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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 31

Update 31

I must say that this chapter title is awesome.

"Munakata--er, Sukuna-hikona said they were going to annihilate the Capital.
At this rate, he's going to be right on the money.
But, that thing looks pretty hard-boiled.
How are we going to stop it, Raidou?"

"It seems like a lot of our cases lately have tied into this Soulless God somehow.
If we really knuckle-down and think about this, maybe we can figure it out.
Three heads are better than two; get Narumi involved."

"Red Cape, hih? Looking back, they must have it planned out all along.
Think about the victims: Kiyoshi Daidouuji, DenpachiIida, etcetera.
They all felt very strongly about something, but didn't know what to do about it.
There has to be something we're missing. Anything come to mind?"

"The Hiruko are born in ordinary people, right? They used those things to create the Soulless God.
I heard the Waden One tower gave off radio waves, which dre the Hiruko out of affected individuals.
If we'd known about that sooner, we could have stopped it all by sabotaging the radio towers.
But, too little too late, eh?"

"Sukuna-hikona was that demon who took control of Munakata.
Nobody is going to believe a high ranking officer was really a demon.
But, at least we know the truth, I suppose.
There has to be some kind of clue... Something he's done...
Some way to stop the Soulless God!"

"The Tai-itsu satellite...
If we believe whAt Rasputin said, that's gotta be the key.
They launched it in order to supply energy to the Soulless God.
I have no idea how it all works, but... It could be our solution.
If we can blow that satellite up, the monster won't have any power.

Only problem is, HOW are we supposed to destroy something so high up?"

"Defeat that thing!?
Uh, Raidou? Anybody home?
That isn't possible, not even for a Devil Summoner.

You saw what it did earlier!
It's absolutely out of our league.
There's gotta be some other way we can stop it.

"Well, that's the obvious solution, flyboy, but we don't have the means to pull it off.
Airplanes dont' exactly grow on trees around here.

Hold the phone! Hey, Raidou!
Didn't you meet some guy who was into flying and such?
Think you could pay him a visit?
Ask if he would like to help us destroy the satellite.
I'll do some sniffing around while you're busy with that."

"We can't let them destroy the Capital. Let's go!"

And since that is over, it is RECAP time.

Well, that is surely a huge robot.

The Soulless God will be doing that from time to time. It ain't a good thing.

Before advancing, it is time to get ANOTHER demon. The demons that have been acquired are pretty much all endgame demons, and really, the last thing that is needed right now is the LAST secret one, which will be acquired near the end.
Yes. That's right.
But for now, let's get this one.

I hadn't noticed, but Arahabaki has stone boobs.
And Astral Burst is just the best thing ever, so that's it. Its Physical weakness is very bad, but hey, it nulls pretty much everything else. Phys Resist should be useful.

Petra is VERY bad news if the demon gets charmed or confused, though. Very very bad news.

"Does something smell?
My... My head is on FIRE!"

And then>

This is decidedly less awesome, but pretty damn decent, still.

"'tis an honor to meet thee..."

Victor keeps being awesome. That's all.

"What's the Army doing? Are things going to be okay if we leave it to the Navy?"

Well, there's no rush or anything. The monster is not going to go away, so, I don't see any problem caused by spending some time in the Training Hall.
No problem at all.

Oh how I like these things.

More things to be sold.

Oh no! ANOTHER one!

"Foolish human... Challenge us...
Struggle... Struggle and die and entertain us!"

Oh, this is just kind of sad.
Believe it or not, the worst things that can happen are these: A) You get hit by the Obariyon's combo (since they are high level Obariyons, they do A LOT of damage), B)Arahabaki gets confused, stones you and kills you.
It is rather easy to get the Astral Burst in this one, since Ikusa is weak against Electricity, and Gashadokuro is weak against fire.
This is an easy battle, much less annoying than the one with the Utai-Gaikotsus and Nekomatas.

That's 3 out of 3.
The time is near.

Notice the red tint.

"We were drinking our troubles away, because of the martial law...
We got so drunk that we... Erm... Took a leak together.
When that huge quake struck, he wasn't standing up too straight, and he fell and hit his head...

W-we were supposed to go into business together!"

Damn Soulless God, interfering with the affairs of honest merchants!

"The impact of the blast has leveled Harumi-Cho!"
Uh. No, it hasn't.

"There was no property damage, but some people have died of heatstroke...
Have you see n the tragedy at the shipyards?
Some unfortunate people dived into the ocean, desperate to escape the heat."

Sadakichi is being somewhat useless. Let's go and improve the sword once more.

Oh yes. Look at that HP increase. That's quite nice.

There it is. The Soulless God. Can't do anything about it at the moment, which is unfortunate.

Time to go to Fukagawa-Cho, to see how is the good Dr. But first!

Well, damn. The Yomi-Kugutsu fell. What?

"I'm going to report this! He's facing a court-martial!"

"Don't worry about Senju. I'll protect this place, no matter what!"
Well, damn, he can beat a goddamn undead supersoldier with a single punch. What?

"A new Capital shall arise from the flames of the old...
The indomitabl hearts of the people shall carve a new destiny."
Why is the Kudan's prediction positive this time?

"Raidou the 14th, Devil Summoner of Kuzunoha, is something amiss?
So, Raidou the 14th, it seems you have grown in strength since we met.
You shall henceforth be known as Raidou the 14th, Demons's Terror."
I kind of preferred "Morning Star" myself, but eh, whatever.

Well, that detour is done. Time to go and see the Dr.

"You saw that giant robot tearing the Capital apart, didn't you?
Our city's going to be rubble in no time at all.
So! I'm going to hit that ugly mug with my rocket and smash it to smithereens!
So get a move on! You're in my way!"

"Interesting idea, but would a rocket be enough to take that colossus down?
Wouldn-t the rocket be put to better use destroying the satellite?
See what he thinks, Brian."

"What!? The satellite is siphoning power into that monster?
And you want to use my rocket to destroy the satellite.
That's inconceivable!
Hitting a satellite that's floating in space with an unmanned rocket!?
It's not even possible!
Without knowing precise data--the satellite's orbit, speec, etcetera-- it can't be done!
Besides, even if we COULD hit it, there's no guarantee it would be destroyed!"

"Looks like we only got one shot at this, Brian.
We have to find a away to get the data he wants.
And we have to do it before this sap wastes the rocket on the Soulless God itself.
Who do you think might have an inside link to the Army?"

Well, there's two individuals capable of providing that data. And one is missing...

That leaves only one, Sadakichi.

"So, that's what Munakata was trying to achieve.
Is the Capital really done for? There's no way to stop that thing?

What? A satellite, huh?
I don't know how much this will help, but I can give you the information I collected for the Navy."

"Those are all the files we confiscated in our investigation.
Including a detailed report on the Tai-itsu satellite.
A little bit above my head, though, to be honest.
I am going to go ahead and say we're counting on you with this one, Raidou.
You have to protect the Capital from that Soulless God."

Well, time to go back. We got the data.

"Huh? What's this?"

"It shows the blueprint power source, mass, output capacity... This has everything about it!
Hrm... Tsiolkovski's Equation...
I heard a rumor that a Russian scientist developed a rocket theory.
Does this mean they used his research to launch the satellite?
Assuming so, I could use this equation to launch my own rocket into space, but...
Wouldn't you know, it's written in Russian! I can't read a word of it!

Even if I had a way to read the equation, the data indicates that the satellite is heavily armored.
I am certain my rocket wouldn't be able to destroy it, anyway.
It seems our luck's run out."

"The rocket might not destroy the satellite, but it'd get us close enough to do the job.
We could destroy the satellite ourselves, as long as we had a way to reach it, right?
First things first, though--do we know any Russians?
Or at least someone who knows how to read Russian?
What about that Victor guy?
He's from another country, right? He might know Russian."
But why not RASPUTIN?

"Oh, you still want the equation? Are you going to find someone who can read it?
I suppose it's better than just giving up.
All right, here you go. But, be quick about it!
No use stopping that monster if it's already burned down the Capital!"
Well, it's time to pay a visit to Victor.

NEXT: Rasputin comes back!