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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 25

Update 25

Dark Harumi-Cho it is, then.

"So be it. I shall send you to Dark Harumi-Cho. Godspeed."

Well, there it is.
Different demons. Huh.

"Getting back to your own time?
I see... Quite a difficult task.
All right, I've heard you out, so...
First, you do something for me, and then I'll help you. Quid pro quo.
The prism guardian is named Orochi.
It's an extremely powerful demon.
I and my associates are here to counterbalance Orochi's strength.
I'd say it's a fair assumption that if you can't beat us, you'll never defeat Orochi.
I, Showten, will give you a task.
In this town, win the battle with my fellow beings and earn the Purity Charms.
The amount that you must collect is 8 of them. That way, you strength will be proven.
After your strength is proven, I'll promis to take you to Orochi.
Now go."

Well, kind of a fetch quest, but really, really easy.

8 like this. That's it. Piece of cake.

"Maybe I'm just going senile."

"'Tis so. I shall yet make a man of ye."

New minions! The captured Shouten does not count for the quest, though.

While the Tarrasque is inferior to the compendium's version, it shall be useful later, yes. AS FUSION FODDER!

This Jack Frost is an asshole (!). He won't talk to Raidou.

A Demon is another matter, though.

"I'm Sir Orochi's hee-nchman, ho! I'm hee-hunting for the Black Cape, ho.
Are you-ho fighting the Black Cape, too? Then take this, ho!
Hee ho! Good luck for hee-both of us, ho!"

i like vases.

Another title increase. This time it would be "Renowed Summoner", but this world's Avatar of Yatagarasu won't change it. Damn.

Goood price for a vase.

And look what one can get later.

Oh yes.
Oh yes.

But first, this.

"I shall fight alongside thee, even if the world is thine enemy."
Fucking hell, that's creepy.

"It's just so nice to meet you, Raidou dear."
This may be even creepier.

"A promis is a promise. I'm ready to hold up my end of the bargain.
Are you ready?

Clearly, not.

"I'll give you a good deal on it. I'll mark down the already discounted price, which comes to...
20,000 Yen!

Oh dear, you don't have enough money. Sorry, but I am running a business here."

"The best way is to beat-ho hee-Shouten. Though, it is impossible for me.ho.
Maybe you hee-can do it, ho!
Good luck collecting them, ho."

"My shtomach'sh empty. I need some munchiesh.
Sake and munchiesh go to gether like... like... bread and butter."
Unfortunately, never acquired a Dainty Snack. Too bad.

Found one of these.

Her massive luck did not help.

Oh yes.
Belial can be summoned now.

Oh yes.

Well, there's Orochi, all right.

Orochi. (viddler)
The first thing one should do is beat the crap out of that healing Jack Frost. (youtube)


Oh hohoh.

It goes down.

And the item is acquired.

"You have succesfully obtained the Water Prism.
However, there is little time to celebrate. Return to me."

Instead to returning to her, one would do better by returning to VICTOR.

Oh yes.


With Orochi in the tube, it is a good idea to visit a new area, yes.

"You going funny in the head? I can't see a single thing wrong with it."
Well, this IS an alternate world.

"I sure hope no one and nothin out there is plannin' on using that energy.
The karma of humans ain't a pretty thing ta see."

Hooray, alcohol!

"You must undergo a trial of wisdom here.
To awaken the Earth Prism's guardian, you must release the dragon bound by the sacred stones.
To do so, all of the sacred stones must resonate in harmony.
However, their resonances will interfere with one another, making this a difficult task.
Should you wish to obtain the prism, awaken the guardian with this sword."

"In plan English, then, we've gotta use some contraption to activate all the sacred stones.
Suits me. C'mon, Brian, let's show them a Devil Summoner's wisdom."
Yes,b ut not yet.

This is a very easy puzzle.
But first, more exploration.

"The new society is one where the dull and the weak cannot adjust quickly enough to survive...
In the meantime, their supposed betters have become greedier, causing more disputes.
humanity is such folly."

Well, the radio tower is normal here.


"I feel young again!"

Alp, screw you. Got a new healer. Media heals everyone and only costs 6 mp.

Oh yes!

Awesome set of skills.
Let's fuse him!



Oh no.
Dr. Victor.
What happened?

Oh dear.


On the other hand...
Holy shit.

That was a very rare thing.
Even in full moon, there is only a 1/16 chance of a Fusion error happening.
And this one?
Oh yes.
This one is the best.
This is the Legion with Regenerate.

Do you want to know what that means?
That means that I now can get demons with Regenerate.
It is the only way to get the skill.
There are five types of Legions. And this one is the rarest.
I got it in my first and only fusion error.
That is awesome.

Again. Now it would be "Master of Demons".
The next title comes when one gets 900 more loyalty points. It's gonna be a while.

Then after a couple of hours of fusing, capturing, raising loyalty and fusing again...

Oh yes.

"Nice to meet ya."

And then...

Oh yes.
Will have to resummon the Power to get Regenerate again, but who cares right now?
The amount of grinding was worth it.
And his combo attack has the Almighty element, so FUCK YES.

"The reaper will be along for me someday, but I'll trust you to take care of me until then."
Oh yes. Now, when Raidou gets back to his world, the Alice quest will be available.

Gouto is right, so here is a VIDEO, including the boss fight, of it.

The Sacred Stones and Oumitsunu (vidler)
Gouto is funny there.

Well, that woke him up, alright.

"So, thou hast come at the behest of Yatagarasu. If you are of the mind to take this from me...
I fear we must quarrel!
If thou believeth thy cause noble, test its mettle against mine!"


This guy falls to the power of FORCE bullets.

Oh yes. Another jar.

And more magic.

"Take this, for thou hast earned it."

Oh yes. Back to the Shrine.


Bonus! Demon compendium additions.
Including those I did not get, and could be acquired in the near future.

"An evil spirit, made of many demons, born when ghosts suffering the same sort of pain bond together.
The demons possessed a man from Gerasa, and Jesus cured him by casting them into a herd of pigs."

"An extremely beautiful consort of Shiva's in Hindu mythology, she symbolizes many virtues.
She is always by Shiva's side, and plunged the world into darkness by closing his two eyes."

"A giant skeleton monster formed from the souls of humans who died in battle or of hunger.
It walks around at night, making clattering noises. If it spots a human, it will attack."

"Japanese god of the Kunitsu. He is the grandfather of Kushinada-Hime, Susano-o's wife.
Known best as a mountain god, but also a god of water and the fields due to his control over them."

"6th in the hierarchy of angels, residing in the 2nd sphere.
Their task is to protect heave from demons, and oversee the distribution of Power among humans."

Holy shit she is creepy.
"A cow with the face of a human that can speak human languages. It's born from other cows.
It's said to be a terrible omen; it leaves a prophecy certain to come true, then dies."

"A god of esoteric Buddhism, equivalent to Ganesha of Hindu mythology.
It bears benefits such as wisdom, luck, and health, but halfhearted devotion turns them to a curse."

"A fire giant of Norse mythology. Said to live in the flaming land of Muspellheim.
He stays away from the humans and the gods, but during Ragnarok, he will invade the human world."

Can be acquired with regenerate. AND THAT IS AWESOME.
"Norse god of thunder and nature.
His hammer Mjolnir can crush any enemy and return to Thor's hands.
On the day of Ragnarok, he and Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, are fated to kill each other."

"The German name of the hero in the epic poem of the Nibelungenlied.
The blood of the dragon Fafnir made him invincible, but a single leaf on his back resulted in a weak spot."

"A giant snake with eight heads that fell at Susano-o's hands. Its full name is Yamata-no-Orochi.
The sword that came out was the Ame-no-murakumo-no-tsurugi, also known as the Sword of Kusanagi."

"One of the 72 demons invoked by King Solomon. He leads 50 legions of demons as their chief.
Said to appear before his conjurer as two beautiful angels in a chariot of fire."

So, which one of the unsummoned demons should be acquired? (please say Thor or Siegfried they are awesome, or not, your choice)