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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 5

Update 5

Time to enter the Daidouji Mansion. Notice how Raidou keeps his cool hat even as a generic SMT overworld sprite. His hat is just that cool.

Notice: Maids, servants and a butler. Yup, there is money there.
Isn't the main hall of the Arklay Mansion of RE somewhat similar?

Meet the Butler. He is butlerish, and kind of an asshole.

"No one is permitted to enter without an appointment. I am sorry, but I must ask you to leave. Will there be anything else?"

We can't leave it like that, so we shall investigate. We got ourselves an important case, and no butler shall deter us from researching and getting to the truth!

"... You spoke with her? Is that true!? Sir, it isn't that I don't believe you... However, that could have been any number of young women. Do you have any sort of proof that the young lady you met was Ms. Daidouji?"
Why, yes, Raidou has exactly the piece of evidence needed to turn this case on its head ... Er, I mean, show that he actually met miss Daidouji.

"Yes... That's hers! I must apologize for my rudeness. Please follow me, sir."

Meet Kiyoshi. He is Kaya's uncle.

"I understand that you met Kaja. I am Kiyoshi, her uncle. Can you... Tell me what happened?"

Raidou, being a diligent and promising young man, did what he was asked. Also, that would help him in the investigation.

"Kaya... My god... Well, she dissapeared about ten days ago. Since then, my brother's illness has continued to grow worse. We're an old, prestigious family, as I am sure you already know. Kaya would've taken his place... If it... came to that. But, if something happens to her, what will become of the Daidouji family name? That's really my biggest concern. However, if you really met Kaja last night, then... You said your name was Raidou? I'd like you to track Kaya down. My brother isn't doing well. I was recently informed that there is nothing his doctors can do. I want him to see his daughter's face one last time. Let me know as soon as you find out where she is. I'm really worried about her, we can only pray she's still all right."
Hooray! More work! And now work by someone who can actually PAY handsomely for it!. Narumi is going to be pleased, I am sure. Then the Butler appears, and says "It's time, sir". Blah. Damned butler.

"If you have any questions, Nakamura will be glad to answer them. Now, if you excuse me, I'm expecting company."
And then, the Butler gets in, and says some stuffs.

"Master Daidouji has already asked the police to search for Miss Kaya. I am not trying to supercede Master Kiyoshi's words, but there is no need to trouble you. Besides, the Master would prefer this matter not to be made public. Do understand. Now, if you'll excuse me, I should return to my duties.""
Clearly, the Butler is an asshole and doesn't want Raidou to get paid. That's bad.

"But Kiyoshi did ask us to investigate, so what say we look around?"
And then, like a bad penny, the Butler shows up. God damn this guy,

"I do beg your pardon, Sir. Master Daidouji has instructed me not to let anyone enter his studio without his permission. I am going to have to ask you to stay away from that room."
Well, he's gone and done it. A forbidden room, eh? Dumbass. There is no room forbidden to a Devil Summoner, and much less to a Devil Summoner as awesome as Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th.

"So you can't go inside because the butler will give you an earful if he sees you... Meaning you can't go. But someone could, as long as the Butler didn't see 'em."
Sounds like a job for Snake or Sam Fisher or Garret, but since none of those guys are available, and they depend on shadows (there are no shadows there) or boxes (same, no boxes around), it is clearly something that will bot be done by either one.

"Send a demon, Brian. They're invisible to the human eye."

And so, Obariyon was summoned.

Look how happy he is to be useful.


"If we show this to her classmates, we might get some dirt that she didn't tell her folks. Brian, let's head to Tsukudo-Cho and canvass the student body."

Then, why the hell does she want to get killed?

Ah, there they are. Two girls with school uniforms. Time to interrogate them with the trademark Kuzunoha charm.

Doubtful, I would say.

A man they say?

Time for more INVESTIGATIN'.

Yes, she does.

"And you are? Why do you want to find her?"

"Raidou...? You work at the Narumi Detective Agency? In that case, I need to talk with you. C'mon, let's talk somewhere less public..."

And then she leads the way.

Oh fuck.

She vanished. Right in front of Raidou's eyes. Just when he was going to get a little bit more information.

God damn it.