid of 'em is a man's job."

Useless Gashadokuro, useful treasure. Incense is always appreciated. Also, a Nakisawame there.

This one is specially useful when grinding for loyalty.

And now, a silly demon conversation.

Nandi: "Hey! I know you! They say you're one of the strongest Summoners in all Japan! I didn't recognize you at first... But this's gonna be a story for the grandkids someday!"

Triglav to the rescue!

Unfortunately, Triglav is no Cuchulainn. Grr.

This worked the previous time.

Nandi: "Those're a little too salty for me. You sure're a big bore... I'm just gonna head on home."

Yeah, a cow thing refusing to eat beef. It is just because it is salty.
Also: Annoying Demon Wall. Long story short, it requires Recarm. Lilim, Oukuninushi and Raiho fit the bill.

And thus, Raiho gets to pass.

And there is the power crystal. Let's smash it to smithereens.

Eventually Lilim beats it.

And Raidou gains a point in vitality.

Pabilsag: "How positively ghastly! Surely, you can find a more peaceful way of making your proverbial "ends" meet. You confuse me, young sir."

Well, this scorpion dude thing seems cultured enough. Surely Muspell's skill can be of use

And it is!

Pabilsag: "And this age of modernization will surely spawn all manner of different dwellings! What kind of home appeals the most to you, if I might ask?"

Pabilsag: "Homes should be neither too large nor too small... It is important that a man's abode mirrors his inner self. Shall we move on to the topic that's been preying on both our minds now? Certainly, you desired something when you began speaking to me..."

New recruit! New recruit!

After a shortish negotiation (Muspell's thing did work, after all) Pabilsag joins. And gives a card.

Pabilsag is a Frost order demon, which nets the last basic elemental spirit missing when fused with Oukuninushi. That is a good thing. Let's do it.

Not a bad set of skills.

Oukuninushi: "When thine hour cometh to descend to Hell, visit mine castle."

Blaaaah blah blah special fusion of 11. End result: Not a good skill, an extra skill slot. Bah. All that was missing was that godforsaken Pearl. Maybe next time. I should ask for gems in demon conversation more often.


So Victor blows himself off. Again. But at least this time the result was not a gross zombie.

How appropriate, five slots for five skills, since Pabilsag was not used at all to get his passive skill. Probably would've been something lame, anyways.

Aquans does not lead to any particularly interesting results, which is a shame.

Ah, but let us get the other elemental spirits, maybte there will be something interesting there!

Ara Mitama sure is interesting. But more than that, Vritra! Which is completely different to what that was in Digital Devil Saga.

Why yes, it is yet another dragon palette swap.
Hellfire sounds nice, though.

That, along with Schathach and Tarrasque, will have to wait a bit, since the level is too low for that. On the other hand, a combination Elemental can be acquired.

And this time without it turning into a Soulless Soldier.

Sylph: "Now... Come..."

Force boost and Growth in the last two. Destructive Joy is, like with every other demon, a MUST-EQUIP.
Yes indeed.

And since that is said and done, it is time to finish looting all before beating the shit out of a dragon.

Orrr not, if this was not done in the previous fusing spree, it is because I needed a thousand more Yen to summon Earthys. Raidou is now broke. Fortunately, thanks to the Pass acquired from Raiho, payment for transportation is a thing of the past.

Undine: "Life's too short for remorse... Release all the desires pent up inside you. Now... Come..."

No Growth for Undine, and an extra skill slot. Oh well. Also, a fiend repellant, just in case.

Undine and Triglav form Atavaka, which is other than Vritra the most interesting fusion result there.

Long can be formed if Raiho is sacrificed, but screw that. Raiho is not to be fused. But let's see just what is to be expected.

Oh, so it is weak against ELECTRICITY, that is good to know.
(oh wait how am I supposed to know it is Long. SHH)
In any case, that is more than enough dilly-dallying. Let's advance.

Third guardian, DONE.

Demon: "However, courage and determination are useless without strength. Show me your strength and prove to me you can achieve this goal... Let the third trial of the Ritual of Unsealing begin! I am Long, and I shall test your strength!"

Oh my.

First things first, and the first thing is to get a Zio user out there.

Long is rather fond of using that. His version is pathetically weak when compared to Raiho's though.

And Triglav eats Ice for breakfast.

It summons annoying pretas, or whatever those are from time to time.

Long, like most of the other bosses, has moments where he is completely invulnerable. It is annoying.

108 damage blocking, that is pretty respectable for an elemental spell. Or something.

Long: "Very well... Let us see whose resolve breaks first!"

Let's see what Cross Slash does.

At least it one-shots the low level minions.

Seriously, Raiho's version is better.

Long: "Very good. I acknowledge your victory... So ends the third trial!"

Long: "Though the Ritual of Unsealing is not yet over... There are still the fourth and fifth trials to overcome. Let's see if you can grasp the star currently out of reach. Proceed now to the fourth trial of the Ritual of Unsealing."

Third line: Drawn.

Oh no! The dark version of the Military camp!

Voice: "That is how rarely attained this fourth trial is. Now come forward and show me your strength. I will neither run nor hide..."