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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 30

Update 30:

Narumi and Raidou are together in this. It is time to confront the Major General.
Munakata waits for them.
And more than they expected.

Munakata refuses to see them in the face. What's his problem?

"You've always loved our nation, but you would never have hurt innocent people!
Why now? What are you trying to accomplish?"

"This is vengeance as old as time.
The slames of the Amatsu all must die."


"I said, the people living in the Capital are of no importance to me.
That is our desire...
Fueled by the voices of our fallen comrades, drenched in blood and disgrace...
That is why we must annihilate all you foolish humans!"

"The only foolish human here is you, Munakata. You're out of your gourd."

Foolish, am I?"

He faces them at last.

Wait what. That's not right.

*gasp* he lost his hat!

MEGATEN wiki link. This version is VERY different its SMT2 appearance.

So Munakata was just a vehicle for Sukuna-Hikona.

Oh no.

(seriously, watch the video. I may hae rushed through the dialog, but only because this part is worth watching)

There is the ship. The ship that was built underground, piloted by the Yomi-Kugutsu. What is Munakata planning to do with it?

After the signal, the Hiruko on the Radio Tower fly away. The Radio Tower was not their destination.

The Ship is.

How the hell? What?
I do not comprehend.

Tai-Itsu sends the power to the ship. What is that supposed to achieve?


That looks an awful lot like a hand, doesn't it?

No, seriously. What?
That's... What Munakata intended?

Oh yes.
That is it.
That's the Soulless God.

The Soulless God fulfills the Kudan's prophetic warning. Fuck.

"They will al die, reflecting in agony upon their sins!"

"Who cares? Something that happened thousands of years ago has nothing to do with us now!"

"You are their descendants.
Simply being born is a sin!"

Narumi is clearly opposed to the whole "Sins of the Fathers" deal.

"You know nothing of we who were oppressed!
A shame you will die before the Capital falls!"

And so, another boss fight begins.

As Feinne said, it is REALLY frustrating. (viddler)
Why? Well, the damn thing can and WILL seal the demons. Seal for the entire fight. If you are not careful, it will seal all your demons. That is a BAD thing. (youtube)

Uh huh.

Sure you will.

When it summons the Hiruko, it is normally a sign that he will freaking seal your demons. Beware.

Eventually, it falls.

This is different from the video, because the video had to be recaptured.

And then, the hateful little thing died. Unfortunately, the actions had been done already. The city is in flames, and the Soulless God has been activated.
That is bad.

"How could this happen? He always thought about what was best for the country.
And, the demon used that desire against him...
It's depressing.
Raidou, remember how I told you I was in the military?
I was part of the Imperial Army, same as Munakata.
But, before long, I learned too much.
I saw ideologies and activities in our nation which went beyond human understanding.
There, it seemed like one person was so insignificant...
Everything started to feel pointless. My life there, the military itself...
But, I was wrong. Everyone needs to do what they can--really push their personal limits.
That's how I felt watching you, Raidou."

Then, the earth shook. An earthquake.

"Think that's the monster out there!?
Let's check it out!"

Dead, and not dead as a human being. Died being nothing more than a puppet for a hateful little god.

Narumi has the right idea.

And they watched the Soulless God. (viddler)
Well, they are fucked. (youtube)