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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 7

Update 7:

First: Random treasure that was acquired in Tsukudo-Cho.

Hooray! Even more aphrodisiac stones that are found in bovine stomachs!

Revival supplies, to be used on Demons. Not on humans.

And there is our girl Rin!

"*GASP* You're that detective from before!... You saved me? Thank you. I... I'm Rin. Kaya is one of my classmates at Ouran High. Can you help kaya... Like you helped me? Okay. I'll level with you, but you have to promise to help Kaya for me. She was really balled up about her bloodline. Have you heard the rumors about the Daidouji family? Supposedly, when girls in her family turn 16, a demon possesses them until they are killed. There's no way something like that could actually happen, but it sure was eating at Kaya. There is this weird song she always talked about, Something like... 'The way of the earth, between father and mother. The way of blood will return to the demon. In the depths of the abyss, the demon's blood must be slain...' Pretty creepy stuff, right? She said they passed that tune from generation to generation. When I asked her to explain it, she just smiled at me with a pained look on her face. I think she wanted to tell me something, but couldn't bring herself to do it.
I've... been thinking about it a lot lately. What if she is really imprisoned somewhere right now? I know that mansion of hers has a basement... That's kind of like an abyss, isn't it? I tried snooping around there before, but that butler was keeping an eye on me, so... I couldn't find the 'abyss'... Or Kaya. But, I am sure you are a much better detective than I am. You have to help her, please."

And then Gouto says some things. Hooray! Direction!

"'Depths of the abyss', huh? Think that's where the Daidouji dame is? Not that we have much choice; it's our only lead at the moment. Let's get our wiggle on, Brian."
'Wiggle on'? The hell? Well, he is right. It's time to visit that place AGAIN.

A lucky Devil Summoner is a LIVING Devil Summoner, so Luck must be increased.

"The Army's prowling around now... Looks like something big. Every time I pass by, they stare at me out of the corners of their eyes. It's a little creepy, you know?"
The Army is far creepier than he expects, far, far creepier.

Hey, look! A soldier! Let's ask what he has to say!

"Ignorant civilians, democracy is nothing but a large-scale quarrel. All those birdbrains care about are the goodies set in front of them."
Clearly, this soldier doesn't like a popularly elected whatever.

"I used to see Kaya walking this way all the time together with her friend. The other girl was a kind looking young lady, with short hair and glasses."

After hearing Rin's description, let's go to the Daidouji Residence. There are things to do there.

"Ah, good day to you, Sir. Back again, I see... What might we help you with this time? I am sorry, but we simply do not have anyone who can show you around. My apologies, Sir."
Well, at least he wasn't rude when dismissing Raidou.

"I guess the servants are all tied up at the moment. That's good news for us. We can snoop around on our own."

Hey look! It's a soldier! Let's say hello to the Soldier!

"If you don't behave yourself, I might have to lay down the law. Do we understand each other?"

Bah. Let's see what the Butler has to say.

"Master Kiyoshi is your host rather than Master Daidouji, but... Do remember that the true master of the house is Master Daidouji."

Then, the maid on the RIGHT.

"It's not my fault, I have to remember... It's not my fault. Oh! Mr. Raidou...I-I didn't say anything..."
MINDREAD"We really screwed the pooch this time! The guest's favorite wine isn't here! It's all the fault of the new girl! I had nothing to do with it!"

Then this one here.

"He should show more concern for the staff under him."

Then this guy.

"The help-wanted ad being tailor-made fo me should have tipped me off that it would be a nightmare. If I knew the place was haunted, I wouldn't have even applied by this job..."
Ignite"H-Hey! That voice! Did it get louder? I'm telling you! It's not my imagination! Did I just hear laughter? I can see the light..."[/b]

Then, this one.

[i]"I heard today's guest is a VIP. Will Master Kiyoshi be all right? Will he be able to handle himself in this meeting?"

"For a mansion this big, elegance is paramount. Which is to say, don't go rubbing your greasy mitts on everything, you'll ruin the ambiance."

"Since that incident at Toranomon, I give my watch duty everything I've got. If anyone looks suspicious, I won't hesitate to shoot. Even if it is a servant of the mansion."
Fortunately, Raidou looks perfectly normal with his cap, his sideburns and his general normalness. Yes. He is perfectly normal. Clearly.

"Miss Rin was almost kidnapped? Miss Kaya did mention to me that she thinks she was being followed..."[/o]
Mindread[i]"Is it someone wanting ransom money from the parents? Or is it just a pervert with a fetish for schoolgirl outfits."


Mmm. Beer. Delicious, delicious beer.
But what was beer doing in a guest room? It makes no sense!

Trying to enter one room.

"Master Kiyoshi has instructed me not to let anyone into the living room until his meeting is over. Please stay away from that room."

"We don't have any reason to bother Kiyoshi, at least not for now... Stick to sleuthing one thing at the time, big boy. We need to figure out if that song Rin told us about can lead us to Kaya..."

Then the next room.

"Master Daidouji instructed me not to let anyone enter his study without his permission. I am going to have to ask you to stay away from that room."


Demons can also get into trouble, you know.


"Go down the hallway and into the storeroom for a spot to pass the time reading books. I realize the books are thick and somewhat difficult; I apologize for our lack of comics, or magazines."

"There's a funny draft here that I didn't feel anywhere else. Let's check every nook and cranny in here. I think we're onto something."

Literature. Delicious literature. No comics, though.

"Looks like this wainscot is hiding something. Your Volt-Order demons can inspect things. Let's use that power."


This is the correct answer.

Cue a Tom Waits song.

"Gosh, it's a human. Hey, mister! Are you really a Devil Summoner? A long time ago, I was with a summoner. I forget his name, though. He acted like I wasn't there, and never thought to heal me when I got hurt. I never had much fun being a demon after that... But, if I had a summoner who'd never leave me helpless, I'd be his demon, for sure!"
Moral of the story: Treat your demons right, and they'll be awesome for you.

AWESOMELY, you can summon your captured demons in the same battle you confine them. They soon forget their loyalty to their former friends.
That's awesome.

More bullets, always awesome.

These guys are toast. They are weak against fire spells. Guess what Pyro Jack excels in?
That's right, fire spells.


Yeah, but before that, time to get some treasure that is reached in a secret (not so secret) passage.


"Garr.... GAA! I'm Large Tarrasque, the boss of the Daidouji Residence's Underground. What do you want, sonny? You here for a reason, or just poking your nose in other people's business? What!? I'm in the way, am I? You whippersnappers have the gall to ask for a ride across on my back!? Huh. In that case, I want to get liquored up first. Not just any ordinary stuff, mind you, I want some Red Wine. Nothing like a good bottle of the red stuff. I'm counting on you, sonny. Now go get me my drink. That's RED WINE, you hear?"
Great. A demon wants alcohol.

Pyro Jack is awesome.

Awww, isn't that ADORABLE?

"I wasn't even aware we had a cellar."

Then, this conversation happens.

"It should be here any minute! I sent the new hire to Tsukudo-Cho for it!"

"Aren't you the person I asked to handle this...?"

"It's not my fault, though! I bet that new hire is just wasting time somewhere..."

"Pipe down! This is insulting to our guest. This is all due to your utter lack of leadership ability. We will continue this talk later."

Time to visit Tsukudo-Cho, then.

Magic. Raidou needs his magic. THE MAGIC TOUCH.

Ah, there she is.

Well, damn.

Raidou is just the right man to do that. Hell yes.

He is smooth.

"THANK you. Trust me. Here, you can have this! Thiswine came from the owner of Tawara-Ya. It was free. He said he got it for his dead turtle. But, that gives me the heebie-jeebies, so... I really don't want it! I could go for a snack, Dessert Parlor, here I come! Mmmm... Triple chocolate sundae. For your information, I always eat the cherry first!"

Red Wine acquired. HOORAY! Next step: Liquoring up the Large Tarrasque.