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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 18

Update 18

Oh boy! A new episode!

"... Kasumidai, huh? Not sure the military would led us just waltz on by, but--"

"Got another favor to ask, if you've got the time."

"We've had an earful of your talk already, doll. Beat it."

"Give it a rest, Shouhei. We got a strange phone call at the newspaper today.
Believe it or not, it was some big cheese from the military."

"The military!?"

"Yes, and he wants to tell us about some spiffy new military project."

"Smells fishy to me."

"Same thing the boss said, but think about it...
Military personnel leaking hush-hush information? Kind of risky, if it's just a prank.
He had a name for it and everything--called it the Super Soldier Project.
No, this guy sounded on the up and up; to me, at least.
Bare minimum, he's worth a listen, don't you think?"

"Listen? You're actually gonna meet this mug?"

"I'll say. We've already made plans to meer up in Kasumidai this afternoon.
Which brings us to the favor.
Can you come with me, Shouhei?
I mean, if he's leaking military secrets, it's a sure bet the military will be watching.
That's a dangerous situation for a girl like me to be in alone."

"You're only helpless when it works to your advantage.
Kasumidai though, huh?
Raidou, would you mind accompanying our friend Tae on her date?
it is, after all, about a top-secret military project.
This could be the big break we're looking for.
... Even if Tae's been fed a line, at least she'll get you into Kasumidai, right?

Super Soldier Project? What a whopper.

"So you're coming along, Raidou? Thank you.
Let's forget that wallflower and scram, shall we?"

After that, Raidou and Tae leave the Detective Agency.

What is it that Shouhei Narumi is thinking about? What does he know?
Will he stop being a lazy bastard for once?

"Sure, they're military... but they're still human, so I'm not worried. Just be careful."
He went out. Nice bowler hat.

New overpriced items at Konnou-Ya. Useful items, but overpriced.

Useless AND overpriced.

"You summoners have the ability to go to and from there as you please...
As a researcher of the black sciences, I admit to being jealous!"

Jealous or not, Victor is awesome.
Petra is an attack that causes the Stone status. It is very nice to inflict it, since it immobilizes the enemies, and makes them succeptible to one hit kills. It is awesome.
Dormina makes them sleep. While they are sleeping, they will get critical hits. it is useful, even if its range is horrible.

"With me at your side, you'll be one hell of a summoner."

Time to go to Kasumidai.

"I saw 'em catch it! They pinned him with a sasumata.
Don't you know what a sasumata is?
It's a two-pronged, pitchfork-like weapon for catching crooks between its tines.
The military might not have made the best impression, but they have to look out for civilians."
Or... Not. Almost every soldier that Raidou has encountered has been an asshole. And... They got a red cape! That can't be good.

"This is the center of our country, where politicians and military brass get together. This is where he wanted to meet bit..."

"Hmph! Nobody stands up Kichou Asakura... Could you be a dear and take a look around for me?
The mysterious caller described himself as having a mole on his cheek.
I am sure he's nearby."

"Mindread: It's not my fault... There could be a shootout at any moment here. Not my fault if he gets hit by a stray bullet..."
What the hell?

Left: "You know, I was thinking... Did we even have a guy with a mole on his face in our squad?"

Right: "How can we find him if they don't tell us his name or his unit?"

Ah crap.

"A deserter with a mole, huh... That might be Tae's contact.
We should check it out. Let's go to the Guard Box."

You DON'T say that to a devil summoner with a goddamn Sati. You just don't.

"There's nowhere to hide from my eagle eyes."

"But, the Diet has laid down the law... That cannon's days are numbered. I'm gonna miss it..."

Pain in the ass Chinese Phoenix. Only weak against death. And seals skills/art of confinement.
No sir, I don't like it.

"A rookie cadet set it off without knowing it was the relief signal, and they threw him in the brig.
The confusion meant none of the guards were at their posts... Kasumidai was completely vulnerable."


"And here I thought everyone in the Army felt the same way about Major General Munakata."

"It would be a disaster if an open flame got too close to the cannon."
Oh dear. No one needs matches when one has a SATI.

"Take my advice: Leave, before you learn about things you're not meant to know.
Mindread: Civilians can't get enough of military scandals. There's no newspaper reporters around, are there?"

Meet the annoying party. Nekomatas, Jubokkos and Lady Zombies. Furries, corpses and evil trees.
Especially the Jubokkos, their poison is ANNOYING.

"So, does that mean the soldier posted at the Guard Box... is the deserter?
I can't remember if he had a mole or not. I don't usually stare at guys."

Gouto is right. You know what needs to be done?


One simple boom fixes all things wrong in life. Sure, it ain't no Death Cannon, but hey, it worked.

The coast is clear.

Seems mainly balanced, but luck is not as high as it should be. Will probably focus on luck next.

"I'm here to nab that guy and win myself a promotion.
I heard he was around this checkpoint not long ago. He's been through the same training as the rest of us, so he knows how to conceal himself.
But don't worry. As long as he's in Kasumidai, he's trapped like a rat.
It's only a matter of time.
The only other possibility is that he's collaborating with soemone on the outside.
Of course, we'd just capture and punish that person as well, so it doesn't make a difference."

"I think we're in a fix.
If this deserter is the same mug who called the Capital Daily, Tae's going to be a suspect. We've gotta get Tae out of here, even if it means slinging her over your shoulder.
Dames are troubel, that's for sure."

No one there. Well, time to go and check Tae. She's gonna get herself in trouble.

But a little looting doesn't hurt no one.

Even if it is useless.

Oooh no.

"I don't think a reporter would just leave her camera behind...
I smell foul play.
That doll's a live wire--I'd bet she's got a clue hidden in that camera. I'm no photographer, though. How are we going to get at the film?"


Well, Shouhei is a lazy bastard, so let's try Konnou-Ya first. Who knows? It might work!

"Am I good with cameras?
Why do you ask?

Hm... Hmm...
I see. So, you're thinking there might be a picture with a clue in this camera.
Eee hee hee... Why didn't you just ask me to develop the film?
As long as you're paying, I can do whatever you need.

I'd say 3,000 yen should just about cover it."

"Sorry about the wait. Here is your photograph.
It is an odd one, though."

How the shit did she take a snapshot of herself?

Well, yes, but I am sure they can wait. Fusion!

Ah, much better.

"The reaper will be along for me someday, but I'll trust you to take care of me until then."

Well, there are people there.

And zombies.

But, since they are just stinky freaking zombies, they are pathetically easy.

"What the hell is going on?
We were just talking and...
Just my luck, hih? I meet this doll of a reporter and monsters gotta ruin everything.
You a friend of hers?
She's on the ground, there.
I can't tell her anything if she's unconscious.

Oh, me? My name's Sadakichi.
I am afraid I'm the deserter evryone's talking about.

The stuff they were doing... I couldn't take it anymore.
So, I decided something had to be done.
I want the world to know what's really going on behind closed doors!

Major General Munakata is heading up a suspicious project.
He's stockpiling high-tech weapons to strengthen the military and 'enrich our country.'

The longer I worked on the project, the more my own actions disgusted me.
Finally, I slipped away when nobody was looking, and contacted the media.

Hohoho. Raidou would understand PERFECTLY.

The Red Special Guard... The robot looking guys... They are... Zombies?

"Being involved at all is enough to drive a man to madness...
It was so terrible... I just had to get out.
I... Managed to grab some files as I escaped. You know... In case I needed some dough on the fly. I'd let you see 'em, but... At some point, I think I dropped them accidentally,.
You wouldn't mind going back to look around, would you?
You make short work of all these monsters. It shouldn't be too hard to find the files.
I need those to blow this thing wide open. I need your help to find them, okay?"

Well, fuck. A fetch quest. How I love those.

BONUS! Compendium additions.

"Cats that live a long life are said to become these. They can speak human languages. Their powers cary according to how long they lived, ranging from shapeshifting to controlling the dead."

"A Kunitsu deity of Japanese mythology that governs agriculture and Medicine.
Said to have built the country of Izumo with Susano-O's daughter Suseri-Hime."

"The legendary bird of Chinese myth. It's said to appear only in times of peace.
It is the ruler of all birds; when it dies, birds throughout the land chirp with sadness."

"A cursed god of the darkness in Slavic myth. His name means 'Black God'.
He is the counterpart of the 'White God', Belobog."

"A talking monster born when the negative energy of the one killed possesses a skull.
It attempts to revenge itself on its killer by making a song of the details of its death."

New Update if there is a new page by tomorrow.