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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 10

Update 10

Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th dreams of the PERFECT HAT.

"After discussing it with you, I feel that my dream is a certainty. I'll remember this day. Remember my dream and yours as well. Dreams give us hope to keep on living, for humans and dogs alike. Never forget that."

After the Dream exchange, it is time for Raidou to continue with his sleuthing work. Yes.

"This area belongs to Kantou Haguro-Gumi. It's no playground."

"Why are you milling around here, anyway?"
Raidou tells them the truth, he is looking for someone. Actually, he is looking for more than someone. He is looking for various someones. Yes.

"What, so like, you a cop or somethin'!?"

"Don't be a sap. The cops don't hire children.
Lookin' for someone, huh?
You understand, we can't have people sniffin' around our turf. If you want to look around here, you've gotta get permission from the boss.
See that Daikoku-Yu Public Bathhouse behind me? Go inside, and pay him a visit. If he says okay, then we won't give yuo the turnaround. But, we'll understand if you get too scared to meet him in person."
Raidou Kuzunoha faces DEMONS every moment of his waking life. He's got absolutely nothing to fear from any sort of mobster guy or whatever.

"The Yakuza's involved in all kinds of turf wars. We don't have much choice but to cross that line. Let's talk to this so-called boss, Brian."

And so, Raidou Kuzunoha and his faithful catlike companion, Gouto, entered the Bath house.

Bath House Brawl.
He clearly likes his hat.

That tattoo looks like Mario.

Cleaning themselves. Well. That's what a bath house is for, isn't it?

He's got no towel.

BUT. He keeps his hat.

Fighting time! Just look at that. Fighting. In the bathhouse. Naked.

As seen in the video, it was easy.

Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th. That is who.

"I am impressed, though. You are a tough nut, unlike most'a these goons.
So, what brought you here, to our humble bathhouse?
A detective!? You work for Narumi, huh?
Raidou Kuzunoha... Yeah, I'll remember that name. I'm Satake of the Kantou Huguro-gumi. Nice to make your acquaintance.
So, what are you here to investigate, Raidou Kuzunoha?"
Raidou procceeds to explain that he is looking for someone in the area.

"Denpachi? Rickshaw runner?
Oh, that guy workin' at Ryugu. If you leave here and walk down the road, you'll find his house in skid row. But...
You'll stay away from there, if you know what's goodfor ya.
Those strange soldiers in red have been through that area a lot these past few days. They've been causing their share of trouble, too."
Soldiers in red? Oh no. Not those again.

"But, if you're stuck on going, I'm not gonna stop ya. Just try not to attract any... Unnecessary attention. I'll let you in on a little secret, Raidou Kuzunoha. We know all about the goings-on in the Capital. We'd be able to track someone down a lot better than some two-bit gumshoe, that's for sure.
I gotta admit, you've got moxie. You come let me know whenever you need to find someone. I'll see what I can do for you."
Well, that's useful.

"They just retrieved some money that was stolen from me."
So, they are just regular Robin Hoods, eh?

According to Wikipedia, it is an Australian Aboriginal spirit. Yes.

But it looks so sad

Gouto is clearly correct.

"Think this could be where Denpachi lives? It looks like nobody's home."

Aaand Gouto had to speak, right?
Damn you, Gouto.

Gouto has a cunning plan.

A cunning plan that takes them to the Dark Realm. So clearly, the Red Soldiers have something to do with the SUPERNATURAL.

Said and done. Rotting guards have bad aim. And are succeptible to FIRE.

"You gotta bust me outta here before the others come back!"

Unfortunately for the guy, it is LOCKED.

"Stupid locks. If we can't open it, we can't free him. What about a lockpick? Konnou Ya might have one..."

Fortunately, there is a convenient exit to the Normal World right there.

And then, Raidou can simply go back to the detective agency.

Like that.

"Hyeh heh, Yer gonna use it to 'help' someone, are ya? Well, it's none of my business once I have my money. The rest is your problem. I found this little number through the black market. Normally it goes for around 5,000 yen, but I'll let it go for a cool 2,000."

Damn this old guy.

Easy. Unfortunately, there are now Red Guards. And they make Raidou run to the bridge.

Red crystals. Those are only pickable by demons. And the item they contain depends on the demon used.

See? Red guards! Time to take the scenic route.

Like, around here. The way is blocked. But that's why this little Pyro Jack has fly.

Damn right he is. Providing transportation.


But before using it, one must talk to this Azumi.

"I don't mind them blockin' the way, but no matter what I say, they give me the high hat.
Can you believe them? I bounce jokes off them nonstop, and they don't even raise an eyebrow. But, if a human comes along, they give chase like a cat with a mouse."
Clearly, they have orders to not let any human mess around. But since the Dark Realm is the realm of the DEMONS they will pay no attention to them. That could come in useful for Raidou.

Raidou is into that?

Methinks that other than Mindread, Alp has been outclassed.

And why is the Azumi bothered by that?

The door needs to be opened by this side, so the red guard not giving a damn about demons is actually quite useful.

Obariyon's smallness proves to be useful.

And then, RESCUE!

"Oh no! They've come back!"

Why would one be careful, when they are easily dispatched this time? Raidou is badass like that. (also, was going to have a video, but messed up the sound and could not redo it. Sorry)

Raidou grows stronger and stronger.

And then, they all go back to the Normal World with the nearby portal. Useful, eh?

"Who are you, anyway?
A detective!? At your age!?
My, that is really something.
How rude of me. My name is Denpachi Iida. I'm a rickshaw runner.
Did... Did you come here looking for me?
The president of the factory? Yeah, I know him pretty well.
So, you're looking for information on him? Sir, I am afraid I cannot reveal any information about that client."
OH COME ON. You are not a lawyer, or a priest, or a MEDIC. Don't give us that confidentiality crap.

"People expect a certain amount of confidentiality from their rickshaw runners. But... Perhaps if you... Did me a favor...
If you can find my sister, I'll tell you what I know about Mr. Daidouji. My sister, Shizu, ran away from home some time ago. She eloped with a taxi driver, of all people. I can't agree with what she did, but...
She's my only sister. Here's a picture of her. Please, I am begging you, you have to find Shizu for me..."

Actually... Yes.
Looks familiar, doesn't she?
Also: Taxi driver.
Oh boy.