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Part 82: Cazse file break.

Update 82

First: Selling all the excess shit acquired from the previous 6 updates. God damn it.

Yup, a bunch of sellable shit.

And eventually, a new item or set of items to buy is unlocked.

Seems to be more booze.

In any case: Now that money has been acquired, further fusions can be made.

Like good old Black Frost.

Sylph: "Promise me."

Black Frost: "Nice to meet you, ho!"

One would think that he would be cheerful. No, this Black Frost is not cheerful at all and would not confuse Belberith with a Meatball.

Fire Boost likely to be changed to its unique skill.

Black Frost is not Raiho so he may eventually be recycled. But not now.

Kagutsuchi is a Surt/Muspell reskin, instead of giant disco ball that becomes a human face. Don't know if that is a good developement or not.

Screw you, Cerberus.

Oumitsunu: "My bloodthirst is unquenchable."

On hindsight, should have leveled him up first.

But it doesn't matter, since this was the objective all along.

Wind cutter is awesome.

And a fever was triggered.

It blew up in his face but the demon was fused correctly.

Which is useless, currently.

Tarrasque: "Lookin' forward to it!"

Completely useless with just a single skill. Oh well.

This might be a good choice soon.

But meanwhile, Black Frost will continue to be awesome.

The first stop is Kasumidai. There are things to be done there.

Inner voice: "I'll forward the details to the Narumi Detective Agency."

And something to prevent annoying boycott status.

Mysterious naval officer: "Did he remember to factor travel time in? It takes about an hour to get to Harumi-Cho... Hm? "

Mysterious naval officer: "I'm a military man, as you can see, but I am also a devil summoner. Just like you. Pardon me for not introducing myself before. My name is Watanabe Tsunatsugu."

Tsunatsugu: "Have you met the army soldier at the plaza near the main gate? I'm officer Sadakichi's bodyguard. He used to be an undercover officer for the navy. Speaking of which, Raidou... If you can spare the time, would you mind taking a few cases on Officer Sadakichi's behalf? He's managing all devil summoner-related tasks related to the army or navy. I know you're a man Officer Sadakichi can trust."

Inner voice: "I'd heard he was handsome, but I didn't know he'd be on my level! "

That's a first. Hm.
Maybe Raidou can learn such a skill?

In any case, his mind is closed.

Tsunatsugu: "It's a personal matter... I'm currently under a curse. It prevents me from summoning demons... Without that, I can't do my job. Right now I'm trying to see if I can manage the removal on my own... But if I can't, I may need to ask for your help. If that happens, I'll submit a case file at the agency. Thanks in advance... Just in case."

Useful even if not particularly pricey.

And now let's finish this goddamn case once and for all.

IT IS repeatable, but not useful. Bronzes against a rather expensive sake? Bah.

Tsunatsugu's case is here, though. Also, I should get the last couple of tiles soon.
For completeness sake, you see.

Accented and undertaken. Not seen, since it is covered by the area descriptor: The northern Radio tower.

Oh no! It's an oni!

Oni: "I get it... So he hired you. What a waste... A thousand years ago, a human cut off my arm. I was able to snatch it back from him and spent years healing in the mountains near Bandou. When my wounds finally healed and I returned for some payback... The jerk was long dead from old age. Humans are so fragile... Their lifespan is practically nothing. So all I could do was take it out on his descendant."

Yes! Damn you!

Oni: "I'd better get on the horn with my brothers..."

Bah, just three?

Left Oni: "Travel between Hell and this world has become easier lately... Does this mean I may rampage across this place as well?"

And with that being said they all strike DYNAMIC POSES and start a fight.

Oni: "So I called up as many of my buds as I could find to make this one crazy-ass party!"

And so he did.
But Parvati has Wind Cutter.

And tarrasque has Ziodyne. The Onis are weak against electricity.

Yeah. it is a rather one-sided fight.

But the Onis have a trick up their rather short sleeves.

Useless, though.

And they all fall.

Oni: "Then what did I spend a thousand years training for? Man, I have the worst luck..."

Oni: "I thought I could see this world become another Hell... If I'm dead, what's the use? "

Oni: "That curse I put on the man? It's not going away with my death. Not in the slightest. That curse... It signifies the vengeance that will engulf this country. Get it now? Our eternal hatred! The curse will never die! Never!"

Okay that is a rather assholish curse.

It does! And Tsunatsugu has no other option than to rely on Raidou.


Success, and a sword acquired.

Tsunatsugu: "Is this a sign of things to come? If something else comes up, I might have to submit another case file. In case I need your help... Thanks in advance."

Inner Voice: "But I hate seeing her. I'm always scared she's going to change my title to something ridiculous... Huh!? It feels like someone's reading my thoughts..."

Let's see what this is all about.

Hms. New sword.

Speaking of swords, it is time to fuse a bunch of them AND lose all the money in the same process.

Stronger, yes. But I like the null death.

If I am remembering correctly, this is needed for a case file.

Oh my! Frog's sword! Also Sephiroth's. And so on and so on. Legendary sword thing. Not particularly impressive, this one.

Yeah, lots and lots of fusions.

Anmd I wanted this one, that does sound actually useful and in exchange of the Null MOrtal one until a Fiend approaches.

Yay for the quick travel menu.

The case file happens to be juuust here.

Seven gross zombies? That doesn't sound like a big challenge.

"Don't let your guard down, or you'll become one of 'em!"

Oh, crap. That's not a regular zombie.

Yomi-Kugutsu: "Hurry... Quick..."


They are not particularly weak against Wind Cutter, but it does the job nicely.

Unfortunately they hit like a goddamn truck and can easily stunlock Raidou until DEATH.

Not a nice situation. But hey, a fullheal later and MORE CAREFUL KILLING.

Immeadiately after killing the first batch, four appear.

But WInd Cutter, two of them, actually, does the trick VERY VERY nicely.

Yeah, screw you, military zombie.

Level up!

Yomi-Kugutsu: "Now.. I can... go... home..."

And then he keels over. He is redead

"Now I get it. This is why Geirin made us take the case. But whty were they here? Let's check this out."

Poor Gouto. Zombies must not smell particularly nice. I imagine a feline sense of smell is not a blessing in that moment.

"Infantry... 2... 1... What is this? "

"You're right! It's a set of army-issued dog tags. And the number is probably the soldier's regiment. If I'm right, the garrison these Yomi-Kugutsu used to be stationed at is somewhere close by. Which means those Yomi-Kugutsu were..."

I have no idea if the upper option also counts. The third one is obviously silly, though.

"I think you're onto something... Their hometown and original garrison must've been pretty close by. In fact, didn't he say "now I can go home?""

"They're zombies now, but they were once human beings... We should respect the dead by burying the bodies. Anyways, that wraps up this case. Good work, Brian."