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Part 86: Oh, Dahn.

Update 86

All contents of this update contained in one video

Well, after offing Apollyon, Narumi and Kazama make their appearance.

Detective Kazama: "Jack-legs, both of you... "
"I saw you back there, Raidou... Good work. Looked to me like fighting Apollyon won't be a problem anymore. Guess this wraps up the whole serial murder busines..."

Of course, he speaks far too soon.

Since a high pitched whistle is heard.


"Is there a Fukoshi lurking around here?"


Wait what.
Dahn? How did he get out of the prison cell?

"Guess I'm just lucky, runnin' into you here... I'm in my Tento getup and mask today. Cause it's going to be a day to remember, y'see. You might be wonderin', "Who are you?" So I'll come right out and say it."

Well that is certainly a twist.

"We ain't gonna live in fear of the Tento Lords anymore... Akane and the rest of 'em back in Tsukigata Village can rejoice! Now you wait right there, Raidou. I got a score to settle with you! Soon as I become King Abaddon, I'll get you good!"

Obviously, we need to give chase.

"And what's he want with the radio tower?"

Well, let's find out, shall we?

There he is. Top of the tower. Well. Inside of the top of the tower.

It's a pretty interesting design for a mask.

And clearly those gloves don't hinder his dexterity much.

Did his whistle cause any change?

Well, at least people on the street ARE noticing a change.

That red identation in the cloud is rather ominous, I would say.

And it catches the attention of everyone.

Almost getting people killed because of it.


Oh shit.
Did this just become Drakengard's E ending?

Oh, goody. It's not horrible transdimensional cannibal eyeless babies.

It's the much, much more reassuring visage of A BUNCH OF FORMERLY UNKILLABLE DEATH LOCUSTS.

Dahn seems to be happy with his handywork.

Yup, ALL going according to plan, it seems.

Quality fmv expressions, there.

Seems he has not lost. Oh well.

And he has a barrier against the big bugs. He was seeking protection against the things he summoned.

Second thoughts?

Well yes, one WOULD have second thoughts when the goddamn insect controlling whistle FAILS to control goddamn gigantic almost invincible bugs of death.

More and more of those appear.

And they wreak havoc on the streets.

Oh my, look at that, the dude had a insect cage.

That never, ever stops being creepy.


Oh Dahn.

Ooh, Dahn.

And guess who is there to confort him in his time of need?


You done fucked up, Dahn.
Way to go, hero. Way to go.

Sudden realization?

Clearly, Dahn did not expect this turn of events.

"The Apollyons... They ain't listenin' to me! They're attacking the Capital?"

"Apollyon's the "destroyer insect," sure, but it's Ma's servant, like in the Tento clan song... I was s'posed to use the Apollyons to get one over on the Tento Lords... And become King Abaddon!"

"So what gives? Why ain't the Apollyons listenin' to me? I... Am not gonna become King Abaddon?"

Raidou arrives fashionably late, along with Gouto.

"Wh-What happened? A whole swarm of Apollyons just came from that red hole in the sky! What gives? Did you do this, Dahn?"

"We meet again. Brian Blessed. "

"The day of overwhelming misfortune is evidently upon us... "

I'd say it is bad fortune to get a plague of murderlocusts on a city, yes.

"Since you've witnessed the scene for yourself, I suppose I should tell you now... In another dimension, separate from this one, there is a world filled with people's negative energy... You might call it a world caught in a spiral of despair... "

"A realm entirely formed by peoples's negative energy; the Abysmal Realm."

"As I said. The red hole now visible in the sky is the Gate therein. And now... there is something I must ask you, Brian Blessed. In the documents of God's word to man... The Gate to the Abysmal Realm is referred to as the Infinite Abyss. And the "key" to this gate is man-made."

"As you may have noticed, the people of the Capital are inundated with misfortune... leading to despair. They have abandoned all hope, losing themselves in despair of God's world, and ultimately He Himself... It was the loss of the Capital's fortune to luck locusts that served as a spark for this calamity."

"It took a specific spark for the Apollyon to enter this world through the gate; despair in God. And those Apollyons now deliver even more pain and suffering to the people of the Capital... What do you think, Brian Blessed? The Apollyon's actions in the Capital... What is your perspective?"

"To cleanse God's world of those who would turn their back on Him, clearing the way for the future? Seen in this way, they are divine wrath incarnate. Or... is Apollyon a hand extended to those who have lost their fate in Him? A show of divine strength, proving His existence to unbelievers that it might be His world once more? Seen this way, they are divine grief incarnate."

Well, shit, killing locusts? That seems more like ANGER to me.

"Judging by our prior encounters, and your answer to my earlier question... Today is truly a day to remember. I have come to understand you better. Brian Blessed, you seem to be someone who..."

Wait what, when did this become Silent Hill Shattered Memories?

"*chuckle* then I shall bestow this upon you... "

Just ONE measly Soma? Come on L... I mean, Blonde dude, you can do better.

"You should be overjoyed. What the Capital is now undergoing... This is what you wanted."

He is not pleased by that assertion.

"The Gate to the Abysmal Realm is open. This world will soon be consumed in despair... The spark that will cause despair to engulf the world will soon descend."

I am equally confused. So, turning a single city emo as hell due to bad luck will drag the entire world with it? What?

"And all the people of His world will serve as the spark to ignite the flames of despair for the future. That is... what you wanted, isn't it Dahn? "King Abaddon"?"

"That ain't what I wanted! That wasn't the plan! I was gonna use the luck locusts to... to...! I didn't want the Capital destroyed like this!"

Well that is what you get for messing around with GOD DAMN LOCUSTS.

"What rich irony... Dahn followed what was written in scriptures of the divine Word to man... And in doing so, his actions led to the destruction of man's future. In his desperate grasp at a future for himself... Dahn has closed the futures of hundreds of thousands."

"This is what it means to take responsibility for one's actions... Now then. Brian Blessed... Just as Dahn's efforts towards hope brought despair upon the Capital... Those that look to you for hope may become your own source of despair... They who come to you, mad with grief, to lend hope to your actions... Beware them when they turn mad with anger."

Well that is a rather good piece of advice. If only he also told of a way to NOT let that happen.

And he goes away.

You done fucked up, Dahn.

Seems he misunderstood a lot.

Oh, Dahn.

Yeah. That is not looking good.

The god damn nest of Apollyons.