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Part 83: More Case Files. Toilet.

Update 83

The first thing that happened is that a slight bit of Loyalty Grind changed Raidou's title.

I think Avatar of Spirits is better. But eh, whatever. This is what Tsunatsugu is afraid will happen to him if he goes to the Herald to get his curse revoked. On the other hand it may be the kind of curse thatn the Herald cannot remove.
And Raidou seems to have a direct connection to the Herald now, no need to go there to get the title change.

To complete one case file, one must check here, behind the hedge. Asshole move, Atlus.

And that is the last piece of Mahjong tiles that was missing, Narumi's own case file can be solved now.

Hell yes.

These were already acquired in Dark Kasumidai, freaky.

The Roman Coin sells rather well, 14k I think.

Oh, Crowley. Surely to make his version of the Tarot. In any case, the Roman Coin was sold to get enough money to summon Thoth back.

And there it goes.

Blah blah blah.

Blah, I said.

This sword is currently not in Raidou's possession, and I did not feel like getting it, so it will have to be finished in the near future. Not the next update, though. I already have plans for that update.

20k for an advanced elemental to get a grand total of 15 demons? Hell yes. It was fulfilled.

All those gems are currently in Raidou's possession.

So instead of having stuff for Victor, an Amulet was received.

And now something that involves more than just that. Let's see this.

The area to be visited is Mannen-Cho, just between the Shrine and Queen's Road.

Oh my. Laziness.

Lazy Man: "What's the use? Everything I ever earn just gets taken away by other, luckier guys. Working hard's a fool's game. The more honest you are, the more you just get taken advantage of... "

This is clerarly a Law choice, but damnit the dude is being emo AND lazy at the same time. He needs a good smack in his head.

Lazy Man: "Being poor's tolerable so long as you're young and still have dreams... Even if you work honestly, life never gets any better. In thwe end, the ones on top stay right where they are, and so do us on the bottom. You can't change it. The big shots and the military hoard all the wealth. They say a country's judged on its military. Wel, I hope our country's got more integrity than that lot! But it's useless to be honest, these days. That's why I quit working. "

Oh no! What can Raidou do to remedy this?

Oh boy.


(which is actually accurate to the illustration in the lower key of solomon according to google images)

Belphegor: "I like doing business at the Capital."

Belphegor: "I thought you might show up soon... What's a little pissant like YOU gonna do, huh? Mwahahahahaha! "

Belphegor: "I must consume you and make your power my own!"

He looks rather pissed there.

I don't like Decarabia's new texture work.

Belphegor: "But on second thought... That sounds like a lot of work. I dunno if I feel like it. But if you're here, I might as well kill time dealing with you. So come and get it! What, did you expect me to go to you?"

Yeah. He is a lazy fuckwad.
His gimmick is that he won't move from there. At all. And it is a timed battle. Two mintes.

Since he is weak against Wind, and Wind Cutter is a skill that is currently equipped in two demons, two minutes are more than enough to deal with him.

Except that in the very beggining he decides to go invincible, goddamnit.

Eventually he loses that perfect defense. Which is a good thing.

Unfortunately, he also likes to cast Megido, which is unblockable, which I don't remember, and I get hit.

Belphegor: "By the way, are you paying attention to the clock? Geheheheh! Once time's up, I'm leaving! Even if you have the upper hand... I'm just that lazy!"

Yeah, fuck Megido.

Eventually he goes down. As he should.

He passed out on the toilet.

Belphegor: "And I thought, with the Capital's luck being aske, I could achieve that without too much effort... Oh well, I guess I can go back to doing... nothing..."

Welp. Victory.

Once-lazy man: "Huh? What was I doing? Oh, yeah! I have to hurry up and look for work. I can't let my family go hungry much longer... "

"He was able to collect his wits before he lost everything to that demon... Interesting. Seems if people have something to lean on, they can overcome the influence of the dark. That's the connection between God, spirituality, and humans.... Hm... You heard the way that demon talked about the Capital's luck? With the overall luck levels so low, demons are getting bolder... Might be why the Narumi Detective Agency has had so many cases lately. We'd better finish up the main assignment as soon as we can."

Victory, I said.

Another top level gem, but screw Victor's requests, that is a COUPLE OF INCENSES hell yes.

And this one got open as well.

Well, why not?

"You see... An acquaintance of mine has a small problem. I took the liberty of referring him to you. His case file should be at your offices about now. I'd appreciate it if you could solve this little problem. He, too, may be able to serve as a spark for you...."

Black Rider. Again.

Well, why not? It was already beaten once.

And Raiho is awesome, I'll have you know that.

Black Rider: "Though time may separate us, I shall fight you. Entertain me until the third seal is broken..."

Five minutes, should be more than enough to deal with him.

That's no surprise, actually.

And for this fight I decide to not be an absolute retard and get in front of Black Rider. Being in front of him leads to pain, both Mad Rush AND Begin starvation hit you if you are in front of him.

Soul Balance is useless with the death nulling sword, which is a marvelous thing.

So yeah, bait him, get behind him, and pound him with strong spells. Glacial Blast and Wind Cutter could work, but they are a bit slower to cast, I think.

Black Rider: "This world will soon face a great famine..."

He doesn't stop long enough when casting mudos to get hit by the spells. It is annoying.

Eventually, the tactic works as well as it could be expected.

Black Rider: "I begin to see why he has such an interest in you."


And the conversation with the mysterious young blonde dude leads to a NEW case file!

This shall be undertaken in the next update, just before actually advancing with the plot.

Which shall be on the next page.