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Part 95: More Case Files.

Update 95

Very well, let's do some case files first before ignoring Geirin's warnings. What does he know? Pfft.

First, finishing up some of the older ones.

Moonlight Herbs, eh?

The moonlight herbs, like the Mughost Herbs or weed or wahtever it was, is found in a place with a shine that apparently does nothing.

In thi case, they are found in this area, but obviously it won't be as simple as just finding the spot.

Nope, it has to be picked at the Full Moon. Unfortunately, while waiting, I got to the Dark area, tripped, and lost about 50k yen. Anger.

In any case, the Moonlight Herbs are acquired.

>The Moonlight Herb you picked here will grow back in a while.

Success, and three Case Files ready and finished.

That got picked up by Black Frost... Somewhere. Don't remember exactly where.

Four done, six to go.

Oh my! Raiho is required! Well, there are things to be done.

First, registering him so the advancement and levelling is not lost.

Then sending him back.
And then of course, resummoning him. Pretty expensive case file.

This, unfortunately, cannot be done in Chapter 6, since the Village got attacked. We'll have to wait a while before we can see the results from this Case File.
So, let's see if Satake has anything interesting to say, in exchange for not being able to finish his request.

"See, a few hundred years ago, there was this village that was overrun with bugs. Some said the bugs spread a virus around the villagers, and everyone got sick pretty bad. That disease turned into an epidemic, and the village got put under quarantine as a danger zone. The way it ended up, the government ordered the village and everyone in it to be burned to the ground... It's the kinda history they don't teach you at school, know what I mean? No one knows just what that disease was, and how the government went about burining the village... You hear stores, but the truth is buried in history. Anyways... "

This particular chapter in the game is getting pretty gloomy, isn't it?

Well, let's finish up others.

To get that, you need a Muramasa.

There it goes, that ought to work well.


And since it is convenient, let's check the sword effects.

The Luna Blade trurns into a rather expensive, but WORTH it spear. Too bad there are no Wind Golds available.

The Nagamichi could be turned into something that improves Raidou's tank qualities. But eh, expensive.

Let's just turn that Usumidori into a Plasma Sword.

And then, to get ANOTHER missing Case File, one needs to visit Narita once again.

And then use a Skill Demon's skill to transform into someone else.

In this case, Shizu.

Shizu's dialog prompt is to be a gossipy personthing.
So yeah, let's confront Narita.

"I wasn't told of a lady coming to visit... Who are you? State your name. You will answer me... Don't think there's anything you can hide from a man in my position."

Let's be truthful, here.

"I don't know what scheme you're trying to pull here, but go home. I dislike harming women... Please leave now."

And now let's use the one that actually has any effect.

"Y-You still remember me... even after what you went through?... P-Please excuse me... I'm not feeling well today. I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to leave. G-Go home..."

Score! Raidou just got another contract for the Narumi Detective Agency.


Hm, a repeat sword. Eh, it's worth checking, if only for completionism's sake.

"I'd like to celebrate my luck in getting to know you through Akane. I didn't think playing the part of her fathere would pay off this way... Hah. Now... About the job. Recently, a woman who shouldn't have been able to leave Tsukigata Village showed up here... "

"You know the Tento Sanctuary, right? There's a place there called the Bridal Chamber... I want you to look into the condition of the woman in the Bridal Hall there. "

Oh my. It seems that the previous Sacrifice was someone he was fond of.

"I want you to give this to her. It's the same poison I used when I was still a Fukoshi. Swallow this and you're as good as dead. Makiko is an intelligent woman... She'll understand once she sees the pill."

Well, we have already seen how Makiko is looking these days. It would be appropriate to do as he says.

Next: FInishing up Narita's Request, and ignoring Geirin's warning.