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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 38

Update 38

It's the end of the line. Yes. It is time to finish this once and for all.

"Face the final enemy?"
Why, yes. It's time to face the adversary. The one who made all the events happen.

Meeting up in the future. (viddler)
This is as far as one can go.(youtube)

Damn, she has a sword.

"But, because of you, no one will ever see the new future I dreamt of...
Are you satisfied, judging right and wrong with you own eyes, blinded from the truth!?

What you've done will result in a future ruled by vile fanatics...
Society under total control...
'Freedom' as seen from within a cage!

Should they be the oens to shape the course of history!?
No, I wish for a world created by my own hands--my own power!
But, none of this makes any difference now, Raidou the 14th.
You've managed to preserve Taisho 20 with minimal change."

Oh dear.

Anger is a powerful emotion. And clearly, the presence within Kaya has a lot of that.

And so, a surprisingly EASY battle starts.

Because you see, this is a future Raidou Kuzunoha.
One that was a Mesian Templar in the SMT2 world. One REBEL Mesian Templar.
It is also the cause of the events in the other Devil Summoner games, apparently.
Also, if what the Megaten Wiki is right, he MANAGED to change history, since there is someone from Devil Summoner hanging around in Persona 2...

The battle is easy. Especially when compared to what one had to go through to get Beelzebub. Whack Kaya twice, then block.
That's it.

You see, the future Raidou had only the best of intentions. If his actions were not impeded by Mr. 14th here, he would have been able to somehow prevent Ambassador Thorman from causing Wolrd War 3, and destroying the world. It would have prevented the events that caused the Mesians to gain power and create the city of Milenium. It would have prevented so many things.
Or did it?

Well. Crap.

The Soulless God. First form. (viddler)
Well, making a soulless divinity, when you are nothing more than a bodyless soul, seems logical if you want massive amounts of power, right? (youtube)

Well, making huge battleships appear from thin air is pretty impressive, I must say.

Holy shit! It's the great and powerful Oz!

And instead of making an eternal battle of attrition that it would eventually win, FutureRaidou decides to get near. That is VERY dumb.

Very, very dumb.
But it ain't over yet.

Remember, the Soulless God is far more than just a battleship. (viddler)
It is a god damn transformer. (youtube)

Yup. huge robot. At least it is appropriate in this time period, I suppose.

One must first destroy the arms. It is much weaker than it appeared, since now instead of having a whole city to get emotional power from, it only has one soul. Sure. It is an exceedingly powerful soul, but it is only one.
And Raidou has the power of JUSTICE and PRESERVING HISTORY (even if the future rulers tried to change it as well, and failed) on his side.
And Beelzebub.
And Belial.

Eventually, its arm falls off.

And the other.
And it is here where it gets creepy.

It decides to use the "Resident Evil Boss Fight Manual" and it became a mutated monstrosity. Goddamn Hiruko.

It appears to be weak against Bufu skills. That allows Raidou and Beelzebub to make ALL OUT ATTACKS. Well, combination attacks.
That just happens to be Astral Burst.
Even if it does only about... 600ish damage? It resists it. But it is useless to resist it.

What a rip off. Beelzebub gave more experience.

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