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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 36

Update 36

Time to visit the 90's.

Useful, a save spot and some treasure. Let's see.

Oh yeah, and Sandalphon is a regular enemy here. Would be useful if I hadn't already fused one.

The last 3 treasures are hidden behind a Tainted Gate. They aren't randomized.

Lilith is also a regular enemy. Annoying, since she nulls all phys attacks.

"All the afterjuju of the Great Flood is still around, so it's bad lotto."

"There are a lot more whippersnappers nowadays who don't know how to respect their elders.
They try to act big when they come here, but they can't fool a sharp buzzard like me.
Young guys like that have just one thing on their minds: Some good old-fashioned lovin'."
That means, to advance, one must have a demon with Allure.

"Ikusa: Give us items, sawbucks, whatever bribe you want, but we ain't movin'.


"Ikusa: Wow, yeah... This is the stuff!
Oni: It's been building up lately, too.
Ikusa: Amen to that, I haven't gotten any satisfaction in forever."

"That one had a glare that could curdle milk. So much for sugar and spice and everything nice, eh?"

"I ain't movin', so if you want to check it out yourself, be my guest."

"What are you voxing? Taisho only lasted for 15 years. Didn't you vid your history holos?
Aaaah, I grok you. Now I catch it."

"The men upstairs won't brook any history that doesn't sync with canon.
So they slid an operative down the Akarana Corridor to retcon it."

"The teep's been off the grid, though, ever since he last voxed with them from some church...
Off-the-record history, huh? That's not something you vid routine."

There's the next Hourglass.

"A village in ruins... A city of death... Three young warriors struggling for survival..."

Well, crap, my least favorite pair of twin bosses.


"The teep's black science was tight. Learned the ways of the devil something-or-other.
I don't know what I'd do in the wayback, but that seems kinda turvy to me."
Hm. Using one's ancestors as anchor points?

"We owe a lot to that schoolboy with the gadget on his arm, who defeated all the gods and demons..."
Well, but in the end, the Mesia church gained the upper hand, and fucked up the balance. Shame, really.

Another one of those teleport guys. Useful.

"If you take the wrong paths, you'll never advance.
I know which one is right, tee hee.
Mindread: The correct path is left, right, right, but that'll be my little secret."

Raidou can't do it.
So, it is time to send Alice into a Solo mission!

And it's open now.

"The all-emcompassing ocean... An underwater city... A cathedral floating on the water..."

Hitokotonusi is very effective against himself. Drains Force, and the combination attack allows Raidou to drain Force himself. Easy as pie.

"The Great Cataclysm of 30 years past is a test of faith from our God."

Yup, Demons only teleporter.

Sells for over 50k. Pretty damn good.

"Why can't I get any further?
HEY, sorry about all that. I get kinda hotheaded. I heard a tip on how to get past here, but it ain't going so hot.
Oh, the hint? It's 'left, left, right.'"

"Am I such a simpleton that I cannot comprehend such base matters as these?
Ignite I am in your debt. Thous hast filled my heart with gladness.
Forthrightly, I have learnt a hing to proceed, but I have yet met with no success.
'Work together. Let your friend go last.' What devilry is that?"
It is easy: Do the first steps together, then send the other one to the last one. Then the path will be open.

What is beyond that teleporter? Well, that'll be shown in the next update.