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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 4

Update 4:

Oh hell yes, money! Money is clearly of great importance. It allows you to buy things. And things are obviously useful, yes indeed. This time we’ll meet two important characters that require the use of MONEY.

Time to go out, I guess.

Welcome to Tsukudo-Cho.

"I guess he means us... Who is that guy?"

This guy.

"Detective Kazama... I should've known. If he is involved, you can bet something is about to go wrong."

"Look, I'm on a stakeout, okay? I'm busy! I knew he'd slip up sooner or later, but actually kinap--"

Uh. What? Who is he talking about?

"Do I even have to point out that he is hiding something? I don't mean to imply that he's a dishonest cop, but if the shoe fits... You think we should teach this piker a lesson, Brian? Devil Summoner style, of course."
And that is exactly what shall happen.

Now, this is a fun part. Using demons to influence people and give you more information. Currently, the fourteenth Raidou Kuzunoha has but 1 demon, but that demon has the ability needed to do this task.
First, one needs to summon it outside.

And then, use IGNITE!

"Why are they forcing me to stake out Narumi? This is all our informant's fault! We already have witnesses placing him at Ushigomi-gaeri bridge the moment that girl dissapeared! What else do we need? Just handcuff the guy and put him away for good!"

"Even if he is just beating his gums, is that something a cop should say? At any rate, Brian, you think this missing girl of his is the one we met last night? Maybe we should show him what you found at the bridge."

He is clearly wrong.

"Well, that's that. At least we know our client is the same missing girl. Brian, we should probably head over to the Daidouji Residence. Her family should be a lot more helpful than this sap."

Let's see what else is around here.

"If he says he'll do something, he'll do it, but you better believe him if he says he's giving up too."
Doesn't sound like a reliable guy.

Lately I've been getting tired so easily... I'm rather thin as well.
Let's ignite her!

"You are so skinny, so start eating these, and don't stop until you are sumo wrestling material!"

Well, that's... Weird.

"'Gouma Den! Gouma Den!' he said. Look how happy he is! What's 'Gouma Den' though? Do you know, mister?"

Chakra chips! Those are items that allow you to recover magic. Convenient, eh?

Konnou Ya! The store. This is an important place, not only because of the store. THERE ARE MORE THINGS HERE.

"Say, you are the new guy from the Narumi Detective Agency, well, NO WINDOW SHOPPING!"

Just look at all those options.

but everything is so damn expensive.

"You know the saying, 'Time is money?' It means that I don't have time to stand here talking."
He is rude. But don't worry, he'll eventually soften up. And give more stuff. And maybe a discount, eventually. But god damn, things are expensive.

Isn't that what the baby was saying? Let's check it out.

Home of the most awesome character.

Home of the most awesome character.

"Demon Fusion is a forbidden science, using medieval alchemy together with modern technology. If you want to witnesst the power of my work yourself, bring your demons here anytime. The Gouma Den is open to all who control demons. Come again!"
The Gouma Den works as both the Healing Fountain and the Cathedral of Shadows from Nocturne, with a far more awesome host. We'll be seeing more of Victor later. Right now, only one demon has been confined.

Two demons, now.

Wikipedia posted:

An alp is a nightmare creature originating from Teutonic or German folklore.

Not to be mistaken with the similarly named Alp Luachra, the alp is sometimes likened to a vampire, but its behavior is more like that of the incubus. The word "alp" is also a variation on the word "elf", and it also is known by the following names: trud, mare, mart, mahr, Schrat, and Walrider. Many other variations exist in surrounding European areas.

An alp is typically male, while mara and mart appear to be more feminine versions of the same creature. Its victims are often female, and it usually attacks during the nighttime, controlling dreams and creating horrible nightmares. An alp attack is referred to as an alpdrücken, as "pressing" is a favorite night torment of the alp. The alp "sits upon" a sleeper's chest and becomes heavier until the crushing weight awakens the terrified (and breathless) dreamer. They may awake terrified and unable to move under the alp's weight. This may have been an early explanation for sleep apnea and sleep paralysis, as well as night terrors. It may also include lucid dreams. An alp will repeat these sessions until it is repelled sufficiently, for it is quite persistent and determined once it selects its victim, and have been known to travel great distances to and from their favorite haunt.

The reason it is sometimes associated with vampires is because it may drink the blood from the nipples of men and young children. Alps also exhibit an elf-like tendency for mischief, like souring milk and re-diapering a baby. A maid must sign a cross on the diaper or the alp will put the soiled diaper back on it. They also enjoy tangling hair into "elfknots" or chewing and twisting horse's tails. They will ride a horse to exhaustion during the night and may sometimes crush small farm animals to death during a pressing attack.

It is said that alps originated from rather friendly elf-like beings, then turned toward more negative and malevolent ways.[citation needed] The alp, in many cases, is considered a demon, but there have been some instances in which the alp is created from the spirits of recently dead relations. Children may become an alp if a mother needs to use a horse collar to ease the pain during an extremely long and torturous childbirth. Also, a child born with a caul or stillborn may become an alp. As with the case of werewolves, sometimes a human or animal may become an alp during the night. Proof of this is injuring or marking the alp during the attack and seeing the being with a similar mark during the day. Also, people who have eyebrows that meet are suspected to be alps.

Sometimes an alp is a spirit sent by a witch or a person wishing harm on another. Tricking an alp shall lead you to the sender.

The alp also is known for its shape-shifting abilities, similar to the creatures from werewolf lore. It may change into a cat, pig, dog, snake or a small white butterfly. It has also been said that it can fly like a bird and ride a horse. In almost all accounts and manifestations, the Alp is said to wear a hat, giving it an almost comical appearance. The hat is said to be a cloak of invisibility (Tarnkappe), essentially a cloak with a hood or—in the case of the alp—simply a hat that possess magic powers and gives the alp the ability to turn invisible. An alp who has lost this hat will offer a great reward for its safe return.

Protections against an alp include laying a broomstick under a pillow, iron horseshoes hung from the bedpost, placing shoes against the bed or placing a mirror on the chest. Steel and crosses are also used. If awoken by the alp and finding him still there, one can address him by asking him to return in the morning to borrow something or have coffee. It is said it will dash away at once, arriving in the morning in his "true" form for his gifts. Also, plugging up any holes, specifically keyholes, before a visitation will keep the demon out, while plugging them during a visitation will invariably seal him in the room, as they often leave only through their original entrance. A light kept constantly on during the night will also effectively ward off an alp, as they tend to shrink from the light.

She reads minds. Let's see what this one says.

Uh huh.

Ukobach's loyalty has been maxed out. He will do whatever Raidou wants now.

When maxing out loyalty, that can happen.


Damn lying girls!

"I'd like to get inside their heads. I wonder what they think of me..."

Increasing loyalty also increases Raidou's skills.

Oh Gouto.

ANOTHER level up.

Ice, Ice, Baby.

Let's speak with this person.

"How about some for your cat and your friend... Wait, what? One, two... Huh. There's just you and the cat. What was I saying?"

Let's ignite him and melt all his ice. Or just rekindle his spirit.

"I have a chunk of our all-natural ice as part of my daily routine! Our ice is the secret of my youth!"
Rejuvenating ice!

These guys are annoying.

"I need to purchase someth-
OH! isthat one of those famous Ox Bezoars? A young lad has no use for something like that, right? I'd be happy to take it off your hands. My wife's been... Ill, you see?

Since Raidou is a charitable soul, he gives it to the gentleman.

That's quite awesome.





So THAT'S why the gentleman wants it.

Fusion time!

Fusing has never been more awesome.

Captured one of those Obariyons. Shall uput its information later.

Or now.

Mmm. Butter.

So, the family has problems. Hm. The case is getting more interesting.
Why did the Daidouji girl want to get killed, anyway?

We'll find out in the next update! Maybe.

Also: Requiring voting. What stats should be increased in the next level ups?