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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 29

Update 29

"Two fish within the earth have lost their pearls of blue and red.
When the pearls shine once more, two great men shall applaud the revival from their pedestals.
The wayward fish shall swim the seas once more, taking the future with their fangs and eyes."
So, yes. Resident Evil emblem puzzle. Fortunately, the emblems don't require a fetch quest since they were provided by Rasputin. Hooray."

There. Victory!

Or not...

"Dammit... These stupid machines.
Hey, Brian, can't you do something about it?
We're so close... I don't care if you have to force it, just finish the job."

That's what the Shouten is for.

"Okay, so the statues are in place. We've got more to do, though.
We're detectives, not movers. We've still got tofind a way into the Subterranean Shipbuilding Facility.
Which means, there should be another piece of junk to fool with somewhere.
Let's look around, Brian."

Well, that was it. Good thing Raidou has demons on his side, eh? Gouto is clearly not heavy enough to activate the platform.

Hooray! Access!

"Must have been a secret shipping route. Pretty impressive.
Well, at least we discovered something new.
Plus, we're finally on Munakata's trail. He's been a tough nut to crack.
Stay sharp, Brian."

Now, this place. Demons are getting very, very strong in this dungeon.
Remember how Susano-O was a damned boss?
Well, now he is a regular enemy. That's both good and bad. He can be recruited, but random battles are much more dangerous now.

"Seriously, they're the best!"
[b]Lots of these guys around here.

"It's impossible for you! Give it up!"

Ah, bullets.

"I bet that cargo load below us would make a good landing zone if we wanted to jump off.
From there we could jump off to the left or right.
Pretty slick, if I say so myself."

Well, it's what's needed to do.

Saves me the effort of fusing him and rebuying the demons used. Just look at that Strength.


Yup. The Yomi-Kugutsu spawn constantly around here. With Incubi.
While the Super Soldiers are not summonable, there is absolutely nothing preventing you from getting an Incubus.

"Nice to meet you, Blessed!"

This dungeon's gimmick is clearly the jumping sections. Could be worse.

Konnou Ya will buy it at a High Price.


"He retired because some kid destroyed the wall?
How careless! Did he get trapped between the walls?"

Oh hey it is Arahabaki!

Let's bother Arahabaki!

"That I wake up at this very moment must be fate.
I am Arahabaki!
You must be Karasu's man.
One of the Devil Summoner line... Your kind has vanquished the enemies of Amatsu since ages past.
Which means... you're here to defend the Captial once again.
You'll have to pass by me first!"

Arahabaki is awesome (viddler)
The textures look better, but it's kind of small, isn't it? (youtube)

Arahabaki is awesome. Will have to get me one of it.

"Your demon can pass first with no harm done. But, Munakata is on the other side...
In the end, you've got to face him yourself, Brian.
We've got to remove this wall somehow.
Got any ideas, Brian?"

This is the most sensible option.

"Now, there's an idea.
Just like when we got rid of the regenerating wall. I shoulad seen it myself.
Great work, Brian. Let's go follow up on that.
Let's ask the Ippon-Datara we passed to remove the wall.
One of them has to be able to remove this wall for us."

"Maybe my buddy... My buddy can.
He may be retired, but he'sstill attached to the wall. It's so obvious."

"Some kid destroyed my best wall.
I don't wanna do it anymore, you idiot.

I see! Build a wall, is it?
Dangerous little wall? Smash something? Crush something?
Human pancake! I want butter! I want syrup!"

"Sorry to break up your routine, but...
We're looking for you to do the opposite this time. Destroy a wall, rather than build one."

"You lost to the wall! You ARE creampuffs!
Cream puff kid! Your whole family are creampuffs!
Friends, best friends, girlfriend, cat, they are all cream puffs!"

"So we're cream puffs, whatever. Can you do it?
You can... handle it, can't you?
Gosh, Brian, maybe we were wrong. Maybe he can't hack it."

"There's not a wall I can't destroy! Just take me there!"

I thought you were tough, but you're just an ordinary boy!

And the Wall is gone.

"Walls ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuule!"

"That crazy demon is finally out of the way. Let's hurry on."

Vitality was getting a bit behind. Not a problem, though.

Hey look who is there!

Well, since Raidou has a lot of demonic minions with recuperative powers, it's not such a surprise. Now, that Narumi managed to get there even if he is a normal human, and not be completely torn to shreds (seriously, even if the Susanos and such do not affect him, he would have to fight the Yomi-Kugutsu, those ARE physical beings), that just shows that he must be some sort of awesome badass.

"... I see. You had a rough time of it, then. But, why are you here?
You saw my note; I told you to wait back at the office!
This is no place for kids. You should go back home.
Don't worry, I'll stop the Super Soldier Project, and Munakata.

Don't think I can do it?

... Raidou, I used to be in the military back in my younger days.
I first heard about the Major General way back then.

Super laser... Super tank... He designed the Super Military Project as a way to strengthen Japan.
But, nobody really took him that seriously.
Munakata was treated as a fool--a dreamer--and he disappeared.

But, he never suggested we start harming civilians.
That same man is back with a new Super Military Project, and this time he's dragging innocents into it.
I don't know what changes him, but... I can't just ignore it.
Killing civilians in the name of your country? It's insane.
I'll do what I have to... Even if it means going down along with him.
So just leave this to me, Raidou. Take care of things at the office, okay?
Answering for the past is an adults-only job.
It's you kids who have to worry about the future.

What, you're just going to play with your cat? Do you understand or don't you?"

"Yeah, I figured you'd say that.
I guess your lineage does kind of make this your problem, doesn't it, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th?

Yeah, I get it, I get it. Let's go stop Munakata together.

You can be pushy, you know that?
Now, let's get to stopping Munakata. The Capial's counting on us, even if they don't know it."

Well, there's the man.

NEXT: Munakata!