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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 28

Update 28

Oh Nebiros cheese, is there any better way to level up in this game? I think not!

Unfortunately, Alice does not become a death machine in this game. Oh well.
Could be worse. But it's not good enough.

"Raidou the 14th, Devil Summoner of Kuznoha, is something amiss?
So, Raidou the 14th, it seems you have grown in strength since we met.
You shall henceforth be known as Raidou the 14th, Morning Star."
Oh hell yes, how awesome is that?

Oh hohohoh. Good skills.

"Thou hast shown good judgement in choosing me. I shall remember this."

And with that new minion, let's chek out the next couple of floors in the Training Hall. Everything up to floor 8 has been unlocked. 9 will have to wait a moment.

The best thing, as usual, is the incense.
The Soma Drop is respectable too.

In the seventh floor...

"If thou art in the southwest when the light above is concealed, thou mayhap stumble across it..."
Jesus fuckdamnit, cow thing. Stop being creepy.

More fusion before the Trial.

"Eh!? I was wondering what kind of summoner called me out here...
You're a dadgum greenhorn! These specs of mine are older than you! I don't know about this..."

And then back to the Seventh floor.

"Human... A human jumped in...
Foolish human... Challenge us...
Struggle... Struggle and die and entertain us!"

Would you just look at this. This is bad news. Even if one is prepared, these guys can be VERY dangerous. The main problem here is that there are Utai-Gaikotsus. Those guys can inflict Stone. If that hits Raidou, it can be game over in 2 hits. Not good. Nekomatas are also annoying, with their god damn charm.
If Raidou is Stoned, and the demon (in this case Belial for the awesome Astral Blast) is charmed, you can just hit reset because you are going to lose.
Not fun.

Nues? Well, they are easy as pie.

And once again, shit experience. Whatever.

Two down. Oh yes.

Incense makes it all better.

Why getting rid of Thor?
Well, that's easily answered.

Because of this.

Lilith is going to be oh so very useful.

"It's just so nice to meet you, Raidou dear."

And since those issues have been sorted out, it is time to go back to Harumi-Cho.That Narumi is not going to find himself, you know?

"But... What was that thing? The Special Guard in the red uniform?"

Oh, shit.
Too late.

"So... Those monsters finally started attacking people...
They're pretty hard-boiled if even trained soldiers can't take 'em down.
We should look for any survivors, to gather information."


Damn right he is.

"We assumed you'd fallen vivtim to Munakata, and gave up hope.
It's... A relief to see you again.

You want to know what happened? Heh, join the club.
Those Special Guard soldiers ambushed us after we lost contact with you.
They're... Inhuman--a swarm of the dead who attack no matter how many slugs you put into 'em.

We had no choice but to abandon the naval base, and we left this area in order to protect the Admiral.
I was concerned, so I returned here, but...
Why have you come here? Have you seen Mr. Narumi?

You haven't, then.

I saw him a few days ago, and eh was in an awful state over what he assumed Munakata had done.
We all assumed the worst, see. He had plans to follow Munakata from Waden One to the underground facility.
But now you're here, and we're all worried about Mr. Narumi."

"That blockhead went to settle things on his own.
He may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but we can't just abandon him, Brian.
But, before we can save his bacon, we need to figure out where he's at.
We might have missed some clues back at the detective agency."
Gouto is right, first Narumi must be located. It is important.

"The phone booth at Cannon Battery #4 is useless now. After you snuck in, Munakata disabled it."

"The facility was designed symmetrically from right to left, so...
There should be another way in somewhere.
Unfortunately, I don't have any information for you other than that.
If we knew someone on the inside of their operations, maybe... But, who?"

"I've been wondering about him...
Is Narumi his real name?
It's just that I knew someone in the Army once who looked very similar.
I must be mistaken, though. The man I knew couldn't be alive today."

"I know this sounds unusual, coming from me, but...
I hope Mr. Narumi is safe."

"S-Stop Munakata... Please... Y-You must stop... Munakat.."

Well, damn.

Back to the Office (viddler)
There was someone waiting there. (Youtube)

Wait, what?
Someone is sitting in Narumi's chair! And does not wear Narumi's hat!
Ot has Narumi's hair, for that matter.

Oh. Shit.

"But it's not everyday a man returns from a dimensional rift. Da?
You can relax--I no longer have any reason to attack you.

Why, you ask?
Because my job here is done.
I was hired as a bodyguard until the Super Soldier Project was underway. Munakata has no further use for me.

With Kaya, that swarm of the dead, and his Soulless God...
No one can stop him now.

Oh, the Soulless God?
I suppose there is no harm in telling you. My contract is up.
Look out the window."

Oh. NO.


"It's able to supply an infinite amount of energy using the properties of EL 200.
The energy from the satellite will be sent back to the radio towers set up around the Capital.
It's with that energy that Munakata will summon the Soulless God. Once that happens, the Capital is through.
If you really want to protect the Capital, there's not much time left."

"This smells fishy, Brian... Why's he telling us all of this?
How do we know his contract is actually up? How do we know there ever was a contract!?"

"It's your choice, whether you believe me or not.
But, you need to realize that if you do nothing, the Capital will be destroyed--no question.

You might just be the only one who can stop this.
To be honest, I was also entrusted with a specific duty.
I gave it up, though.
In the end, it wasn't something my pride would allow me to do.
The more I saw of Munakata's plan, the less I wanted to be involved.
I've realized a number of things since arriving here...
The foremost of which being that I need to think and act for myself. That's the best way.
It's the most human way to behave, don't you think so?

And that is my story. Decide for yourself where to go from here.
I will say that if you plan on going after Munakata, you might pay his subterranean facility another visit.
You should be able to get in using these two orbs."

"Figure how to use them yourself.
Using them right should open up the secret passage north of Kasumidai for you.
Shouldn't be difficult for you to sneak in unnoticed from there.
It's up to you, tsovarich. I'll enjoy watching the show.
Raidou versus Munakata... Who will decide the future of the Capital, and all of Japan?"

Well. Time to see if he was telling the truth

"That bearded foreigner's mug... He wasn't your average law-abiding citizen, that's for sure."

Well, here it is.

"Is this the spot Rasputin mentioned?
Let's check it out, Brian."