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Part 80: Fourth part done. One more palette Swapped Dragon left.

Update 80

Okay I lied, update now. Civ later.

First things first, and the first thing is to use consumables. Such as this.

"Why do you keep glancing back and forth between me and the foxtail?"

How... disappointing. Seems like he has really gotten over it.
In any case, foxtail and incenses used, it is time to use an Attract Water. Lots of them have been stockpiled. Should sell some eventually.

And Cerberus is now a random encounter! What joy!
I still am confused by Cerberus' single head. Sure, it was like that in SMT1, but it kind of makes little sense to keep it that way.
Or was there any representation of the hell hound with just a single head? Eh.

He has a strong area magic fire thing. Appropriate.

Also, when it is not full moon, he decided to be an asshole and leave. Not even a particularly funny conversation either. And he took like 2k Yen. Bastard.

On the plus side, it provided enough loyalty for Sylph to gain her unique skill. Not bad! That means that death attacks that do hit do just 25% damage.
On the other hand, Sylph is inherently nulling Death, so it is useless.

And a magic point.

Undine shall make this Triglav a better demon. A chaos-tied demon.

If Raidou was Neutral one would have had to fight both Atavaka and Cybele, I think. Eh.

Not a bad set of skills, and if Null Phys is inheritable, it could be pretty useful for a rather weak demon. Even if it is castable and NOT passive.

Atavaka was much bigger!
Damned Victor, his shoddy workmanship makes demons smaller.

Atavaka: "I have turned mine back on the heavens, but I shall fulfill my contract with thee. 'Tis an honor to meet thee..."

No GROWTH. That is bad. Unreachable Soul is also bleh, but eh, whatever, it's not like Atavaka is going to be a field demon anyway.

Atavaka leads to yet another Scathach combination, which will likely be the one taken. Likely.

Eventually, Cerberus decides to not be an asshole.
Notice, it's been like 20 random encounters, and the effect of the Attract Water remains.
The random encounter is pretty high by itself, but with Attract Water it's just an endless barrage of encounter after encounter. It is excellent for powerlevelling, and OBVIOUSLY bad for exploration. In the entire time it was on, not twenty steps were taken away from the save spot.

Also, this nutbar.

And another title! Lots of loyalty means lots of titles, which is just fine.

Atavaka's passive is pretty god damn badass.

On hindsight, Unreachable Soul would have been a better candidate for removal.

And a silly conversation happened.

YES. Even the game is bothered by Cerberus' single head.

How silly.

Strength acquired. And that was still going. God damn, there are a lot of encounters with Attract Water.

And after that is done, I used a Repulse water because seriously, fuck the random encounter rate.
There is something shining next to Take-Mikasuchi's statue, which is not in the same pose his official art uses.

Alraune: "We demons go out of our way to let humans live so we can drain their essences over time... And here it is to muck it all up. Please hurry up and get rid of that thing for us. It'll be good for humans and demons both."

How nice, a flaming boulder. That sounds like a job for certain thing.

Raiho! He kicks its ass.

...What the fuck.

No seriously, that is horribly creepy. And it is not a mandragora. I am surprised.

>"The mugshot herbs you obtained here will grow back soon."

That was a goddamn creepy thing.

In any case, here it is.


Vritra: "There is no denying your skill. But all that means to me is that I may fight you without any half measures. Even if it results in the loss of your life... Are you prepared to receive my full fury?"

Vritra, being a Red dragon, is clearly aligned with fire.

Guess what demon do we have that is tailor made for this fight?

Certainly neither Atavaka nor Cerberus.

Vritra: "As a show of respect for the hard work you put into coming here... I shall use everything at my command to test you!"

So let's get rid of Atavaka.

And put Raiho in.

Yeah. Raiho just makes this fight easier than any given random encounter. It's not fair at all.

ONE glacial blast. Or two. Something.

Vritra: "You will know my delight in the intense heat of my flames!"

Yeah, you do that. Meanwhile, Raiho has Glacial Blast.

That is just obscene. No single attack should do that.

Vritra: "I felt deeply the burning flame of your resolve..."

Vritra: "Not many have accomplished what you have. I have nothing more to say. I leave the Capital's fat in your hands. Now go. The Ritual of Unsealing's final trial is at hand."

Fourth line: Drawn.

Amd for the last one.

Voice: "To show my respect for one who has come so far, I shall introduce myself."

Hey! Wasn't he a giant electric stone dragon in SMT2?

Great Kohryu: "However, word reached me that the Yatagarasu were holding the Ritual of Unsealing... So I accepted their request to be the final trial challenge. At first, I assumed my moment wouldn't come... I'd wait here and go home when the second or third trial was a failure. I didn't expect any excitement. Yet here you are."

Oh boy.

Seems he is waiting for Raidou in front of Satake's place.

That can be arranged.

"Let's do this, Brian."