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Part 89: Raidou Kuzunoha: Rescuer

Update 89

"I'm the one who ruined the Capital... It was... Me..."

Since Dahn is in a funk, let's complete a case file that is doable.

32k Yen ain't bad.

And it seems to be repeatable! Hooray. Hopefully another Uranus Stone will be found soon.

Hm. This will have to be done. Parvati should serve well as a volt demon.
Well, forgot to chat up Narumi up there. Eeek.

"I asked Raidou about the situation while he and I were bumming around Tsukigata Village. He's a valuable source. He tells me that hole is the Gate to the Abysmal Realm, and the locusts are Apollyons."

"The Gate to the Abysmal Realm is still staring down on use from the sky over the Capital... It would be inhuman of me to ignore the Capital's suffering... Its fear and despair! Armed with a herouc attitude on top of my naturally inquisitive folklorist's mind... Not to mention the connection we made between the children's song and the Apollyon attacks... Raidou and I went back to Tsukigata village to do some further research into their folklore. Once again, the intrepid Kichou Asakura sets foot in the strange world of the Tsukigata..."

And so they do, but there is a big difference this time.

"If we want to know more about their folklore, we should ask someone who knows the village's history. My money's on the village chief... Good ol' Akijiro. But... Am I nuts, or is there something funny about the place this time? Don't you think it's too quiet? There's not a single person out of doors..."

Oh, Tae, you and your Apollyon summoning will be the end of it all.

"No way! Isn't that the monster that was flying around the Capital?"

"Why's it out here in Tsukigata!? We take one step off the bus and we're facing down an Apollyon!? How unlucky can we get?"

So yeah, from unstoppable boss to rather pathetic sub boss.

No biggie, even if it hits. Generally the Petra effect wears off before Apollyon hits Raidou and tried to shatter him. Yup.

And it still does the creepy circular saw face thing.

Which leads to an increase in Vitality.

"*gasp* What? I-I didn't faint! But more importantly... Wh-Where did the Apollyon go? Did you beat it, Raidou?"

"Oh... Okay... Well, it wasn't a serious question. I'm just... getting my wits back together. This is the first time I've ever seen you in action, Raidou... You've got a surprisingly fierce side. ... R-Raidou..? Hm? THat must be..."

Geirin makes an appearance also.

"Hello, Geirin."
"I heard an Apollyon's screeching, so I was in the process of heading toward the cries. ... "

>"Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to Geirin."

"Sad to say. We're here to find out a little more about that Gate... And w hat it has to do with the song the kids of Tsukigata Village sing, right, Raidou?"
"Your theories are likely correct. However, we should discuss this more later. As you know, the Apollyons are in the process of invading the village. In theory, the best thing for Ms. Kichou's safety would be to head directly for the Fukuroku Inn. The villagers have already finished the process of evacuating there. You two should be on your way as well..."

Female Villager: "There ain't no time to waste, girl! Yew've gotta come inside with us! "
"I... Have orders from my master to remain on guard. But in theory, I can speak for my master. His wishes are not outside the bounds of my conjecture. You can relax for now... The best thing we can do now is wait for my master."
Male villager:: "Well, if yew say so... Let's wait for Geirin."

Speak of the devil.

There they are, all three of them.

"... I was watching you before. You showed great skills in the process of managing the crowd. You've grown, Nagi."

Female Villager: "My baby's still in the village! Can you save him before one of the locust monsters get him!? "
Male Vilalger: "Them Tsukigata Fukoshi can't seem to handle themselves against those critters... No one's seen Akijiro... Yer the only hope we got, Mr. Geirin!"

"So someone failed in the process of trying to escape. Is this ill luck the reason I didn't find him?"

Suddenly, old age catches with him.

"Please rest for now. Your health is the most important thing now... "
"No... My theory of how to proceed requires you to stay at the Fukuroku Inn on standby. Protect the refugees here. Do you hear me, Nagi?"

"I udnerstand, master."

"Take Brian, Geirin. He's the only one besides you who can go toe-to-toe with the Apollyons. With him at your side, I promise you'll have an easier time taking down those monsters."
"Do you concur with this theory, Raidou? Intervening here holds no profit for you. Isn't it theoretically wasteful for the Capital's protector to expend his efforts elsewhere?"

Indeed! Especially not if using those efforts in the other location can lead to a better understanding of the current thread towards the Capital. And it's not like he can just slash the Gate with his sword at the moment.

"I respect your decision and appreciate the assistance, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th. "
"No need to thank us. Besides, we need Akijiro to tell us more about the Tsukigata folklore. That's the spirit, Brian. Looks like your mentor's taught you well. I'm proud to have you as my pupil."
"Gouto... The theory you proposed is a generous one. I gratefully accept your kind offer."

Why is he using the objection pose if he is not objecting? Madness.

Old woman: "Boy, could yew please go'n find 'em? Well, off the top of my head... A woman... And an old farmer... A young man... Ah wonder where they might be... The girl's a timid one. If ah know her, she won't be too far off. That old feller's usually plowin' his farm, but... For some reason he ran off to the outer village. The menfolk likes to pick 'em some vegetables at the mountain. Yew know where the Three Cedars are? They're in the west mountains. That's where he usually takes his break... Might check there first. Just do whatever yew can to help 'em, please. Yew and Geirin're the only ones who can handle critters like them locusts."

So, Geirin can handle himself just fine against the Apollyons? HOW? Raidou had to go and murder an ancient sealed death god to even start damaging them!

Let's go where the dude is first.

"Someone's left behind here too! But... Where? I can hear his voice, but there's no sign of him..."

Man's voice: "Ah was runnin' away from the locust and ah ended up here! "
"Well, I don't see the Apollyons anywhere around... Now might be a good time for him to come down."

Man's voice:"Alright... one second. ! See! Ah knew it! It's comin' from over there!"

How unexpected and surprising, an Apollyon making an ambush.

Of course not! Raidou does not hide from Apollyons! Or at least not from a single one. Bah!


Tree climber: : "Who'da thought my days of climbin' trees as a tot would pay off? And yew... That was pretty nice the way yew got up here lickety-split. Guess it pays to train when yer young."

Wasn't Raido the alternate dimension Raidou with the chipped hat and the scar?

Tree climber: "Ah was so lonely hidin' up there... Ah'm never doin' that again. Yew steer clear of the locusts now!"
>The villager headed towards the Fukuroku Inn...

Bloodshot-eyes woman: "I can't hear their voices coming from beneath the earth! This has never happened before! Whey!?"

Foaming-at-the-mouth man: "The s-swarm of locusts from the sky... And then all these things wearing shrouds and hats came out of the ground... They approached the locust monsters... And then... the locust monsters! They becan eating the things in the shrouds and hats! Ahhhhh! I don't wanna even think about what happened next!"

Wait what.
The Apollyons ate the Freaks?! Damn.

There it is, another one of the villagers that needs rescuing.

Woman: "Oh, thank god! I was afraid that locust was gonna get me!"
"Hmm... There's this eerie presence that's making my fur stand up. It can't be!"

Another Apollyon fight. Boring.


>Raidou directed the villager to the Fukuroku Inn.
Woman: "A-Ah gotcha... Just, please... Get rid of all them locusts!"

Another level up, now for Magic.

The last dude to be rescued is in the Residential area, near to the Tento Springs.

>Raidou directed the villager to the Fukuroku Inn
Elderly Plower: "But ah can't... She's still around here somewhere! Ah can't run off without her... Ah just can't!"
"So there's another straggler around here!"
Elderly plower: "It's only 'cause ah've had her with me these long, hard years that ah've been able to survive... There ain't none worth half as much a damn anywhere else around! "

yes. A cow.

"Well... He does seem to have a soft spor for the thing. I'd like to help him, but..."

Hahahah wait what?
Why would the Apollyon be taking a COW?

Three steps.

Not doing it would be rather assholish.

Elderly plower: "Hot dog! I wish I was strong enough to do it myself! Please do it! Please go for me! Save my Hanako!"

Well, there it goes. I guess that kind of counts as Raidou's good action of the day.

But since this area was neglected last time, the door is closed. AGH.

So first a water.. thing that is not number 3 has to get drained with the Tento Talisman, in order to get this.

And now Arahabakis start appearing.

And now the bridge can be fixed, leading to yet another bunch of water well things.

Raidou is better at killing things with his sword than fixing things and mechanical contraptions.

Eventually, this is reached.

And the goddamn door can be unlocked.


who did not expect this goddamn ambush?

It's no different than the previous ones. Equally annoying.

Elderly plower: "Hot dog! I ain't never gonna forget this, no sir! C'mon, Hanago, let's get over to the Fukuroku Inn."

And that shall be done.