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Update 81

First things first, again, and the first thing is a handy level up.

And then it's time for a lot of fusion.
Muspell has outlived its usefulness, now that Vritra can be fused, hooray for a new and improved Pyro thing.
And a palette swapped dragon.

Sylph: "Shall I dance a bewitching waltz?"

Done and done, sir!

Vritra: "It seems I am unable to escape Hell's hot grip. Why, even when I reach the human world, 'tis another form of Hell..."

And after 7 or so attempts to get the 49th fusion right, I decided to get rid of the locusts.

That and getting ambushed worked wonders.

Damn, a single downward arrow and Raidou's luck is SIGNIFICANTLY decreased.

Magic is very important, you know.

And for the next fusion trick, let's get rid of Lilim and Agathion.

It is slightly different. When the 7th fusion happens in a New Moon, the music that plays is the Fiend music. That is significant.

For once, the third gem was available. A Ruby would have also worked.


Oh boy, it blew up in his face. Again.
But that shadow behind him is pretty interesting, I must say.

Oh hell yes.

White Rider: "I have come to mock you, that man may be chastened for his sins. "

Unfortunately, being that Lilim was a result of a single fusion, and Agathion was captured wild, he won't have many useful passive skills. Could be worse, but could have been better, as well.
Maybe next time.

Meanwhile, Scathach can be fused now that the required levels are there.

Diarahan ought to come in handy. Null Fire stays there just in case.

Scathach: "What does your heart desire? Is it love... Or perhaps war?"

Yeah, as far as I am concerned, Growth is a must-equip on EVERYTHING now.

Now that Thoth can be replaced by another, higher levelled Skill demon, there is no reason to have him. Also, notice: Thor is soon to be available as well.

Why yes, I would like a Volt class demon that can use the Force equivalent of Glacial Blast.

Thoth: "That's how good they are, yep."

Parvati: "What does your heart desire?"

And with Force Resist on, her main weakness is made trivial.

Shouten won't be acquired just yet, but let's see what his stats are.

That is a lot of strength, yes.

Temporarily Pagan-less, but hey, it is the Star!

With a brand new and rather gross looking texture. Sheesh.
I think I like the coloring/texture he had in Nocturne better.

Nebiros:"I shall order myself one with greater strength..."

Decarabia:"Is our meeting this way good luck or bad? It's all up to you! Nice meeting you. Zappo!"

Yeah, not a bad stat spread, and Agni's Blessing is just a very good thing to have. No Growth, unfortunately.
And it's getting to the point where loyalty is more easily acquired by getting the demons drunk, so sake can be used for something else than money this time.

Not like Cuchulainn is to be replaced, but let's see what they did with Arachne this time.

Neat, it is a Jourugumo based thing.

And now, exploration.

God damn it.
Most of the wind pathways lead back to this area. It is rather annoying, to be quite honest.

Mr. Mokoi: "I am a professor demon, so you can ask me anything. Except where I got my accreditation. That's just rude."

Mr. Mokoi: "A hot topic, yes. You beat the odds and finished the Ritual of Unsealing. This is my best clue, so don't waste it or tell it to any dogs."

Mr. Mokoi: "If you want to look like a genius the way I do, go with the left side. But not left wing. Don't read too much into this."

Mr. Mokoi: "Hmm? Oho. You want to know someone else's secret... I'd better stay on my guard around such an inquisitive playboy. But first, let me tell you about my secret item. It's a special sword I... found. Somewhere. It slices, it dices. I hid it around here just to see if you could find it. (That's a lie)"

Mr. Mokoi: "The people around here know me as a great and powerful evil demon that never loses. Even though I'm so goshdarn cute. Why? Whyyyyy...?"

Mr. Mokoi: "Awesome feed. You've got the knack of reading the room's mood. Any more questions?"

Mr. Mokoi: "Really? All I do is make humans sick, or get them in accidents. And you think I'm bad enough? Don't flatter me. "

Mr. Mokoi: "I like that, what you just said. It makes me feel positive. Confident. I wanna tell myself, cheer up, Mr. Mokoi!"

Well, that's about it for Mr. Mokoi.
Should've used Parvati's inspect to see if he had really hidden a sword there, but I guess that can wait a while.

God damnit, I don't want to lose any more luck!

And thus, it is time to hunt for some goddamn locusts.

Like this.

Koropokkur: "D-Don't tell me it's you...!"

Koropokkur: "The Star of Death is just as strong as you'd imagine from the name... I really don't think a student like you can compete with THAT. But if you won't change your mind, I won't stop you... "

kOROPOKKUR: "A human challenging the Star of Death would be throwing his life away... Trust me, you wouldn't stand a chance. "

Teleporting around/riding the wind is surely a convenient way of transportation.

But goddamn Dragon's Jaws are everywhere preventing further access.

That doesn't sound like such a useful skill. No.

Yes! Treasure!

A topaz and an Onyx.

Goddamn it, I needed to go further to the left.

Eventually, going north instead of south to the Bridge, this area is reached.

And just like Mokoi said, the left one is the right one. The right one leads back to the starting area.


Aquans: "Do you know why? Some demons need to drain human's energy or evil intentions in order to stay alive... What would happen to them if all the humans died out? Well, they'd lose their source of food. See? I hope this is all over soon..."

And once again, the left one is the correct and proper one.

And it leads right where we need to be.


Oh boy, light from the heavens.

Kohryu: "You are a rare breed... You deserve praise for your efforts already. But you haven't come to be praised, have you? And I haven't left my post at the Confinement Chamber merely to praise you. Shall we begin? Let the final trial for the Ritual of Unsealing begin... I am Great Kohryu. Will you live to draw the star across the Capital, or will you fall to my claws? Let the battle commence!"

He's got three balls in his there.

Make that four.

Kohryu: "I shall unleash my full power to mark your journey's culmination!"

Great Kohryu is a Volt demon. And as in the previous fights, he shares a weakness with his sidekick demons. In this case, since he has Koropokkurs, it is Wind.

Yes, that is why Parvati was made with Wind Cutter.

The god damn asshole uses Megido. It damages heavily even if blocked.

Like so.

So yeah, he is not one to mess around. He has strong Electricity, and GOD DAMN MEGIDO.

Let's get Parvati in there.

Let's see how this does.

Unfortunately, in that moment, it did nothing.

Neat. Did around 100 damage when blocked. Less bad than a Megido.

Kohryu: "Whether you live to walk the star across the Capital or fall here... Let it be decided with this battle!"

Parvati eats his Shock Wave/Electric breath for breakfast.

The same cannot be said about Kohryu, unfortunately.

Kohryu: "Very well. Raidou Kuzunoha, you have finished the Ritual of Unsealing... I hereby acknowledge your prowess. "

Kohryu: "As the last guard, I pronounce the Ritual of Unsealing complete. Allow me to send you back to Dark Harumi-Cho that you may finish drawing the star across the Capital. The gate to the Confinement Chamber will be open, and the path to the Star of Death revealed. I'll return there to wait for you. Until we meet again, honorable Summoner."

And the last line is drawn.

Ritual: Completed.

"Your long journey to complete the Ritual of Unsealing is finally coming to an end. You must feel it too... The power of the star you created and its effects on the Capital. Now it is time to return."

"In hopes that you may gain the aid of the demons you met while performing the Ritual... We shall open the Dark Realms you visited during your journey. Now then, Raidou... With the pentagram inscribed across the Capital, the Confinement Chamber's seal has been weakened. You may now enter the Confinement Chamber if you choose. The entrance lies through the waterways... A"

"Just as one would expect from a Raidou. Then there remains nothing more to discuss. If you are going to the Confinement Chamber, head northeast from Kasumidai. You must meet Mikaboshi inside the Confinement Chamber in order to obtain the Shukukon-Seki. Only then can you defeat Apollyon, he who would bring chaos to this nation... In the name of the Yatagarasu, we entrust the fate of the Capital to you."