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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 17

Update 17

Before anything is done, a bit of grinding. That's what the Training Hall is for, after all.

And fusion. Notice how now the Nekomata is a furry, instead of the ninja thing that it was in SMT3, and for the first time, it has "two tails".
Demonstrate, well, it only happened once, but it randomly refilled a demon's MP with acupuncture.

"I've carried a torch for you ever since my days in the netherworld...
Awww, you're blushing. Don't worry, hon, I was just seeing how you'd react if I said it."

A Nekomata is some sort of magical cat.

I am always amused to create demons with the opposite skills to their order. Very useful against Frost demons.

"I shall fight alongside thee, even if the world is thine enemy."

Ah, the desired level.

But first, FORGE.

"I'll follow you till the day I die, though I gotta warn you, that might not be far off."

He gets the "Old Guy" set of lines, just like Jubokko.

"And, when we find Rasputin, we'll be able to find Kaya, right? Please mister, you gotta save Kaya! Please..."
That's the idea, damnit.

"Miz Kaya's schoolmate has been coming around, but she can't take the hint... When you're no longer served drinks, it's a sign that you've overstayed your welcome."

"P-people are burieed when they die, aren't they? C-can the corpses talk...!?"
No Ignite, unfortunately.

"Er... Well, I suppose it's backward to expec the guests to cater to the servants.
Mindread: No... They couldn't have... Tell me they didn't forget the shortcake!
I'm craving shortcake something fierce, I've gotta have it!"
That is awfully irrelevant.

"It all looks the same to me, but the importan thing is: No touchy."

Raidou proceeds to use his lockpick and ignore what the servant said.
That nets him this.

"I-I believe the Daidouji family has a connection which could be exploited, yes. But, I certainly couldn't... Well, why don't you ask Mr. Nakamura when he returns?"

"Your sideburns seem a mite sharper today.

What's that? You want me to cross an ocean this time?
Well I suppose I do owe you a thing or two. I can help you out, sure... But, don't forget I'm a demon too, sonny.
We need a contract if you want me to do anything more for you."

Reminiscent of the SMT2 negotiation process.

Ah, item acquired.

"I'll come along to help as fast as my aching bones will take me."

"Nicely done. Now we can enter Elfman's private land to the north of Harumi-Cho."

"Is that another kind of liquor I smell on you? Come a little closer.
I thought as much! I smell the alcohol on you kiddo, and don't try to hide it! Just give me a little of the ol' drinky and I won't tell your parents.

Let's have a little taste...

Yowza! I felt that, kiddo! Whew! This is fantastic!
i FEEL like my throath's on fire!
Ahhh... That's great. Good job, kiddo. I'll pay you back with some of my treasure!"

REALLY awesome treasure.

"Raidou the 14th, Devil Summoner of Kuzunoha, is something amiss?
So, Raiodu the 14th, it seems you have grown in strength since we met. You shall henceforth be known as Raidou the 14th, Worthy Summoner."
From prodigy to worthy summoner? Seems like a step backwards to me.

Raidou can now travel through the Capital's waterways. Not all, though.

There are blocked bits. But let's get some loot.

"A young wife, filled with grief as she wonders why her husband is always away from her home...
Heheh, I can't get enough of this stuff.

"Ooooh, lookee here. What a babe... The human world is overflowing with fine, fine women. I can't help myself-- I have to look! Heheheh..."

"Crap! My human form slipped off!
Hey! You! You never saw this, okay?
Peeping on humans is the only fun I get in life!
Look, here, I'll give you my prized possession!
Just take this! And remember, you never saw this, okay?"


"But, come to think of it, usually humans can't see me in demon form, anyway. So, even if I am in demon form, I could still peep all I wanted...
It's tempting, but on the other hand, it's kind of fun to live like a real human, too.
Which is better?"

Damned good treasure.

Hee, Gouto is tempted.

There-s the church.

Huh, empty.

Maybe there's something to do around here.

Well, it's a graveyard, after all.

"It looks like this is all that remains...
Maybe we could figure this out if we listened to the voices of the dead, hm?"

"I'll never forgive him... Someone... Hear me out...
Oh! You can hear what I'm saying?
I was killed by a strange man.
He said he had plans to take over my trading business. He...
Was going to use my name...
he wanted to impersonate me."

"So the culprit killed him and then took his identity?
Wouldn't people close to the ghost know something was up?
This is a tough one, Brian. How do we find someone who isn't himself?"

"That's the ticket! People did say Elfman was acting strangely, didn't they?
But, does that make this Elfman's skeleton?
This situation might be more grave than we anticipated.
How do we know this ghost is really him, though?
Do we have anything he might recognize at all?
Perhaps an item of some sort? Something important to the real Elfman?"

"Harada's sister... It was a going away present. How did you get it?
The stange man... Murdered me.
Please... Avenge my death..."

"So if the real Elfman is dead, then who is the imposter really? It's time for church, Brian."

But first, getting all the skills for this particular demon. You'll see why. It'll be quite useful.

... What?

.... WHAT? I do not comprehend.

Believe me, you were NOT expecting this,.

"It is rude to eavesdrop on a man's confession, you know"

How did he get...

"Ohhh... You came here looking for Mr. Elfman.
Can't argue with that logic; that's why you're the detective.
As I am sure you already know, Mr. Elfman is no longer of this world.
Killing him was an unfortunate necessity if I was to gain his influence and wealth.
... Oh, don't give me that look.
I've done things to expand his trade business he never would have thought of.
If he could see me from hell, I'm sure he'd be proud.
Bah haha ha ha ha ha... Isn't anything else you wanted to talk about?

So... Kaya Daidouji. You'd like to know her whereabouts too, I'd imagine.
Right now, Kaya is working in Kasumidai. She needs to complete the Super Soldier Project, you see.
I'm part of it, as well. As security, to eliminate those who know too much. I want to emphasize, this isn't personal. You just happen to be on their blacklist. You are after Kaya, you see. I assume the don't want a gumshoe snooping around the project.
Considering you got all the way here, I can't say their concern is unfounded."

He can make pews fly away like nothing. That's quite an impressive feat.

And he does that russian dance.

AND mocks Raidou.

He starts summoning reapers that paralize you.

And after surviving Megidos and death rays and such other things...


He goes boom.

TWhat the hell just happened here?

At least he's dead. One less... Thing... To worry about.

Or not.

What the everlivign fuck.
Why is Rasputin a Terminator.

"We helped out the owner of Konnou-Ya and that's swell, but...
In the end we still haven't managed to find Kaya. What we did find was a curious mechanical man. And, according to his story...
Something called the Super Soldier Project is underway.
And, Kaya is involved in that very project somehow.
Assuming our clockwork friend is on the level... This case goes a lot deeper than a simple kidnapping.
It could be bigger than we ever thought possible."

What the hell.