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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 23

Update 23

Getting closer to the end, eh?

"It's do-or-die time, Raidou.
We can't have some soulless army runnng around, now, can we?
But there is one thing I want to say first.
What the Navy told you is only one side of the story.
I know--er, knew a person who wanted the best for this country.
He proposed the Super Military Project as a means to revive this nation's glory.
There's a lot to this case we still don't know about--including Kaya's role in it all.
You're going t o have to decide for yourself where the truth lies in all of this.
I'll be taking care of things on my end.
Don't take any wooden nickels out there, got it?

Waden One is at the peak of Sakuradayama, past Harumi-Cho.Watch yourself, Raidou."

Summary of the previous chapter. Gouto has the right idea.

Time to get supplies and such.

"Clearly, electricity plays a large part in my work here.
Though radio waves and electricity have the same roots and seem similar, they are quite different.
I'd like to meet this person. Think of the advances in our science!"

First, a Rakshasa

Not bad. Better used as fusion fodder.

"Does something smell?
My... My head is on fire!"

Then, a Tarrasque

Better. Not as good as some other, later demons, but pretty respectable, I think.

"I'll follow you till the day I die, though I gotta warn you, that might not be far off"
Demons can get several dialogs for each type. I think it is based on the phase of the moon. This one is boring me, damn old man demons.

"They're building five radio towers in all. Waden One is just the first."

"People can say whatever they want, but they're all wet. I'll never stop believing in her."
Well, Kaya's crazy.

"All he ever cared about was this place's owner. He never gave a fig for us."

"Oh, my... You always seemed to decorous to say such a thing.
If you're speaking in jest about the Daidouji family's terrible curse...
Well, I must say I am rather unimpressed."
Well, Raidou did receive a curse.

"My body! I can't control it!

Brian! Do something!"

Oh hohohoh.

"Ugh, you're so stubborn. I'm telling you, I won't budge... That thing... I won't!"

Back to Konnou-Ya to get more vital supplies and such.

That is messed up. That is a monster. A monster that tells the future, and is very hard to beat in this game.
It is supposed to be born, tell the horrible prophesy and die.

"It is your fated destiny... Escape is impossible. Prepare yourself."

has a lot of HP, nothing damages her much, and...

This. If there is an optional summon I won't get, it is most likely this one. But who knows? I might actually be able to get one later. Maybe.

"Raidou the 14th, Devil Summoner of Kuzunoha, is something amiss?
So, Raidou the 14th, it seems you have grown in strength since we met.
You shall henceforth be known as Raidou the 14th, Avatar of Spirits."
Raidou's goin' up in the summonin' world!

Oh hey look, it is Cu Chulainn's teacher.

"It's just so nice to meet you, Raidou dear."

"Y'know that 'Iroha' song they teach kids?
They were originally gonna name the towers after the letters in that song.
One, Two and Three were gonna be 'I', 'Ro' and 'Ha'. For some reason, though, it didn't fly."
Wikilink about that: Iroha

There are four of these. They all contain 8 red crystals.

aND ONLY demons can go through.

Loot acquired:

Life Stone x3
Medicine x5

Yamiyo Sake x1
Arashi Sake x2
Kotetsu Sake x1

Soma x1
Chakra Pot x2
Chakra Chip x3

But this one has more than that. It has UNDEAD.

And then they fight Sati. Oh so easy to defeat them since they are vulnerable to FIRE.

Oh hell yes.

Bead of Life x3
Life Stone x3

"Oh! What did I just say? Forgive me, I got a little overexcited..."

Now Raidou has access.

"The civilians are spreading some odd rumors. Imagine, calling the army's source of morale...

The civilian ideas are so vulgar... Seeing Waden One as THAT...
Aw hell... Now the imgae is stuck in my head. I-I can't look at it with a straight face... Hahahah!"

"Men are such pigs! I 'm through with them! From now on, that tower is my new lover!"
Uuuh, okay.

Ah, more healing items. Always welcome.

"If the mountain has a soul, I'll bet it weeps to see the Army building that thing on top of it."

Even more alcohol.

Time to summone the previous boss. Oh yes.

His hobby? Reading.

One of the two goddamn twins.

"I shall fight alongside thee, even if the world is thine enemy."

Oh hell yes. Have to wait a bit, though.

"But I got kicked out again, just like the factory at Senju.
Awww, man... I just wanna be like Satake.
This is our replacement base! Cause I said so!
Army, myy butt! Those stuck-yup jerks!
What's so great about grown-ups?"

"Boss taught me how to take the train. Boss knows everything!"

"C'mon, buddy! I'm serious...
You're gonna get me in a world of trouble!

Oh dear.

"Hear that, Brian?
Lucky us, the big cheese is home and everything.
Course, with Munakata around, there's bound to be Special Guards as well."

"I know you're all goofy on danger, but that's suicide, Brian.
The Army may be well-trained, but they're still just humans; you can't use your demons on 'em.
Fighting with normal weapons would take time, and that's time Munakata can use to escape.
A wise man once said, 'Less haste, more speed.' It is not as direct, but using the Dark Realm is safer."

The cat is right.

AND HERE IT IS. The easiest way to powerlevel.
Nebiros. Just summon a demon that is immune to Death spells, and you are golden.
Nebiros comes with two types of underlings, Ghouls and Ukobachs, and Zombie Guards. Zombie Guards are easier. Both take forever, but Zombie Guards don't poison you.

Neiros has the skill to call more demons to the battle.

It takes about 3 MP. So he can do it a LOT of times.

This one I did not finish. Why? Because I ran out of anti-poison. Damn.

Two level ups in a single fight? Why yes. But it was not properly done.

Now, THIS is what I'm talking about.

This is the way to do it.


3 level ups. Could've ben 4. But 3 is good.

"What can I do for you in return...?
Ah, I know.
From now on, I'll give you a better price for the things you sell me.
If you find rare goods or antiques, bring them here!"

"It looks pretty dangerous, y'know? I don't think it's up to code."

"Sadness... Melancholy... Despair...
All manner o' negative energy is streaming out from that tower, and there's no end to't."

Getting some mighty lame loot out of the crystals. Yup.

"You shall henceforth be known as Raidou the 14th, Rising Star."

Hiruko? What's got the Hiruko to do with the Radio tower?

Something shall be done, yes, after the grind is over.

"Well, they will do as they must. 'Tis not hard to fathom the limits of a human."

Whaaat the fuck.

"Thos Hiruko that left their hosts must've all gathered here...
They've covered the entire radio tower!
This must be the next stage of the Hiruko that Rasputin mentioned."
And is very, very gross.

And not unguarded.

Hahahahaha. These guys are jokes by now.


"Those Yomi-Kugutsu stationed here means there's a good chance Munakata's here, too.
I've got a bone I'd like to pick with that guy.
What's his angle with the corpse army? And what does any of it have to do with Kaya Daidouji?
We've gotta prevent anyone else from ending up like Kiyoshi and Mr. Iida."
The cat is right.

But first... You know.

Both twins work for Raidou now.

"Human or demon, you better stay on my good side. Don't forget it."

Oh hoh hoh.

The Sword must be improved.

There is a reason why this one was chosen. Yes. A reason.

Besides the luck increase.

Oh yes. You'll see in the next update.


Witch Cerberus, it is time to visit the dongbuilding.

It is gross.

"But, what do the humans want with all these Hiruko? They sure are weirdos."

You will fight a lot of these guys.

"If you and your demons ask nice, the'll give you a ride to different places.
For example, you see that treasure therE? You'd never get that all by your lonesome, but with a Hiruko..."

Hiruko behave differently if Raidou or a Demon ride them. Some take you somewhere else. It is kind of annoying, but at least it is not a teleporty dungeon.

Cerberus is so awesome he kills them in one hit.

"I'll ride a Hiruko somewhere, since they take us to a different place than the humans.
My buddy wanted a ride up, but I tossed him over there, and he's still not back yet!"
Asshole demon :P

Nebiros also spawns here. But since the grinding time is over...

No point on messing the him.

Even more Hirukos.

"Day in and day out, I just keep falling. It's such a tiring gimmick.
On top of that, I can't find my friend. It's so depressing.
I must be getting homesick. I can't stop thinking of life back in Egypt."
See? Even the demons complain about this "dungeon". Still, not teleporty.

"If I hop on this Hiruko, it takes me round and round!
This Hiruko, though...
It's not fond of humans, so it'll go somewhere else if one tries to ride it."

"I feel a strong presence... Are you ready?"
Well, that's why someone spent HOURS fighting Nebiros.

Goin' up.

What waited for them there. (viddler)
It is gross (youtube)

Well, there is Munakata.

"But, would you still follow them if you knew the truth?

Do you not realize what the Yatagarasu, what this nation, has done to us!?
One man descended from the heavens in ancient times to inherit this land.
He declared himself the ruler of Yamato, and conquered all he saw before him.
He subjugate those who bowed before him, and all who opposed his rule were slain.
Modern Japan has risen from pools of the blood shed across our land.

Those who rebelled were exiled, ridiculed, and scorned.
They were called Oni and Tsuchigumo, and never accepted as people of Yamato.
They were slaughtered.
It is the voice of their agony which drives me!

The Super Soldier Project is their vengeance, raining down on what Japan has become!
It will come to fruition with an army of Hiruko, and the spilled blood of a demon!
The very demon that possesses Kaya Daidouji... The power of that demon in her blood... Provided us with an unexpected blessing--perpetual motion.

This is a technology which will become quite common in the distant future.
I have constructed the satellite Tai-itsu and obtained the EL 200 for this single purpose.
Once the sattelite is activated and begins to gather energy...
The SOULLESS GOD will rise up before us all!"

"You are not dissimilar from us, Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha.
You see what cannot be seen, and wield power unattainable by ordinary men...
Surely, you don't think of yourself as human.
I'll allow you one last chance... Decide now how your life is to be led...

Will you side with, and be used by, humans...
Or will you lend us your strength and answer the cries of the fallen with revenge against this country!"

He is insane.
Raidou is human. Munakata does not consider himself a human being? Well, he is nuts.
Raidou is most definitely a human.

"I'm sorry to hear that.
But, I expected as much.
Raidou, as a servant to this nation, you must be a target of our wrath.
You will be the inaugural offering to our Super Soldier Project. Farewell, Devil Summoner.

Perish, knowing that your death will signal the beggining of the end!"

Oh, gross.

Oh shit.


Oh. Not Mara.


This is a boss fight.
A hard boss fight. Even with the slight levelling up that was done, this is not an easy boss fight.

The cursed emission paralizes. It is not fun.

The Cursed Bolt CHARMS without fail. It is even less fun.

Gross thing goes down.

But there's an old friend waiting. Damn.

RA RA RASPUTIN (viddler)
Raidou is not gonna like this.

"Good thing I decided to stay behind... Just in case.
If it were up to me, we'd have a little rematch, but... A contract's a contract.
I'm afraid I can no longer allow you to interfere freely.
'Dispose of Kuzunoha if he continues to defy us...'
Have to do as I'm told. You aren't going to stop that sattelite from going up.
So, let any worries of Tai-itsu vanish quietly from your mined.
You'll be dying by my hand, so it really shouldn't matter to you.

I'm fully aware of your power, so this time I'm going to have to reveal my trump card.
Once you're out of the picture, maybe I can finally get paid for all my hard work.
Good luck figuring this one out...
Wander alone in a foreign land for all eternity!"

He bound Raidou. And Gouto.

Double gross.

And... They are gone

Well, shit.