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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 19

Update 19

"I'm depending on you."

"What we ought to do is find an eyewitness and press him for information."
Well, a SYSTEMATIC use of inspect would be as effective, and involve less transcription...

"Veteran: It's our duty to serve and protect the citizens of the Dark Capital!
We must assist anyone in need!

Rookie: Yes, Sir! I'll do my best, Sir!

Both: Salute!"

"Those zombies don't seem to have realized they're corpses and not coppers.
If they're that stuck in their ways, maybe they'll help us out."

Well, time to confront them, maybe they DO know something.

"Rookie: You're looking for some documents, I understand?

Veteran: There was a human running all over the place...
Now that you mention it, I did see hinm drop some pieces of paper.
We'll do everything we can to help. Everything we can remember, anyway.

Rookie: Sir! If you have any problems, don't hesitate to ask us!

They kind of shuffle when they "salute".

"Yeah, I saw that one by a weapon.
Rookie: Not just any weapon, Sir! A huge weapon! Be careful to extinguish any fire before approaching it!

Page 2:
Veteran: It was near a cool customer. He seemed pretty familiar, like I'd seem him somewhere before.

Rookie: Sir! Humans call it a snowman, though it is far from abominable, Sir!

Page 3:
Veteran: How should I put this...?
It was in a common, everyday place.

Rookie: Sir, I saw it nearby! It's behind the bushes of the three-way intersection, Sir!

Page 4:
Veteran: That one I saw near a huge gate.
Rookie: The human tried to hide between the walls, but my keen vision spotted him anyway, Sir!
Then, asking the Rookie allows one to get information on the other 4 pages.

"Rookie: I saw him in a small hole, Sir! In the bushes, to be precise.
Veteran: I remember being surprised he could even fit in there... Only the smallest demons can do it.

Page 6:
Rookie: It's in a place with a good vantage pont, Sir! The location is a complete dead-end.
Veteran: Oh yeah, there was a weird statue around there, too.

Page 7:
Rookie: Sir, I saw that one myself, on top of the tree!
Veteran: That human shimmied up the tree like he was being chased by a bear.

Page 8:
Rookie: Sir! That one... Uh...
Veteran: Oh no... You forgot again, didn't you?
Rookie: I apologize, Sir! The rot in my brain is advancing, and I can't help but forget things. Sir, perhaps if I had some sort of stimulus it would jog my memory.


That can't be good for a corpse.

"Now I remember, Sir! I distinctly recall someone stealing a document.
Veteran: What!? Well, he better not think he'll escape the emaciated arm of the zombie law.

This. This is the most annoying part.
You must wander around there to trigger a random encounter with several zombie officers.
It is annoying, sicne ALL THE OTHER DOCUMENTS are found with Inspect, or checking a thing..

"Let me give you a hand. Doy ou wanna know how many are left to find?
Let's see how many you've got so far.
Hey, you don't have a single one! Get out there and hunt for them!"

Luck was getting behind.

Which is what is needed, because there is a freaking Dragon's Jaw blocking the way.
Fortunately, Sati is awesome.

The rest of the pieces of the report need a demon that can use Inspect. And thus, a visit to Victor is required.

"We'll leave Tae up to that sad-sack Sadakichi.
I have a gut feeling about Sadakichi's testimony. Let's cooperate with him and get to the bottom of this."

... What the fuck?

Uhh, okay.

The fourth level of the Training hall was also open, which is good, since it is a good place to grind for money and/or experience, something needed because some cool new demons are available.


Death bullets. Oh yes.

And... Someone there?

Oh boy! Historical figures!

"You're Raidou the 14th, aren'tcha? I hear about you pretty regular.
If you want me on your team, well, I'm your man!
... Though, you can't draft me that easily, y'know.
I wanna see if you've got what it takes to be the boss of me, so let's see whatcha got!"

And so, the Fight begins.
Thanks to Chernobog, it was quite easy.



Good loot, eh?

I wonder if this has any use...

Is his appearance here a reference to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?
Doesn't look like it should, at all.

"So... Here we are. What next?"

This, maybe?

And this, definitely. Will get the info later.

Kick massive amounts of ass.

Oh yeah, got an Agathion.

There was one here.

"He-ho was hiding behind that hee-house, inside the tiny hee-hole, everywhere... But, they found him every time, ho.
He's not very good at hee-hiding for an adult, ho. I'm better than him, ho!"

Another one here.

Magic is truly vital.

This DOES sell for a hefty sum at Konnou-ya.

Sati to the rescue. Seriously, she is awesome.

Two to go.

"Over there..."

"Can't enter it. So sad... I'me leaving... GOing on a trip. Don't follow me, please.

Um. Okay.

One more to go.

"There was a zombie shambling around with a piece of paper in its hand.
You could try to pry it out of his cold, dead fingers."

Gdon gets Sake. Well, more money, but I would have preferred INCENSE.

Oh hohohoh. Agidyne will work wonderfully against these corpses.


Oh hohoh.

"I'm ready to tell you everything I know, now.
They're centering their horrific project right... here.
It's called the Super Soldier Project, and Major General Munakata is in charge.
It involves the construction of an unsinkable ship by remodeling some old battleship.
They're going to fill it with the undead soldiers, the Yomi-Kugutsu, and then send it abroad.
That entire army of Red Soldiers is directly under Munakata's command...
It's an army of corpses: A Soulless Army!
I know I sound all wet, but it's true! Every word!

Once you see their underground facility, you'll believe me.
It's full of... Unnatural things.
The only humans involved are Munakata and that girl he always keeps nearby.
I can't stand it."

"A girl, huh? Why don't you show him Kaya's photograph?"

"That's her! That's definitely the same girl!
She's always next to Munakata, discussing who-knows-what.
So, how do you know her--"

Well, that's a rude interruption.

And so, the most pathetic boss fight begins.

No, seriously.


Eh, maybe later.

"But thanks to you, I'm still alive.
I wish I could give you something to show my appreciation, but... Oh, that girl in the photograph!
Look for her in the subterranean military facility.
If you get lucky, maybe you'll run into her.
Go to Cannon Battery #4, just across from Harumi-Cho.
There's a suspicious telephone booth there which serves as an entrance to the base.
Just enter the secret passcode and you're copacetic.

Just between us, dial 49399221"

Yes, indeed.

Nebiros left his stench

Narumi knows more than he lets on.

Holy fuck.