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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 16

Update 16

A sailor has been found!

To save sailors, one must battle wave after wave of these bastards.
They are rather annoying, since they have a multihit Force attack.

The Oni is quite adept at kicking their asses, though.

"I was hauling the cargo when everything got dark, and then the monsters arracked. What became of my comrades?
We got separated...

Hey kid, you've got to save them! They should be somewhere in this place, and they need your help.
Please help out my comrades.

Mindread: I'd be dead if it wasn't for this kid. I should do something for him in return... Hey, I could give him....

Normal talk: Say, kid, you've helped us out of a jam, and I'd like to give you this in return.
Kids your age want all sorts of things, don't they? Think of this as an allowance."

Hooray, that'll fetch at least 1k in Konnou-Ya. Useful.

"Mindread: I'm freaking out here! This is so unlike me!"

Anzu, or Zu also appears as a regular encounter. They can be recruited. They are less annoying, since there are only 3 of them.

With the loyalty of the Oni, Gouto appeared and said that Raidou was getting better. That means it is time to visit the Herald again.

"Raidou the 14th, Devil Summoner of Kuzunoha, is something amiss?
So, Raidou the 14th, it seems you have grown in strength since we met.
You shall henceforth be known as Raidou the 14th, Urban Mystic.
You may find these of use now."

Hell yes.

And that means, time to visit Victor. Again.


And then, an Anzu was captured.

Tetra Aura is a spell that increses the Magic Defense. Mazan, well, it is kind of like Mabufu, but with Force. Gale Slash is just another combination skill that may be useful eventually. Scout allows you to know what sort of demons lurk about, and how many items are out there. Fly, well, lets the demon fly and reach things Raidou can't.

"Lately I've been hee-bothered by the number of demons in-ho this area, ho. I've been so scared, I'm thinkking of hee-moving away, ho.
But those bullies-ho, I think they're hee-working for someone, ho.
My observation skills are top-notch, hee ho! I could be a famous detective too, ho."

Hell yes. Incense, besides smelling nice, has the property of increasing one's vital stats. Yes.

Aw hell naw.

Vitality increased.

Ghouls are gross. Could replace the Alp for the mind readin', but she is still useful, for the healing, you see.
They can poison enemies by hitting them, just like the tsuchigumo.
They can do that because they are gross and rotten.

Oboroguruma is just awesome, you know?

In the left, next to the Alp's foot, you can see Anzus being dicks to another sailor. Obviously, it is Raidou's duty to save the day.

Oh Jack Frost, you are so awesome.

Let them taste a bit of their own medicine (and nulling most of their attacks is nice too)

"My comrades were attacked, too...
Please, help them!

Mindread: I hope no one discovers that little incident with the damp spot on my pants. That keed had been looking at me funny. Maybe I can buy his silence...

Regular: Umm... Yeah... I'm fine...
No problems here, no sirree.
Why don't you take this for saving my life? Call it... A gift. Everything's fine, isn't it? All above-board and ordinary... Nothing suspicious here."

"Mindread: Ugh! I wet my pants again... I'd better keep quiet. Maybe no one will notice."
He forgot the smell. His cunning plan has a fatal flaw. Also, a single medicine? How lame.

Ah, loot. A Devil Summoner's best friend.

No need to put the image of the Anzus again, right?

"The one responsible for dragging these sailrs and shipments into the Dark Realm should be nearby. All we have to do is defeat him, and these sailors should be able to get back to the Real World."

"Mindread: We'd all be goners if this student hadn't intervened. I wonder if I have any reward for him.

Regular: You saved my life, no two ways about it. This is to show my thanks. It's nothing special, but I hope it comes in handy."

Being able to resurrect one's demons is ALWAYS useful.

He got that right.

Increasing magic increases the demons' stats. And thus, it is good.

Marin-Karin is now an area spell, it can make enemies hit their comrades temporarily, or freeze Raidou. It is annoying. Allure is a conversation skill.

Fusion time!

Sati is quite awesome. Hellfire is like an Agi spell, only that it hits multiple times and slows the enemy down. I don't think that Recarm is usable in battle, though. It would serve to lower the Jin Dan consumption and save money, and that is useful.
Recruiting a Sati would be a pain in the ass, since the only demon I have right now that hit the weakness is very much weak against fire. So, fusion!

"It's just so nice to meet you, Raidou dear."
I think she and Azumi have the same set of lines :P

Jubokko, an evil tree. Cocytus is like a Bufu spell, but multihit and slowing. It has minor homing capabilities as well. Don't remember what Quick Study does.

"I'll follow you till the day I die, though I gotta warn you, that might not be far off."

He gets the "Old man" set of lines.

Also: Fuck yes.

Oh dear. Is that what I think it is?

Why yes, it is another Russian doll.

"Don't mess with my master, Mr. Summoner!"

"It's all part of my master's plan. All of it except you! You're in the way, mister, so you've gotta die!"

He should be 3, but for some reason he is two in this game. Bleh.

See? Just two.

"So... We can go back home?"


"We should get home ourselves.
After all, we've gotta tell the owner of Ryugu our good news."

"The demons hee-who were fed up before may come back, ho."

"Suspicious, ain't it? Which country do you suppose is behind it all?"

"They said a student in a black cape saved them...
The cargo is back, too, without even a scratch. I should be thanking you, I presime?

Leave it to the Narumi Detective Agency to solve this kind of problem.
Harada & Co. is back on its feet! We fulfilled Konnou-Ya's order and everything.
... Because of you. Thank you so much, Raidou."

"I heard from Satake that you're investigating Mr. Elfman. I just want you to know that he's changed... He didn't used to be this way.

Elfman and my brother were good friends. It's hard not to think of him that way. Heh, he always told me he wanted a younger sister, since he was an only child, growing up. But, I haven't seen him since I left to take over Ryugu.
I started hearing bad things about Elfman shortly after my brother passed away.
He supposedly helped foreigners stay in Japan illecally and started roughing-up our merchants."

"I know you have your reasons, so I won't ask why you want to find him. But, you should know that it could be months before he grants you an appointment. Elfman gave me a gifr the day before I started at Ryugu.
He told me it was a lucky charm, to guarantee safety at sea.
If you show them this, and mention Harada, they should treat you well."

"Guess we're off to find Elfman, then. I hope this isn't just another dead end. Hopefully we'll come up with a way to track Rasputin down."

"Elfman's been living out of a Catholic church in this area. He rarely ever leaves though, so your best bet is to go thee to find him. It's across the water, and I'm afraid he's destroyed the boar you'de need to get there.
I'm at loss for how you might reach him, but I doubt he'll ever come to you."
Well, isn't Harada & Co. a shipping company that uses boats? Why couldn't they help Raidou and lend him a boat? Damnation.

"Travelling across water...?"


uh, Brian? Cats aren't too keen on water. But I think this job's a little bit beyond Azumi. Unless you can walk on water now, our best bet is Large Tarrasque. I say we try to level with him."
Well, then one will have to negotiate with that bastard, right?

"Isn't he just a merchant, though? How did he get so tight with the authorities?"

Luck also needs points sometimes, you know?

"Is a ghost? I am maybe possessed by a ghost?"
Could it be early symptom of a Hiruko?

"All this quite makes me... *yawn*... Sleepy."
Old lady could detect the demons?

Mindread : No permission needed work Harumi-Cho. Fukagawa-Cho so annoying! Mistah Satake ask too many questions! I do much better in Harumi-Cho."
Satake asks because he cares.

"No one except him is allowed to enter. What kind of a church is that?"

"Oh, Raidou! Thank you for handling my little problem! My merchandise just arrived, so I can set my prices back to reasonable levels. Thank you again, son."
Bastard doesn't even give a discount.

Oh well, that's it for now. Next: Travelling through the waterways.


"I'll give you a reward...
And invitation to a members-only club made just for guys like you...
The Training Hall! It's the time-tested training ground fo the Kuzunoha clan. There are lots of demons around, so you can fund just about any demon you're looking for. If you want to check it out, go to the washstand out in front."

This one.


In the first floor, weak demons lurk.
Like Agathion, Zombie and Obariyon. No treasure around there, though.

In the second floor, things are getting hotter. Demons such as Turdak, Orthrus and Azumi lurk. And there are four treasures there. Let's see what they are.

Suuure, then why don't you go to the water.

Hooray, mostly for the incense.

ANOTHER title change.

Floor number 3:

Stronger demons, clearly.
Let's see the treasure.

Good loot, eh?
That's about it, for now, as much as Raidou can safely handle at the moment.
Let's go back to the shrine.

"Raidou the 14th, Devil Summoner of Kuzunoha, is something amiss?
So, Raidou the 14th, it seems you have grown in strength since we met.
You shall henceforth be known as Raidou the 14th, Prodigy."

Bonus 2: Demonic Compedium additions.

"A wild god shaped like a giant spider, which was said to have lived in Mt. Katsuragi.
Originally a native of the land who lived in a hole after its tribe was defeated by the Imperial Court."

"An evil monster of Japanese lore, known for its hideous appearance and brute strength.
They loot and plunder villages, and massacre the townspeople with their iron clubs."

"The spirit of Oshichi, an Edo-era produce store owner's daughter who was burnt at the stake.
She met her lover at a fire, and tried to start another blaze to see him again, but was caught."

"An insect demon that takes the form of a woman with her hands tied behind her back.
It arose from the hatred of a girl named Okiku, who was falsely convicted of a crime and executed."

"An evil deity of Mesopotamian folklore, also known as Zu. It has an eagle's body and a lion's head.
Fueled by his desire to rule over all, Anzy stole the Tablets of Destiny from the sky god Enlil."

"A beautiful fairy of Irish folklore that yearns for the love of a human man.
She drains the life of her lovers in return for granting them artistic inspiration."

"A monster-wheeled vehiclñe with the grudges and negative energy of people inside it. Originally, the ghost of a woman who was killed over an ox-carriage took over the carriage."

"A man-eating demon that feeds on both live human flesh and the rotten emat of carcasses. It can change its shape, and often disguises itself as a hyena."

"An evil tree that thrives in death grounds, such as battlefields or execution sites.

Those who pass by are caught by its branches, and their blood is sucked out for its nourishment."

"A serpentine woman from Greek mythology, she was the queen of Libya.
It has a beautiful woman's torso, and a snake's tail. It feeds on the blood of young men."

"In Hindu mythology, she was Shiva's first wife.
She threw herself into the fire during a feud between Daksha and Shiva, but was reborn as Parvati."