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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 2

Second Update:

This is the chosen name.

And with that being said, he dons his cloak in a most cool way. Brian Blessed is off to a great start!

"In this place, those wishing to become Devil Summoners risk their lives to undertake the trial. You are to be commended for volunteering to this trial, Brian Blessed. Your spirit is exemplary, and for that, I applaud you. But not everyone passes, the equally exemplary spirits of those who have failed sleep here. Will you join the dead , Brian Blessed? Or will you succeed and receive the honored Kuzunoha name RAIDOU?
Let us learn your fate! Begin!
And so, Brian Blessed's trial starts. Will he be able to become the fourteenth Raidou Kuzunoha?


Unlike Nocturne, the camera in this game is fixed, and the backgrounds are all prerendered. The map shows the point of view.

"Press the square button to execute sword attacks, press the triangle button to fire your gun. You can halt an enemy for a brief moment. If an enemy strike is inevitable, you can press the X button to guard, and reduce the damage it inflicts."
Basic stuff.

And then, the first enemy of the game. Your basic zombie.

They are easily dispatched. Not shown: Zombies wear fedoras.

They also drop bullets. Ice and normal bullets. It'll be shown a bit later.

After another, boring fight, the results of the experience accumulation are shown. This time, vitality shall be increased. Why? Because more vitality = more hit points and that is required.

It clearly is okay.

"But only those who can control demons can call themselves Devil Summoners. How is your skill at converting demons to your own familiars?"

And one Ukobach is summoned.

"Who the hell called me to this dump? You ain't thinking of makine me your ally, are you?
Hyahaha! You slay me! So, you think you can use me as an ally, do you? Well, first you'll see what I'm like as an enemy! Hyahahaha!
To capture a demon, one first has to hit the enemy with whatever sort of attack it is weak to. In Ukobach's case, Ice. Fortunately, one of the zombies dropped Ice bullets. Then you can capture it and keep it in an iron tube.

Like this.

And this. This is not true of some demons, though. Why not? Well, SOME of them have weird requirements (for example, Nekomata), and others just don't have apparent weaknesses.
Fusion, as always, is the key to get powerful and awesome demons.

Now, let's see Brian summon the Ukobach, shall we?

Those zombies are toast.

Even if you hit them with fire, the zombies cannot be confined.

And if you hit them while they are stunned, they will receive critical hits. That is obviously quite nice.

Ah, here we see something rather important. LOYALTY. When the demon's loyalty is maxed out, they will give something to Raidou, and one will be able to fuse them. Without loyalty, one cannot get better demons.

And now, MAGIC. Magic seems like it would be useless, since Raidou (or right now, Brian Blessed) can't use a single spell, right?

Well, you would be wrong. Magic is important, the higher the magic, the stronger the summoned demons are. Or somesuch. And thus, magic is actually important.

Ah, combination attacks. When the demon's morale is very high, you can use that by pressing square and x at the same time. It can be a real life saver.

Hell, there are demons that will void physical or magical attacks with their combination skill. It is all about knowing what and when to use it.

Let's see it in action.

Doing critical hits increases the morale by a lot. Let's see the attack.

That is rather nice.

boss fight.
Okiku Mushi
Let's do this!

Now a recap.


"I count over and over again, but I am always missing one. I cannot be free until I slay 100 Devil Summoners!
... You will die for me, won't you?

And as it is seen in the video, of course not.

And she fades away. Hooray. Brian Blessed shall now be known as RAIDOU KUZUNOHA THE 14TH.

THE TITLE. The title is now his.

... Gouto?
Isn't that the crazy military guy in SMT1?

Hey look! It is a kitty!

"Just call me Gouto. You are Brian Blessed, right? Nice to meet ya."

Well, Brian Blessed acquired his new name. And a cat sidekick that speaks. What will the future bring to him? Well, we shall know that in a while, but I guess that this is quite enough for an update.

But the next one shall be posted soon, oh yes. Soon.