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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 40

Last Update:

Raiho is met in the new game plus. Second Cycle.
You get to keep your store and soda shop ranks, as your devil summoner rank and your compendium.
Unfortunately, you don't get to keep ANYTHING ELSE. Not your badass sword, not your amount of money (which would be very useful), not your stats.
That would make things easy, you see.
But you get to meet Raiho.

First, talking to detective Kazama.

"I used to be the leader of the local gang of punks.
But now I am sporting this cherry blossom crest, workin' on the side of the law.
Even though I'm using cuffs instead of my fists, I still hate crooked people.

I decided to become a flatfoot cause I can by myself... with what little brains I got.
You've got the same eyes I did when I was young: Reckless, yet straightforward."

"When you get to be my age, make sure to keep that sparkle in your eyes."

And now Raidou has a spare. He can get his suit dirty now if he wants.
And he's got a spare hat! He is never going to look like Raido now. And that is good.


Next step: Going to the Gouma Den.

"I'm no bad guy, hee-ho!
I'm you hee-est fan, ho!
What you did last cycle was amazing, ho! I was so pumped, I nearly melted! Hee ho!

I wanna be hee-cool like you, ho!"

He is certainly enthusiastic.

VERY enthusiastic. (viddler)
Behold: Raiho! (youtube)

Victor is an awesome asshole.

And so it appears. THE BEST DEMON EVER.

"Hee-oh, of course! I'm too cool for you now, hee ho!
I'm not da' same weak li'l Jack Frost no more, ho.

Now I'm... Ummm... Ah! Now I'm hee-Raiho!
But you're just plain old Raid'oh, ho!"

Now, this is funny.
The first, being his name, causes nothing to happen. The second, being wrong, causes Raiho to fight you. NOT SOMETHING you want when you just restarted. No. You need to grind.
The third? Devil Summoner reference.

No! Don't do that!


Indeed. Enough with the fourth wall shenanigans. Why? Because it is time for NINE HOURS OF GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND.

Second to last title. Requires nine thousand loyalty points.
The last one? Why, it requires only twelve thousand.
NOT going to get it.

Much much later.

It is time for this one.

But it almost was. Damn you Sony!
It's a joke about the name of one of the female leads in Devil Summoner: Rei Reiho.

Took nine hours of GRIND to get to this point.

And so, this starts.

RAIHO. (viddler)
He has the single best skill ever.


He's already got the suit.

How could anyone hate him?

Oh hell yes.

Much better (in awesomeness) than Beelzebub.

"The result of Jack Frost fusing with the Bancho Uniform that Detective Kazama had.
With his cool body and burning passion, his goal is to inherith the name of Raiho the 15th."

And so, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th gained the best possible sidekick.
With the perfect hat.

And that is it. I am done with this one. DONE I SAY.
Or something.

See you all soon.