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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 35

Update 35

Welcome to the Corridor. A place beyond time. A place BETWEEN time.
In this place, Raidou will have to travel through the twentieth and twenty first centuries. It is rather weird.

"You're supposed to transcribe yourself prior, you know? Unless you want to get unstuck in time...."

There are twi kinds of spirits in this place, and Demons. The Spirits are either lost souls, individuals that got displaced (and make references to things), or Time Tourists. They are from the far future.

"Us, time tourists, who come here volitional to vid the sights... and those lost souls, who haven't even sassed where they are."
And their lingo is suspiciously similar to the one used in A Clockwork Orange.

The blue sphere rift thing needs to be destroyed, since it prevents advancement.

World war 2?

"Tis said it presides over memories, and createth warps in space and time.
None ken its true name, nor the logic by which 'twas constructed.
A strance contraption indeed. 'Twould be best if thou went hence from here."

"White hot flames of war.. Mountains of corpses...
A billowing mushroom cloud...."

And then, one must destroy it.

These things make Raidou experience the battles of the past again.
They are as easy or hard as they were, but with a gazillion more health points.

Destroying the hourglass destroys the rifts. Destroying the machines allows Raidou to advance.

"Good thing for me, those things are lost in the space-time continuum.
I don't have to straighten up for guests since quantum uncertainties make it all invisible anyway.
It's hard to remember, since I can still see them, but it saves on the cleaning bills."

Well, time to use Inspect.

"I see, I see. Maybe I should go have a look-see."

"You can't hitch your body for two gold reasons:
One is to keep the tourist safe, and the other is to ice any roughage of official history."
In the far future, time travel is possible. But they had to take preventions. Did they work?

"Remember that we are not descended from fearful men...
Not men who feared to write... speak... to defend causes... unpopular..."
I don't get this reference.

"You're voxing with my psyche right now. Scrugs that we couldn't meet one-to-one."

All these antiques being here together makes a bit of sense, doesn't it?

"Or perhaps you'd like my herbal tea that will cure you of hunger forevermore?
I may seem to be in the prime of my youth, but I am actually over 300 years of age."

"My good sir, allow me to introduce myself: people call me the Count of St. Germain.
Well then, my work in this time period is accomplished; what era shall I enrich next?
Well met, my good sir Brian Blessed! I pray we meet again someday."

"No memory... Who is this 'Shadow Shogun' you're referring to?"
Again, beats me.

"Frenzied shoppers after toilet paper... A mountain retreat... Planes filled with red..."

The Red Cape is pathetically easy now.


"Soldiers in the jungle... A man shot while waving... Bootprints left in gray soil..."
Platoon reference?

Hey, look! It's Rasputin!

"One giant leap... mankind!"
Obvious reference.

"They'd vox really long strings like 'Tohokami-blah-blah-blah.'
Pretty turvy, isn't it?"

"Got an urge for the wayback?"
There are a couple of guys like this. They can transport one to the entrance of the Ankara Corridor. Useful.

... what?

"Secur... production quotas be... I'll cruise down... autobahn in an American...!"

Huh. Change in the decor.

"The ambassador has launched the ICBMs! In under 30 seconds Tokyo will be... HERE IT COMES!"
Well, fuck. Thor is present. He got the idea from here. God damn it.
And yes. This is the SMT1 world.

Splitting the update here.

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