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Part 85: Apollyon defeated.

Update 85

Well, let's get out of here. Nothing else to be done in the point at the moment.

So, let's see what this dragon business is all about.

How neat, he gets his own simplified model!

And now we have an awesome transportation method.

And the world gets tilted and it looks hilarious since it is all just a bigass 2d plane.

Places previously unaccesible can be entered now.

And long-taunting treasures can be acquired.


When the Taiko Drum is sounded, the five sided star is drawn, and Kohryu makes its appearance.

Oh boy! I believe this was required by a case file.

And now there is absolutely no need to ever take the bus again, it seems.

But enough of that, it is time to complete certain business

Now we can kill Apollyon!

We acquired the Shukukon-Seki, so let's see what Victor can do with it.

"You are every bit the summoner I thought you to be... Now then! Hand me the Shukukon-Seki you received from this Mikaboshi... And I shall use my Sword Alchemy talents to craft just the sword you need. "

>Raidou gave Victor the Shukukon-Seki.

"The Star of Death... And a regenerating monster... *chuckle*"

>Raidou is now able to create the sword that can slay the Apollyon, Youmetsutou, using Sword Alchemy.

The required sword is derived from a plain old Renki. So let's use that.

Appropriate that it boosts Luck. Kogitsune will have to be shelved for a little while now.

And the fusion process starts.

Huh, the glow is... Different.

It is like a negative glow, that endarkens the environment. Creepy.

There it goes.

Gouto is right. Let's go back to the Radio Tower.

There it is, no turning back now.

>Raidou explained the curcumstances of the investigation to Narumi.
"Ah... Yeah, having a weapon that could put a dent in Apollyon would be nice. You know, Detective Kazama was just saying something about the Apollyon case... And speak of the devil."

Kazama certainly knows to appear when it is convenient.

Detective Kazama: "Why's there always gotta be such a stick up these army goons'--"
"Something wrong, Detective? You look riled."

Detective Kazama: "I think I mentioned before how I asked the army to pitch in on the locust monster incident. Remember? Well, the message came through loud and clear, and that's why they're here in Sakuradayama, but... Now they're telling me "This is no place for civvies." Don't that beat all?"
"Sorry to hear, Detective."
Detective Kazama: "They're over there, if you wanna talk to them... but like as not, they'll give you the cold shoulder."

Worth a try, after all, how likely is it that Apollyon will come back to the crime scene? Narumi got the report already, and maybe there is something else that can be used for evidence. Or something.

Or not.

Army Soldier #1:"This area is clasified as a danger zone. You civvies can only get in the way... beat it."
Army Soldier #2: "C'mon, no need to read 'em the riot act. The kid's curious, that's all. Relax... long as I'm around, even danger zones are A-OK. Check it out, I got a lucky charm to protect me."

Well, shit.

Army Soldier #1: "What's that supposed to be?"
Army Soldier #2: "A little something I picked up in Mannen-Cho. This little bug's supposed to bring luck. That's why as long as you're with me, you'll be... safe..."

Oh boy. There it is. Again.

Army Soldier #2: "What!? Why's it coming here!? Wh-What happened to my good luck?"

And it starts getting aggressive.

"You've performed the Ritual of Unsealing and defeated Mikaboshi... By now you should be more than a match for Apollyon. As your mentor, I'll be rooting for you. Go get 'em!"

It knows it is screwed.

Hell yes.

Double hell yes.

"Was Victor right? Did we cancel out its healing ability? I think you can do it now... You can beat Apollyon! Go finish it, Brian!"

And now he gets damage. This is great.

Yeah, I like those spells. He might NOT be weak against them, but they do a bunch of damage. That is always good.

This attack dizzies and does a bunch of damage. Not good.

Eventually he does that, similar to the Hopper Kick. Possibly avoidable, but I am likely just crap at it.

Fire doesn't do shit either.

Yeah, you keep saying that, Cu.

His weakness is revealed to be Electricity. Unfortunately, the only one with that is Cuchulainn. Will have to get a strong Volt order soon.

Without his regeneration, Apollyon goes down like a chump.

They clearly are not aware of the problems that come with the ownership of insect cages.
Strangely, Raidou has not been a target and he is carrying a bunch of those.
Maybe because he is not flaunting them?

Nope, he didn't. The cage and the bug were working as intended.

He throws it away. Eh.

Gouto goes to retrieve it. Waste not, want not.

"Take it with you, Brian. It might help you in a scrap."

Success! Apollyon killed, everything is juuuust fine.

 No, it is not. Next update will show why