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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 12

Update 12:

Well, we now know that the Red Cape is not only Kiyoshi Daidouji, but there is actually more than one.

And Denpachi Iida happens to be one of them. Great.
Let's track the demon down.

"If I don't pass that on to four other people, I'll be dead by the next full moon! And I only have two friends, so it's hopeless... The Red Cape is going to kill me!"
Ah, I like how this one gets all paranoid. But doesn't she read the news? The Red Cape has only attacked taxis in this area.

"All that equipment just for sealing this little city... What the hell are they doing with taxpayerm money!?"
You don't want to know.

"She didn't fall in love with a taxi driver, she fell in love with a man. He just happens to drive a taxi."
Denpachi now has bigger problems than that.

Another level up, another ST increase.

He is not around there. Damn. It ain't gonna be that easy. Unfortunately.

Well, one could check in Ryugu... Even if he didn't take his rickshaw, so he could not do his job there.

Acquired one of these. Cat toy. Can be used on Gouto.

Just you wait.
Now I want to play with a cat :P

Before tracking down Denpachi, it's time to pay a visit to Victor.

Oh hell yes.

"Someone got arrested for that kind of hanky-panky when I was a boy your age..."
Is this a warning to Raidou? Should he continue with his demonic deals?

So, they don't like rickshaws. And would prefer to ride taxis, but can't thanks to the Red Cape. Denpachi would be happy... But he isn't around there.

"Just make sure you don't stiff us, like that other detective.
So, how can I help you?

Huh? Denpachi again, huh?
That's something I would like to know myself. He hasn't shown up for work today. I heard there was another taxi attack in Ginza-Cho, though.
Everyone's too scared to use taxis, so the rickshaw requests are piling up.
Denpachi, where are you when we really need you?"

"You don't suppose the Red Cape in Ginza could be...?"
Gouto is being quite slow today. I blame the foxtail.

"COOL DOWN: Th-that monster destroyed the car, and escaped beneath the overpass! You wait here while I, uh... Scare up some backup!"

There it is!

And then, it vanishes. Clearly, it is not going to be THAT easy.

"It couldn't have gone far, so it's probably in the Dark Realm of this area. Let's check up the Nameless Shrine and perform the Ritual of Entry to the the Dark Realm."

That is clearly the next step, so it's time to go to Shinoda.

"You shall henceforth be known as Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th, LOCAL HERO."
Raidou is advancing!

And time to go to Dark Ginza.

"So much fun! I like things that are fun!"

"Did you have something to ask me?
Red Cape, clearly
Oh, I've seen it. It's not around here, though.
It's been moving from place to place. Search everywhere, and I am sure you'll run into it, eventually."

"What a sweet thing to say. You are a well mannered young man. If you want to be mine, though, you'll have to grow up a little. Don't worry, I can wait."
Poor Raidou. He is too young for that kind of action, apparently.

Again, useful for loyalty increases for some sort of demons, but better used at Konnou Ya. The old guy pays handsomely for liquor.

Now this, this IS useful.

"I'm gonna move this! just you watch! Here I go! Gotta get fired up first... One, two THREE! MOVE!

Umm. I think it might be too heavy for me... Maybe a really strong demon could move it?


Another useful recruit for Raidou's neverending war against injustice and complicated search requests.

Hell yes.
Jack Frost has a skill called "Scavenger". It will randomly find treasure while walking. It is quite useful.
Those smoke bombs also fetch a good price at Konnou Ya.

There it is!

Unfortunately, it runs away. Damned coward demon! Come back and fight like a man!

"It might still be around here somewhere... Maybe."

And it is, only in random encounter form. Now Raidou has to chase it all over the place.

"Well, I didn't see it come around this way."

Poison bullets.
They are bullets coated with poison, obviously. Slightly stronger than other bullets, but weaker than Heavy bullets. May also inflict poison on the enemy.

More scavenging.

God damnit.

God damnit, once more.

And that allows Raidou to trap the Red Cape.

See? That escape route is closed now.

Ah, yes.

What Gouto did not mention, is that there is ANOTHER opening there, for the Red Cape to escape. Damnation.

What Gouto forgets, is that Brian Blessed is RAIDOU KUZUNOHA THE 14TH. He can deal with this guy. Just look at the intro movie (even if he does lack a Tsuchigumo at the moment).

And so the fight begins.

The Red Cape
The first boss fight to last over two minutes!

And then it goes down and fades.


"Ever since I started losing work, I've been blacking out from time to time...
And, all those Red Cape rumors started going around.
But, I never... I didn't think... I was the one responsible!
I mean, I...

I wanted more work as a rickshaw runner...

I blame the man who invented the automobile... And the fools who brought it to Japan! Sir, please...

I once took Mr. Daidouji to... A factory in Senju-Ku...
He told me that very factory was... His most cherished place... I am sure you'll be able to find him there... "

Gouto's got a point.

But why did he become a demon?
Why did KIYOSHI turn into a demon?

The cat leads the way.

"Daidouji and Denpachi were acquaintances, right? But what would cause both men to turn into the Red Cape? Not only that, but I just spoke to Tae over the phone. I asked when she planned to pay us, since we found the Red Cape.
So, she says to me... 'The same red monster has been seen all across the Capital.'

Does that mean that there are others besides Kiyoshi and Denpachi that can turn into the Red Cape? Anyway, she's not going to pay us until we've solved the entire Red Cape mystery. How can she do that to us after you worked so hard?"
Well, at least she gave Raidou 3 thousand yen...

"Yeah, he commited a crime... But, he deserved a better death than that, don't you think?
He made an honest living running the rickshaw. He loved his sister...
Raidou, his last words were about Kiyoshi Daidouji, right? I'd like you to check out the Daidouji factory. If we're to find any leads into Kaya's abduction, they're going to be in that factory. We have to puzzle this one out before any more victims turn up.
Every man has a right to live normally, and to die normally...
This Red Cape business is simply unnatural."

Episode 2: COMPLETE.
The first Red Cape has been dealt with.

VOTES NEEDED: What stats should be increased in the next Level Ups?

Additions to the Demonic Compendium.

"A human-like spirit of Murngin mythology that lives in the jungle.
A Mokoi appears to strike down those who use black magic."

"The two headed dog who protected the titan Geryon's red cattle in Greek mythology. Despite his prowess as a guard, Hercules killed him in one blow while performing his Twelve Labors."

"Meaning 'Evil Bird', it's the ghost of a young girl who died without knowing love in Buryat folklore.
She seduces travelers, only to crack their heads open, and suck out their brains with her beak."

"A beast from Japanese folklore, said to come down to earth in a bolt of lightning. It usually runs through the thunder clouds, but will also rid bolts of lightning down to the ground."

"A Hindu executioner of judged souls, under the command of Yama, the god of death.
When Yama passes his judgement, it is Turdak's task to haul the soul to the proper hell."

"A winter fairy of European descent.
Normally, an innocent creature, but if provoked, he will kill his victim by covering him in snow."