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Part 99: Raidou chooses someone.

Update 99

In order from least voted to most voted, Tae's reactions. Note that selecting each one has also a different post-sleep reaction that won't be shown.

"But Akane's more of a shrinking violet than that... She won't share her feelings unless she has to. Ideally, you could pull her along in your wake, but... Akane's a tough girl, deep down. If you act too headstrong, you two will end up fighting all the time. Whoops, it's getting late... Time flies when you're having fun!"

And that's about it for Akane.
Next, Tae herself.


"From what I know about you, you seem like the kinda guy who doesn't hesitate to say what he thinks."

"If we got cozy... Well, you can bet we'd have our share of fights... But I think we'd make a nice couple. People like us have no secrets from each other, and that's good. "

And now Nagi.

"From what I know about you, you seem like the kinda guy who doesn't hesitate to say what he thinks. Nagi, though... She's more someone who thinks everything through carefully before doing anything. So if you push and push, just be absolutely relentless, without giving Nagi time to think.... "

"Being on vacation, gossiping about each other's love lives... Brings back memories of my school days. Well, if you need me, I'll be in my room. Oh, right.... There was one thing in that Scripture that caught my attention... "

"That part about demons... I can't help but be worried. It's like..."

"Sorry to keep you up this late. Sleep tight, Raidou."

>That night...

"I had a question... You don't have to get up to answer it. "

"And, ah, during that process... Did you notice anything unusual about Master?"

Besides him doubling in pain after receiving a severe beatdown, and attacks that reference westerns? Eeeh.

"But judging by his condition at the village... Time will only hasten this process. What might happen at the terminus is outside the bounds of my conjecture. Master... Fate can be so cruel. Am I to be alone again?"

"Have a good night, and give my regards to Tae."

>The next day...

"I can't find Nagi. She was gone when I woke up..."

"I want you to look for Nagi. Find her and listen to what she has to say. I'd do it myself, but I have to go now. If I miss this bus, I'll be hours past my deadline. See you later, Raidou... I know it's kind of a a hassle, but please look after Nagi."

"If anything were to happen to Geirin, it'd be up to us to perform it... It's a request from one of our own. The Kuzunoha code requires that we fulfill it."

Let's see what he has written about it.

"Accoring to our Geirin, it's based on the theory of the Gate and the Pojitrawn being opposites... The key element in the Secret Art harnesses the power of an evil god sealed in the Great Summoner's Hall. Here's an excerpt: "He bringeth together an admixture of dark and light to form naught...." Nagi says the "dark" is misfortune given form: The Gate to the Abysmal Realm... And the "light" is fortune incarnate: The Pojitrawn. That's what she claims, anyway... Tae explains it like adding a positive and negative number together to get zero."

After that, it is is a question of following leads.

"Well... We've known each other since we were children... But we never had many chances to talk. I'm afraid I don't have any inkling where she might be..."

Fukuroku Inn worker: "We've been jumpin' here since the villagers all took shelter at the Fukuroku Inn... Way things stand now, it's more like a dorm than a hotel. Hm...? Need anythin', Raidou?"

Fukuroku Inn worker: "Speakin' of Nagi, ah saw her runnin' somewhere by herself early in the mornin'. Ah remember her sayin' she usually goes to the Nameless Shrine... Maybe she forgot somethin' there and she's tryin' to find it?"

Fukuroku Inn worker: "Akane's been helpin' with the chores like cookin, launfry, and even cleanin' the bathrooms. Ah told her she didn't have to, bein' the chief's daughter'n all, but she insisted. She's pretty thorough and hard-workin... Ah bet she'd make a good wife. Hey, speakin' of which, didn't Akane marry Lord Tento? "

Fukuroku Inn worker: "He's havin' a meeting with the villagets over in my room. They're jawin' about what to do while Geirin exterminates them pesky locusts... Ah heard they'll be rationin' food and water so's we don't run out."

Well, have nothing better to follow at the moment, let's see if Akane is actually there.

Servant of Tsukigata: "Ah came here 'cause Akane asked me to..."

Servant of Tsukigata: "Akane asked me to look fer Nagi... And ah know ah can usually find Nagi and Geirin at the Nameless Shrine. But ah been lookin' for a while now, and ah ain't seen her... Maybe she's out trainin'. Yew'd know, huh? Them Devil Summerners train a lot, right? Ah heard Nagi trained at that Whatchamacallit Hall, like Geirin... But ah dunno where it is... Though ain't yew a Devil Summerner yerself?"

Well, it seems we are on the right track.

I still think that this area has an absolutely badass name.

Ah, there they are.