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Part 97: Fight in front of the Pojitrawn

Update 97

Well, since things have to be done, let's do them. Let's visit the non-asshole Tentos

Mushibito: "I heard... the Apoluawn.... ap peared.... at the Sakibito's nest.... Our luck locusts ate... the luck... And the Gate... tothe Abysmal Realm... Opened. Then... from thes ky... our savior came.... The Apoluawn... Thank you... my luck locusts... And thank you... Tsukigataaa..."

Well it seems that the Mushibitos ARE happy with the end result.

Mushibito: "Our... savior... is here! Jus tas Lord Bellzeboo said! Our... saviors... the Apoluawn.... they have... come from thes ky! They will... re dee mus... broken, stun ted Mushibito... Our saviors will... de stroy us... De struction... is sal vation..."

Yeah, definitely way too excited about that.

Astral Body: "No matter one's form of society... There are always... factions... I mourn this pitiable world..."

Since a foxtail was found, it is one's duty to use it on Gouto as soon as possible.

"Look, Raidou, I've been a sport up to now... But I'm losing my patience with your new foztail obsession."

The Pojitrawn is right here. Hooray.

And if I had not been a dumbass when it was first visited, I could've saved the backtracking if it had been opened, and just accessed this here.

Now, for something slightly different, it is time to fuse a couple of them. First, the regular last boss of Nocturne, now with an entire body.

Surt-Muspell model, yay, palette Swap.

Kagutsuchi: "My bloodthirst is unquenchable."

Fire Boost AND Force Boost. Good thing.
Of coursse, Growth is a must-get whenever you have the option, as well as Destructive Joy. Unfortunately, haven't got other neat effects from Victor this playthrough, just extra slots. Bah.

Kagutsuchi shall be used eventually, when levelled up and all that.

Or Arahabaki, maybe. Likely Rangda for a classic SMT formula.

Schatchach has been a loyal and effective minion but in the end, she shall be nothing but FODDER.
Also, it took like 30 rerolls to get THOSE skills on Siegfried. Bah.

Siegfried: "Attracted by your glittering soul, I've traveled unearthly distances. It's my pleasure to meet you."

Hell yes.

And now we see some possible fusions. The interesting ones need more goddamn grinding.

Now let's go in.

Geirin in the Pojitrawn Chamber.

There he is, Geirin.

And he killed a goddamn Pojitrawn. Withour needing to kill an old Anti-Life god. Darkseid is more imposing, really.

Yeah, Geirin killed the shit out of that Apollyon.

Well, after all, Raidou was invited, wasn't he?

"So tell us, then... What's stopping you from handing over those ancient Scriptures to Brian?"

"...elucidates the basis for the children's song you are researching. In addition, it tells the loathsome truth of Tsukigata Village's history... Including records of the incident wherein Tsukigata Village was nearly destroyed by luck locusts. "
"Destroyed by luck locusts? That's a new one on me."

"There was a prior dispute between the Tsukigata and Tento Lords over the luck locusts. Outsiders had heard the rumors of an insect that can eat others' luck and confer it on the bearer... So they stole the luck locusts from the Tsukigata, theorizing they could have that power for their own. But in the process, the insects escaped."

"Suffering misfortune upon misfortune, the people despaired... And the Gate to the Abysmal Realm... the one which now hangs over the Capital... appeare overhead. "
"So that Gate opened here once, a few hundred years back..."

"The theory says that first, the luck locusts are produced by the Tento. The Pojitrawn Chamber is their nest. Each luck locust instinctively returns to it when its belly is full of luck. Before leaving again, they add the luck they have retrieved to the sphere."

"Nagi said something about the Pojitrawn when Dahn showed it to us... That since Dahn released the luck locusts in the Capital.... The Pojitrawn's full of the Capital's stolen luck. "
"A sound theory... Nagi conjectures correctly."

"Its basis was the Gate to the Abysmal Realm above Tsukigata Village and the Pojitrawn... And its author was the original Geirin Kuzunoha, in our nation's feudal period. The details of the Secret Art's process.... It is all elucidated in this Ancient Scripture."
"If it really can close the Gate to the Abysmal Reaml, then we need that Scripture at all costs."
"The appearance of the Gate to the Abysmal Realm is a process that began in Tsukigata Village... In theory, it falls to the Summoner of Tsukigata Village to handle... Myself, Geirin Kuzunoha. There is no need for you to act. "
"So... You're not giving us the scripture."
"You are perseverant to have come this far, to the Pojitrawn Chamber. Your actions are worthy. But in the process of allowing you to continue, I would shame the Geirin name."

"The Ancient Scripture is yours... If you can defeat me. "
"A duel with another Kuzunoha... It's Kuzunoha courtesy. When there's an irreconcilable disagreement, this prevents grudges from forming. Each duellist vows to respect the other, even if they should fall to him in combat. But it's not an exhibition match. There have been cases of Kuzunohas losing their lives... Which means... You're serious about doing this yourself, aren't you, Geirin?"

"... Very well. If there's to be a duel between Kuzunohas, then it's appropriate that a Kuzunoha see it through. I'll act as witness to the duel... Even if I'm only a cat now. Any objections, Geirin?"

"On the contrary, I must apologize for beggining this process."
"Fair's fair. This is the way of the Kuzunoha... No need to apologize. Brian... You'll be dueling for possession of the Ancient Scripture. We need that if we want to get rid of the Gate to the Abysmal Realm above the Capital. I'll write down what I know of the Scripture... Hopefully it'll get you fired up for your duel."

"I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but... Geirin may be old, but he's no slouch in a scrap. Don't hold back."

The battle won't start automatically, it gives an opportunity to save and heal and whatnot.
No need, though.

"If you wish to claim the prize, Raidou Kuzunoha... Defeat me. Any theories you hold that involce holding back are unsound, and should be discarded for this battle. I would begin the duel now, if you are prepared. Shall we?"

Geirin is quite happy about fighting Raidou.

"Geirin Kuzunoha the 17th issues a formal challenge to Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th. Witness? "

"En garde...."

And so the fight starts.

Geirin fights apparently alone. It seems. Yes.

"No matter what demon you summon... My battle-hardened summoning technique will defeat you! "

Raidou and Geirin both reload their guns and instantly teleport the guns and/or turn them into their swords.

And so it starts.

In a silly detail, Geirin's attacks make reference to western movies. Appropriately since he was supposed to have gone to America, I guess.

And he just happens to summon Sandalphon. Nice nice.

Unfortunately for Geirin, Raidou is rather overlevelled.

Is this a western movie? I dunno.

Tombstone is, though.

No idea about this, but he does reference the Wild Bunch and others.

"You do your name and position proud. U-Ungh..."

Geirin falls down.

"Stop. "
"Raidou... Well done. For one so young to have brought me to my knees... What a frightening youth you are..."

>Raidou obtained the Ancient Scripture.

"Raidou... Since I can no longer stop you from reading it, I must warn you. The Gate to the Abysmal Realm presages a greater terror than you suspect..."
"A greater terror?"
"Yes. Listen closely, my comrades in the Kuzunoha clan. I regretfully submit that the people we Devil Summoners are sworn to protect are... rather weak. They derive hope from accidents of fortune, and wager everything on that hope... The Gate opened at the Capital as a result of the luck locusts consuming this fortune... In other words, the people of the Capital have lost their luck, and in the process, their hope... Withour hope, the people despair for their own future... "
"Despair... I see."

"It is the resultant despair-sodden world, filled with a people whose future is closed to them. With their future in ashes, you will find that your people are not strong enough to stay calm, Raidou. They rely on hope for the future... It is the great theoretical basis for the Capital. For mankind, even. "
"Geirin... "
"Raidou... I apologize again for asking so suddenly, but... I must test this theory on you. As a fellow Devil Summoner of the Kuzunoha clan... Have you a theory on the means to take control of one's future? Should our way be to grasp not for what is beyond the bounds of our reach, and live peacefully... Or should we attempt greatness knowing that sacrifice may be necessary in the process? Which theory do you subscribe to?"

Chaos asshole option, go!

"We are humans. Individuals who have been born into this world. Ones who see hope for the future... Hah... It's not a theory I'd expect to be espoused by a Kuzunoha. To risk yourself..."

And then Geirin gets a case of the plot-mandated malady.

Oh my.

"I dueled with someone as skilled as Raidou and lived. That process... In the process... I may have used my last store of luck. My fortune.... Shall become hope. I'm willing to wager my entire future on that fortune... In the process of reading the Ancient Scripture so many times, I have comitted it to memory... I wish to use my predecessor's Secret Art to close the Gate to the Abysmal Realm!"

"What drives you?"
"... It is the Kuzunoha theory put into practice. There is no process that would allow me to match Raidou's defense of the Capital... And that thought pains me. My predecessor accomplished the feat of closing the Gate to the Abysmal Realm above Tsukigata Village... When I was young, that was the highest goal I aspired to. I became a Kuzunoha for that... And now I find myself unable to complete my objective. My body has reached its limit."

"I'm sorry to trouble you, Raidou, but... Please ask the people at the Fukuroku Inn to wait until I have completed the Secret Art... And tell Nagi to never falter in her mission to protect the people."

"I hope that you would take the Secret Art upon yourself... And Nagi as well. "

Welp. Friendly battle: Done.