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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 27

Update 27

Oh shit. Was the Kudan's prediction correct?

I don't see no flames. It's kind of empty, though.

"Well, that certainly wasted a lot of valuable time and effort, but at least we're back--
Where is everyone? Why is it so quiet?

This has to be the right place-- the Amatsu Kanagi wouldn't have made a mistake.
Head for the detective agency. Narumi should be able to fill us in."

"Just when I finally get a little furlough, this happens. I'm warning you--don't get on my bad side today."
Martial law? Oh no.

"I wonder what's about to happen. Nothing good, that's for sure."

Now, for something important.

">They've been popping up all over the Capital in the last few years."

Oh no!

"I'd better answer that phone... Nothing good ever came from ignoring a call."

"Voice: Hello? It's me...

Belial: Land sakes, that voice! Oh, my stars and garters...

Voice: Uncle! It's you!
I'm in Hell right now, but I'm thinking about visiting the Capital.
I'm gonna see the ocean as soon as I get there!
I'll call you again soon, Uncle. Bye-bye!"

Okay that was quite creepy. A phonecall from hell that only demons can hear (well, that's how the rumor in the soda shop goes. Not shown here because bleh. Maybe in the next update)

"What's so special about this place? What are the top brass so concerned about?"
Summoning demons. That's what.

"... Aaaaand, Narumi's not here. Where's that sap wandered off to now?
Hey, Brian, what's that on the table?"

"Note: Hey, Raidou,
I'm sure you'll make it back to read this letter.
I thought about your last case, and I shouldn't have put you in such danger.
This thing goes beyond kidnapping; it's a nasty conspiracy that could cause a real shake-up.
Munakata's plans for the Super Soldier Project... The Navy...
It's too big a case for a detective trainee like you.
If you are safely at home reading this, listen to me and drop this case.
As the Chief of the Narumi Detective Agency, it's my job to put an end to this.
Please just wait for me to get back.

"Is Narumi completely ossified!?
He can't take this on by himself!
Oh well. We should at least try to find him, Brian.
Munakata's demons are going to tear that moron apart.
Still, we need some clue to trace his steps.
He mentioned the Navy, didn't he?"
Yes he did. Coincidentally, Harumi-Cho is next in the "places to be visited", that phone call deserves some investigation...

Now, recaps.


"You should show more respect instead of scowling at us."

Buut first, Raidou needs his proper title. Oh yes.

"So, Raidou the 14th, it seems you have grown in strength since we met.
You shall henceforth be known as Raidou the 14th, Master of Demons."
The new title kicks ass.


Oh yes, it is.

Just look at that. Just look.
You know what Curse does?
Whenever the demon is hit, he reflects half the damage to the enemy. It is a nice skill.
It's no Metatron, but it is still awesome.

"Thou hast shown good judgement in choosing me. I shall remember this."

"The reaper will be along for me someday, but I'll trust you to take care of me until then."

And then, making the sword EVEN more powerful.
AND with a very important trait.

Oh yes.
Without this, one could be toast.
Of course, most of the money gained with the grind was lost. It was used to get Belial back.

"Never mind me, what about the civilians? Is the naval headquarters safe?"
Notice this. The Navy guys CARE about the civilians, he asked about them before asking about the headquarters. So far, what has been seen of the Army, they would be opposite, not caring at all about the civilians.

Oh no!

"'tis as if the presence behind the telephone cord is beckoning me...!"

"Nebiros: Greetings...? Who art thou?

Voice: It's me!

Nebiros: Ah! Couldst thou be...!
'Tis me, fair maiden... thine Uncle Black! Dost thou not recognize me?

Voice: Thanks for answering the phone, Uncle!
The ocean was soooo pretty. I'm going shopping in the city now!
I wonder if they have any good clothes here...
I'll gall again later! Bye-bye!"

Well, what does that mean?

To Ginza! Yes.

And video.
The third phonecall is answered. (viddler)
And guess who is there? Why, it's Alice! (youtube)

That must be a bit crowded.

By cracky?

I don't like the sound of that.

Well, would you look at that.
Well. At least with the proper preparations, this shouldn't be too hard.

And to be properly prepared is to have THIS skill. Oh yes.

It is beautiful.

But... They just met her again!

"Once we're done with this dadgum case, we're gonna settle down somewhere nice'n quiet."

"At any moment, they may venture to th' depths of Hades and lay claim to our property."

Aaaand that is a reference to SMT1. Yes it is.

And there it is.
All that grinding for a level 32 demon? What a ripoff!

"I want candy, mister. Can you take me out for dessert?"

And that's it for now. This took longer than expected.

Bonus! Compendium additions!

"A ghost who appears as a young blonde girl. She seems young, but her magic powers are formidable.
Some say she is the ghost of a poor English girl who died an unfortunate death."

"The twin brother of Metatron from Judeo-Christian lore. He is the master of heavenly songs.
He is incredibly tall; it's said to take 500 years for a himan to walk the length of his body."
Wheeee. Wikilink