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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 14

Update 14

Yes indeed, didn't go all the way through the Matrix Labyrinth to NOT do it, after all.

There it is. The one that Raidou has been chasing all along. Kiyoshi Daidouji. The first Red Cape Raidou saw. Certainly not the last, though.

"... B-But all I wanted to do...
Was save the factory...
You're that detective! Did you come here after me?
It's about time.
I'm going to tell you everything...
About my brother... And my niece...."

Well, shit. Nothing is going to be that easy, is it?


What the fuck.
This was not expected, to happen, was it?

He suddenly sprouts those... Branch things. Like if he was going to turn into the Red Cape again.

What is that that he is carrying?


Oh shit, he is dead. Just when he was going to spill the beans. GOD DAMNIT.

Raidou is unimpressed, though.

And it goes away.
The mystery gets worse and worse.

It was a spool of thread. Hm.

Holy shit, it's the DARK SUMMONER.

"Not bad at all, detective... I mean, Devil Summoner. But, you're still no match for me!
As I am the great Dark Summoner, RASPUTIN!"

"Ho ho ho... It is good to be famous, yes?
That was the correct answer.
So, allow me a moment to answer some of YUOR questions...

All right, here's everything I know about Kiyoshi Daidouji...
His transformation, which you refer to as Red Cape, and the object that was expelled from his body.

First, that object is a Hiruko. It's a monster that grows by feeding on a person's fears and anxiety. As the Hiruko grows, it slowly alters its host's body. "

"Once it grows stronger, the Hiruko moves to the next step, which is what you just saw.A fully grown Hiruko leaves its host and enters the next phase of the project.

I'm sure you'd like to know what project I'm talking about...But I can't tell you anything more about it. There's something to be said for following a client's orders. I am not at liberty to give away much just yet. But, there is something I can tell you about Kaya, the girl you've been looking for. She also plays an important role in the project. You can try as long as you like, but we won't let you have her.

I should stop, though. Wouldn't want to say too much."

Rasputin's Gift.
It is not a nice gift.

That Matroshka is rather creepy. Awesome, though.


When you kill it, more appear.

Until in the end, there is just one, much stronger. With Mabufula.

Obviously, since Raidou is an stupendous badass, he kicks its ass.

And gets luckier in the process.

"Talk about tragedy, he can't even die as a human."

Aaaand Gouto was wrong. Kiyoshi was saved because those guys were in the way. He was lucky.

"He'd gotten to know his employees so well that they actually saved his life... This case seems just about closed for the moment, Brian.

Hey Brian... About that Rasputin piker, and this Hiruko business. We can't really ignore something that serious.
Besides, it sounded like he knew where Kaya was...
Think maybe we should run all this by Narumi?"

Yeah, time to visit the lazy boss.

"That certainly sounds like an ordeal, Raidou.
A Dark Summoner...
If I had to guess, I'd wager he's going to get in the way of our investigation.
At least you were able to save those factory workers, right? Not to mention Tae.
But, we can't sit by while that Dark Summoner continues doing who-knows-what.And like you said, He knows where Kaya Daidouji is.

I still wish we had more to go on, but at least this is something.
Still, who could this Rasputin guy be, really?"


Heeeeey, how have you been? Fancy a drink? Maybe a smoke? "

"Please spare the frivolity, this is an urgent matter. Raidou, I've come about the Dark Summoner you encountered.

Rasputin is a russian monk who, according to records, perished fifteen years ago.
But, in actuality, he is a Dark Summoner, one who is beyond our sphere of influence."

" Hold the phone..."

"We toil, using the power of Devil Summoners, to maintain peace in this world. Not only in Japan, but also other countries around the world.
However, there are some who choose to use their powers for selfish ends.
We don't know the motives of such summoners, but their values are different from ours. We refer to them as Dark Summoners.

Though we know not what they are after, we do know their skills are unmatched. If you choose to approach Rasputin, use the utmost caution."

"Must really be dangerous if she came all this way. In any case...
Going after Rasputin is about all we can do at this point.
The missing girl, the mystery of the Red Cape, the Hiruko...
Rasputin's the only guy we know who has all the answers.

I'll work through the details a little bit later. You need to rest first."

Will Raidou kick Rasputin's russian ass?
Eventually, it shall be known.