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Part 92: No more Golden Fukoshi.

Update 92:

Oh, Taromaru. From silly boss thing, to random encounter in an optional Case File Dungeon.

Yeah, this is definitely no problem at all.

And beating two Taromarus in a row, Raidou gains a new title, to replace Smooth Talker.

Hooray, at least it is not completely ridiculous like others.

"Looks like you're getting bettr at summoning, Brian. Oh, and by the way, the Yatagarasu sent you an extra tube. Now you can carry even more demons."

There is a bunch of treasure in this place.

And Thor enjoys showing up his manties.

Oh boy, what a difficult choice, to face the Boss, or to get treasures. What is the correct course of action?

Underwhelming treasure, of course.

This is actually pretty good, since it provides money.

Gold Mask

Gold-Masked Fukoshi: "Makes you look like the Grim Reaper. I don't know what your bosses have told you, but this country has certain natural laws... The powerful and the corrupt are pests who live only to prey on the weak... Sometimes the law can't touch these pests... And then there's no one but us Fukoshi to deliver justice. Look, kiddo, none of us think we're heroes or anything. But I'll warn you one more time... Go home. If you keep tugging on our pants legs... I'll kill you."

Of course, a single Fukoshi can't prevent Raidou from advancing.

Gold-masked Fukoshi: "Kill or be killed... Then I'll try and make this quick and painless for you."

Well, how hard could it be?

Gold-masked Fukoshi: "It's bad luck you met me, boy."

The Golden Mask Fukoshi is weak against Electricity, so Thor makes things slightly simpler.

Thunderbolt stuns him and allows you to drain Mag. And so on and so forth.

He has this rather annoying attack. I think Dahn had it also.

Also pictured: Norse deity buttcrack.

Gold-masked Fukoshi: "So I ain't gonna pull any punches."

Oh boy, a Taromaru. Did not expect this at all!


Hopper Kick is annoying as always.

Eventually the Taromaru falls down to Raidou's sword. Yes.

Gold-masked Fukoshi: "If you'd just use that muscle to get rid of the twisted fellas... THen the two of us would see we're fightin' for the same thing..."

I am pretty sure that Dahn HAD this exact move. Still annoying.

Wait what? He was the LEADER?

Gold-masked Fukoshi: "Just ain't my lucky day, I guess..."

A couple more hits and he is going down.

Gold-masked Fukoshi: "He'd never... recover if he saw me... like I am now..."

When he goes down, the spell is broken, and Raidou returns to the Tsukigata jail.

Gold-masked Fukoshi: "I knew... this was comin'... I didn't have the guts to live without bein' a Fukoshi... Go ahead... Finish it..."

Finishing him would be chaotic, but it would prevent a couple of ineresting scenes from being shown.

Gold-Masked Fukoshi: "H-He... always was kind... too..."

"He's lost too much blood... I can tell he won't make it. That does it for Sadakichi's assignment. I know it was a tough mission, but you did well."

But he is not quite dead yet.

Raiho IS capable of reading his dying thoughts.

It seems that Dahn was acquainted with this mysterious former Leader of the Fukoshis.

And obviously we've only seen one red Fukoshi.

Oh boy. He is Dahn's uncle. Elder brother of Akijiro, or younger?

Gold_masked Fukoshi: "Akijiro had nothing to do with it. It was my own decision. I wanted to dedicate my last years to fixing the world... In the way only an assassin can do... "
Red-masked Fukoshi: "I knew it, Uncle! You're still the man I always looked up to..."

And that memory ends with a blinding light.

No, he is not dead yet.

There is yet another one.

Gold-Masked Fukoshi: "Why'd I bother tattooing you with that death ward?"

Red-masked Fukoshi: "If Akane hadn't started to cry..."
Gold-masked Fukoshi: "Hmph, you DO have a Devil SUmmoner after you... Pretty unlucky. You just gonna quit now? Or you willing to do whatever it takes to save the village_"

Gold-masked Fukoshi: "Boy, you're a fool... There's no sense trying to deny it. But if more youngsters were as foolish and committed as you... Well, this country might actually HAVE a future..."

And then, he does die. Kind of weird, that he did not die with those death-rattle sounds he made previously, but eh. He is definitely a goner now.



Well how can one hear the thoughts of the dead? They are dead.

Afterwards, a level up. In luck.

Now, let's actually advance.

Woman: "Yew seen Mr. Geirin? He haeded off to the Tento-Kagura and ain't come back!"
Woman: "It's all the chief's fault... The chief ain't home.. .And he ain't around here neither. So Mr. Geirin headed to the Tento-Kagura to look for him. What's the Chief thinkin'!? Goin' off and hidin' when his village is in danger! And he calls himself the chief..."

"Even so... I'm a little worried that he's not back yet. Let's go to the Tento-Kagura to see what we can see."

Inside the Inn, there is Tae, sitting.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of the folks who need help here. I know things are tough, Raidou, but hang in there. "

I still want to know how Geirin will handle the Apollyons.