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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 26

Update 26

Since Oumitsunu has been defeated, the previous Thor-making combination now gives an inferior demon. Not a problem, since there is enough money to resummon Belial. Oh yes.

Isn't it great? Oh yes it is.
I don't think Allure is exactly appropriate for Thor, though. Use Force, maybe would be a better fit.

"'Tis an honor to meet thee..."

Moving on.

"If you really want it, you'll have to make it to my place, first!"

"Figue that was the guardian?
It seems he's waiting for us in this town somewhere.
Stay on guard, Brian."

Ah, bullets.

"Now, as a reward for your bravery... You'll receive eternal rest!"

The giant has no idea who he is dealing with.
Too bad he can't be confined there. Oh well, can't have everything.

Always good to have.

This is to be sold. Yes.

"I'm trying my best to pick up the hip lingo...
Maybe you could do this chick--er... dame a favor and chat me up a little later?"
Awww, isn't that cute?

"'Tis done! I shall make my home there!"

Forgot to screenshot his stats. Damnation.

Oh. Damn. The way is blocked.

"I don't know if this was the prism guardian's plan all along, or just an accident...
But, if we want to get anywhere, we've got to get rid of that streetcar blocking our way.
Got any powerful friends who could help us out here?"

Why, yes. Yoshitsune fits the bill.

Unfortunately, the way is still blocked, since there is a tainted gate that prevents access.

And a lot of Dragon Jaws. Damn.

But once again, Yoshitsune is awesome.

"Now that the uniformed kid is gone... I'll start on you!"

Muspell did not expect Yoshitsune to be this badass.

Damn right.

Susano waits on top of this place. Let's meet him.

Damn Susano. (viddler)
Could have been worse. (youtube)

"Being yount means burning with passion... No room for that sissy business, is there?
You came here cause Yatagarasu told you to? You mean you're burning to get yer hands on this?
I see... Well, I'm burning with the desire to protect it!
I'm no good with words, if you want it, just try to take it!"

notice two things. A) His design is exactly the same used in SMT2 and b)Har, he works with Orochi.
Damn you, Susano.

He goes down.

"All right, take it. You beat me, so it's yours to keep."

All right. THAT'S three prisms.

"You have succeded in obtaining the three prisms. I will show you how to return to your world, as promised.
Return now to me."

"I admire that. You're certainly worthy to be called Raido the 14th."

This one is certainly talkative.

"As I promised, I shall grant you the Amatsu Kanagi and send you back to your proper world.
Relinquish the prisms unto me..."

"The prisms assume their true form as the Amatsu Kanagi."

"Come forward, Raido."

"Accompany this man to the Ushigome-gaeri Bridge.
That is the boundary between our world and the Dark Realm, the most ideal location for the ritual.
Use the Ritual of Soul-Sending, the technique used to send evil spirits back whence they came.

Go forth, Raido, and he of another space and time."

"Do not let go of the Amatsu Kanagi you were given.
This will be the first time I have performed the Ritual of Soul-Sending.
The power stored inside the Amatsu Kanagi will allow you to cross the dimensional rift.
Chant along with me in your mind, and stay alert...
We shall begin..."

The Ritual of Soul-Sending (Viddler)
But, does everything go as planned? (youtube)

Weird chants, eh?
His hat is chipped


Is it working?

Well shit. Someone called the Shadows from Persona 3. That does not bode well.

Raidou has been eaten by the shadows! Nooo!

And... Raido fell. Oh no. Not a good omen.

Well. They are going back. What will they find?

Nebiros and Belial will be happy, that's for sure.