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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 20

Update 20

But before anything is done, let us check Raidou's new title.

"Raidou the 14th, Devil Summoner of Kuzunoha, is something amiss?
So, Raidou the 14th, it seems you have grown in strength since we met.
You shall henceforth be known as Raidou the 14th, Gallant Hero.

You may found these of use now."

Oh hell yes.

Time to go back to the Cannon Battery.

"Let's go, Brian. I'm looking forward to putting this case behind me."

Guess what, Sadakichi was telling the truth.

"Well now, I'm impressed you found this place... You're not a half-bad Devil Summoner.
This here's out Subterranean Shipbuilding Facility.
This is where Major General Munakata uses that Possessed Girl in his master plan!
You'll never shut us down, and we'll show you why!"

He got that right.

"Dumbass! The enemy is in front of you, not behind you! You advance FORWARD!"

And then the idiotic guard 3 SHOOTS GUARD 2. Quite a security team, eh?

"Our first priority is to report to Major General Munakata, so we've got no time for scum like you!"

What a bunch of losers.

"Dumb sap can call it whatever floats his boar... Anyway, now we know for sure.
Not only is this Munakata's stronghold, this is where Kaya is being held.
Not much of a security detail from what I can tell...
We probably don't have much time left. Let's go, Brian. "

Oh, walls. Yes.

Wall, meet Gdon. Gdon likes to uses Agidyne.

Goddamn Ikusas. They are creepy, and hit hard.
They also got an attack that knocks Raidou over, making him vulnerable. I hate them.

Probably good for Fusion fodder, though.

No wonder they hit hard, just look at that ST.
Cross Slash is a nice combination attack.

Oh Chernobog, what would I do without you?

As it has been said many times before, Magic is a pretty important stat.

Oh fuckdamnit.

Well, crap.

Since there is no one else around here, he must be the culprit.
No way I am gonna transcribe HIS dialog, though. Fuck that.


Fuck you, and your wall.

"I thought we could ask it nicely to take it down, but...
Something tells me this one's too far gone to listen to reason.
Well, let's give it a shot, anyway, Brian. Try negotiating with it."

And so: Negotiation with Ippon-Datara.
Also on Viddler.

Once again, fuck you and your walls.

Ikusa gets healing items.

I hate Ippon Dataras. And that's why I never got one. Never.

Luck is important, especially when considering that it affects the success rate of spells such as Dormina, Marin-Karin, Petra and such. Yes.

Thoth gets money.

Behind 3 bullet walls. That's too damn expensive.

No need, anyway, Raidou has plenty of healing items, both for health and magic.

He got that right.

But first, loot. The Roman Coin is very valuable.
Now that the loot has been acquired, it is time to rescue Kaya.

Weird ritual. (youtube
What are they doing with Kaya? (viddler)

Blood... Spreading? But she doesn't appear to have any wounds...

Oh. There he is.

"May I say, this is definitely a pleasure!
I am Munakata, the man behind the Super Soldier Project.
I've learned quite a bit about you from Rasputin's report on a troublesome young man...
I have a strict policy of erasing all who interfere, but in this case, that is quite regretful.
So, I'm going to explain out project to you, directly.
That way, you can decide for yourself if you truly wish to stand against us.
You need not to throw your life away; hear me out and give it some thought.
Think of our nation, Raidou.
Loot at what it has become.

...The masses struggle to live in poverty while a select few stand in abundance.
Our country blindly creates policies to supress the weak and cater to the wealthy.
Do you not find this strange?
An enlightened nation would strive to support the less fortunate, yet we do the opposite!
Even at the start, the gods of Amatsu subjugated the people of our country.

At this rate, this nation... Our people... Will be stricken from the face of the earth.
I wish only to enlighten those who perpetuate the erroneous ideologies of our past.
And, the only method available to me is the Super Soldier Project.
This girl is necessary for the completion of the project.
Knowing this, would you still take her from us, Raidou Kuzunoha?
Or, do you have the will to join me in righting our nation's wrongs?"

This is a false choice. You can't join him. If you select the option, he thinks that you are lying.

"So be it."

Nagasunehiko and Abihiko. (youtube)
The most difficult fight so far.

One is fire based. THe other is Ice based. Gdon has spells to deal with both, but since Gdon is weak against Ice, going after the ice based one is the best choice.

But once one is dead, the other gets his abilities, plus more.
aT LEAST he loses the Twin attack. Fuck the Twin Attack.

They both fall under Raidou's mighty arm. And Gdon's awesomeness.

Oh no. Everything was planned...

Oh well, Kaya is safe now. What could go wrong?
Back to the agency.

"After all that searching, here she is in our office.
So, they were performing some sort of hocus-pocus underground?
I don-t even want to know, just as long as she's okay."

"Looks like our Jane is waking up."

"Oh... You're the detective."

"Nice to see you too, doll. Glad to see you're all right.
My well-trained subordinate Raidou found you in an underground facility of some sort."


"Well, I mean, remember that I'm the one who put him on the job."

"Oh, is that so? Thank you very much for your efforts, Mr. Raidou, Mr. Narumi."

"So, do you remember all that 'kill me' noise?
Care to explain it to us?"

"My family has a terrible curse... Bassed down every generation--"

"The demon possession, right?"

"Yes... The girls are killed when they turn 16.

A-as my birthday came closer, my father started looking at me differently.
Then, one day, he put me in an underground cell."

"Which is that caveern Raidou found, I'd wager."

"Yes, that's right. I didn't want to hurt anyone...
But, I didn't have the courage to end my own life, either.
Th-thats when my uncle said he knew how to save me.
He said if w-we exorcised the demon, I could go on living as a normal girl."

"So, as instructed by my uncle...
I snuck out of the house without my father noticing.
But... The man who was waiting for me wasn't my uncle; it was Munakata, the military officer."

He seems to know something about that guy...

"All that talk of exorcising the demon was just a lie.
All they really wanted was to take the power of that demon for themselves.
I... I managed to break free, and ran.
But, if I went back home, Father would still have killed me.
I had nowhere to go...
I... I didn't know what to do."

"Right. I was just... I was so lost, and I didn't have anyone else to turn to."


oh dear.
Now Narumi will have to do even less.

Who the hell is going to pay them?
How do they get money?
Or do they live from the things Raidou finds and then sells to Konnou-Ya?
(or maybe they'll just inform Kiyoshi, I dunno)

Oh dear.

And so ends the first case.

BONUS: Bestiary! Additions! And possible additions! And you get to choose which one Raidou will get (of the new ones, not the ones already seen.)

"A spirit known as the god of wind, as well as the god of smithery.
His strong winds blow roofs and people away, and knock over ships in the sea."

"Izanami sent them after Izanagi at Yomotsu Hirasaka, the entrance of Yomi, the Japanese underworld.
The army of Ikusa is led by Yomotsu Shikome."

"The tiger mount of the goddess Durga, of Hindu mythology.
Durga was born to defeat the Asura Mahisha, and Gdon was granted to her to complete the task."

"An all-knowing god of Egyptian mythology with the head of a baboon.
He stans opposite Seth, the god of evil, and sifes with Osiris and Isis, the gods of good."

"Tengu said to have lived in Mt. Kurama in Kyoto.
The most powerful and well-known Tengu, they have the power to fend off disease and bring good luck."

"The general of Hell. He keeps watch over other demons. One of the greatest necromancers in Hell, he can control souls and corpses"

So, choose!