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Part 90: Last Rider Defeated

Update 90

First thing that happens in this update, was a silly spontaneous conversation between a Mokoi and White Rider.

White Rider: "What do you want?"
Mokoi: "Oooh, giving me the scary face, hih? So tell me, have you done a lot of killing? I bet you wear tighty/whities on your heart/rending little genocide!"
White Rider: "What're you trying to say, Pagan?"
Mokoi: "I see your sense of humor is about as dead as your victms... It's like talking to a wall. Tohoho!"
White Rider: "..."
Mokoi: "Okay, well, you obviously don't have any business with me, right? Well, at least answer my question! Have you been doing a lotta killing?"
White Rider: "Perhaps... "
Mokoi: "Wow! I can't remember the last time I got such a chill down my spine! My heart actually skipped a beat! Okay, well, I guess you're a busy man.... What with all the killings and such... Tohohohoho.... "

Ah, model building. And silly Final Fantasy VII making everyone think there were collectible SOLDIER statuettes.

Mokoi: "Tohohohohohohohohoho!"

And that ends that.

Let's see how the faeries are doing with the invasion and all.

Sylph: "Our land is under attack by APOLLYON! Please help us!"
"So Apollyon's wrath has reached even this far... If that couple would just get it together, they should be able to take out an Apollyon or two. I'll let you decide whether we help them or not. But if you choose to go help, make sure you're prepared."

Sylph: "Great! Then come with me..."

And there they are, the royal arguing couple.

Oberon: "I had heard rumours, but... What power!"
Titania: "I don't know if my powers will be enough... At times such as these, we could very much use a Summoner's power!"

Oh no, Apollyon is slowly reaching the place where Titania and Oberon are!

But there is nothing to fear, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th is there to save the day!

And so yet ANOTHER boring Apollyon fight. Gah.

And White Rider is creepy.

Oberon: "I'd never have guessed we'd have a summoner's aid in our time of need... Our fortune is truly great. "
Titania: "On behalf of the King, I graciously bestow our thanks upon you. I would like to grant you a token of our gratitude, but... Oh, please take this."

New sword, hell yes.

Oberon: "I'm sure you have your own duties to attend to. Don't let us keep you from them any longer. And again, you have our deepest gratitude."


Another level up, and a point in vitality.

And before I could get out of the area and ride the Dragon again, this happened.

Of the riders, the last.


Or is it fortunate blah blah blah let's get this over with.

I like this.

It deals with Pale Rider's hp nice and fast.

Indeed it is!

But of course, Pale Rider is an asshole and has a distinct gimmick.


White is immaterial, so that's TWO different Pales there.

Two of the same one.

And of course, he has Summon Undead, which can be dangerous.

oH NO!

Three different Pale Riders at the same time, with a nasty Mad Rush and Summon Undead.

Pyro Killer plus special attack make short work of them.

And thus, with that being done, it is fusion time.

Not a bad set of skills at all.

Another fever.

With all the things actually being available, too!

How lame.

And since not a single one of the fusion fodder demons had full loyalty, he gets only shit. Bah.

Well, let's get this over with.

Not as good. At all.

High Pixie: "Will you be nice to me, even though I'm a demon? Nice to meet you."

Will have to level her up properly since the end result there sounds pretty damn good.

And now, DRAGON TRANSPORTATION and ignoring the current, important affairs.

"Though they may travel the same path, they may end in different futures. I need hardly tell you which of these futures is more meaningful. Which future would you desire?"

And Sadakichi also has something to tell.

That is a weird way to acknowledge.

Inner voice: "I appreciate your courageous decision, Raidou. I want you to kill a man who used to be in the 8th Fukoshi Clan. A Fukoshi who ignores the clan law is little more than a mass murderer. He can't remain free. This Fukoshi was hiding here in the Capital, but once he sensed us pursuing him, he vanished. We recently turned up a witness who saw him at Tsukigata Village. And I've heard you've become something of an expert on matters related to that small town... I need someone like you familiar with the Tsukigata region, who also has the strength to challenge a Fukoshi. You're the only one I know who fits the bill on both counts, Mr. Kuzunoha. I'll send the details to Mr. Narumi as a Case File."

And speaking of those, there is a new, silly one.

Oh my, what could it be?

Let's go and find out!

Great Kohryu is there again.

Greatk Kohryu: "I had assumed you no longer needed to visit this place... Why have you returned to this confinement Chamber?"

Great Kohryu: "I see. A golden unidentified flying object... You have guessed rightly. It was I. When I am not in your service, I wage war against the insects that infect this land. It seems I have overexhausted myself during these battles... At those times, many of the people below may have spotted me. Call it a secret military weapon, a plasma relase, swamp gases... Whatever excuse will work. I leave the dealings with the people to you. As compensation..."

Great Kohryu: "Deep underneath this Confinement Chamber is the 333rd floor... Held there are old god of Kunitsu that have refused to obey the greater good. You may negotiate with them and gain them as allies, or you may use them as training material. Whatever you wish, it is open to you."

"In this case, you could tell the truth and no one would believe you. We'll just feed Tae a line about whatever and call it a day."


So, should the 33rd floor be explored? Or should more case files be checked first?
OR: Plot advancement!