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Part 91: Former bosses.

Update 91

Let's see what is waiting for us in the 333rd floor. Hopefully it will be sonmething awesome and worth visiting.

At first glance, there is not much of a difference between the floors. Not much, yeah.

What makes this area special is that it houses former bosses.

Abihiko: "Thou wouldst do well to rededicate thyself to thy tutelage. "

Abihiko: "Thou art either a complete fool or else a prodigy. 'Tis intriguing. "

Abihiko: "If my mood is fitting, I shall hear thee out... So? What is it thou desireth?"

Hooray for bribery. One of the most annoying bosses of the previous game is acquired without much fuss.

Oh my! Mishaguji is also present, and still spewing Cursed Emissions! Gross.

And a level up with Magical increase happens.

Nagasunehiko: "Wooh, older brother!"
Abihiko: "Y-Younger brother!"
Nagasunehiko: "There's no way I'll fight you!"
Abihiko: "You don't even need to tell me. I feel the same way!"
Nagasunehiko: "Th-then..."
Abihiko: "Let's just leave each other alone. And the next time we meet, I hope it's not in a place like this!"
Nagasunehiko: "Right... See you again, older brother. "
aBIHIKO: "Sure thing, younger brother."

Definitely less amusing than the MOkoi-White Rider spontaneous conversation.

After that, Nagasunehiko is recruited.


Both brothers: Acquired.

And then after like 5 attempts, Mishaguji also joins.

And then Hitokotonusi. Wind Cutter is still awesome.

Another magical level up. And by bnow experience gains are outpacing loyalty gains by a lot. The new demons require A LOT of loyalty now. Growth makes their skill acquisition easier, but there is no replacement for loyalty grinding available. Well, there are the sakes, but those are for selling and to use in emergency situations such as case files.

Let's see what can be fused.

Eh, Thor.

Eh, Siegfried.

Thor again, and nothing else of interest.

Now THAT is interesting.

Hell yes, badass robotic angel. Zandyne there may be a bit redundant, but eh.

Sandalphon: "My bloodthirst is unquenchable."

Well, robotic angels don't seem the bloodthirsty type to me, but that's what he said. Eh.

No Almighty skills

Resummoning Decarabia cost around 30k Yen, but that's not really a problem.

Have I mentioned that generally in the Megaten games, the only Norse deity with an awesome design is Thor? Odin is fairly boring, and Loki should not be a goddamn purple elf. Or maybe I am just complaining too much. At least Loki got a decent redesign on Devil Survivor AND Strange Journey.

He says the "it is just another form of hell" dialog. Boring.

Unfortunately, there was no Growth for poor old Thor. He will be levelled up the traditional way.

ooh, Fenrir, the creepy Kudan cow with a human head thing, and Siegfried all could be available with Thor as one of the fusion materials.

It seems that Fenrir is a texture variant on Cerberus. Once again, why the hell is Cerberus ONE-HEADED in most SMT games? It baffles me.

After the grinding and fusing is over, it is time to do a Case File.

Ayup. Governmental sanctioned killing for Raidou.

The location of Raidou's target is in the Fukoshi Jail.

Right there. But it seems that the jail has seen better days.

Black-masked Fukoshi: "Yer a... detective... right? Can yew... do me one... favor? "

Dude's dying, and so on and so forth.

Black-masked Fukoshi: "T-take this.."

Black-masked Fukoshi: "Ah felt bad... but ah read it... Ah can't... go on carryin' something... like this... Yew... take it..."

Black-masked Fukoshi: "Dahn... Ah feel... Sorry for yew..."

Blarg hes dead.

Oooh let's read it.

That is what I said.

Calligraphy brush?

"By the time you read this letter, I assume I will be with the Tento Lords. We won't be able to talk to one another anymore, so I left you this. Many people went through a lot of trouble because you broke the village laws... But even so... I suppose I shouldn't even be thinking this, but... It made me very happy. You always were stubborn, getting into fights ever since we were small, but... You always had that kindness underneath it all. You always watched out for me. Others will need that kindness now. Please share it with them... I'm glad I had you as a brother. Take good care of yourself, and try to make up with Father. Sincerely, Akane."

Ayup. He is dead. And something tells me that Akane's wishes for Dahn are now pretty much impossible.



So yeah, let's face the target.

A gold-colred ninja thing? Why, that is not particularly stealthy.
On the other hand he could have a skull underneath that mask and breathe fire, then everything would make sense.

Gold-masked Fukoshi: "I assume they're gettin' serious if they sent the likes of you... "

And he prepares a spell...

God damn it.

Man's voice: "If you come any closer, I'll have to show myself. And I will kill you. The exit's over there... Don't make any noise on your way out."

Of course, now that he has used the Fukorutsubo spell on Raidou, there are two options. Go away on that handy exit, or chase the asshole.

Of course, chasing the asshole is the path that shall be taken.