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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 8

Update 8:

Raidou has the Red Wine. Time to fulfill the Tarrasque's request.
Also: Information about the Tarasque

"Ohhhh... Hurry! Give an old man his drink! Come on... Just a little closer... That's the ticket! Thanks for the drink, sonny! But...
I'm not going to drink this on an empty stomach! Down the hatch, kiddo!"

And he attacks Raidou. Looks considerably less impressive in the battle.
Also, since Raidou has a Pyro Jack, the turtle thing goes down real fast.


"I give! I give, sonny! Jut lay off! I'll do whatever you ask, please! Eh? Hey, kid. Is that another kind of liquor I smell in you? Come a little closer. I thought as much! I smell the alcohol in you, kiddo, and don't try to hide it! Just give me a bit of the ol' drinky, and I won't tell your parents."

As one can see, Raidou has absolutely nothing to fear from the great big turtle, so why not? If it becomes aggressive, Pyro Jack will make short work of it. Again.

"Let's have a little taste... URGH. G... GAH. S-so bitter... What's this malty taste? This tastes like goat piss! Is this what the kids today are drinking!? These old bones are getting cold. I want liquor that'll warm me up."
And with the dissapointment of delicious beer, the Tarrasque now provides a ferry service between both parts of the cave. Nice, eh?

Ah, treasure. Always nice.

What the hell?
Why is a doll there? And that kind of doll. Huh.

A Strong Summoner finishes up his work earlier.

Hm. A cell.

"This is no ordinary storeroom, look carefully."

No shit, why would a storerroom be behind bars, and only accesible via a demonic ferry?

"See the way the room is covered with dust, Brian? Well, this spot here is completely clean. It looks pretty fishy. I'd say it is a cover-up job. See if you can Inspect this place and uncover whatever someone's trying to hide."

The cat orders, and Raidou obeys.

"Notice how the book fits exactly into the space where there wasn't any dust. This is clearly some important stuff. No time for privacy, let's open 'er up and take a read."

"March 28th.
Weather: Sunny
My uncle has seemed a little off lately. He sounded pretty steamed on the phone right now. I hope he's not letting those jackals get to him about the debt from the factory.

April 4th
Weather: Rain
Dad collapsed this morning. My uncle said that we'd have to have a private talk soon. About the inheritance, I guess. I hate that he's saying these things while Dad is still alive.

April 5th
Weather: Cloudy
My uncle did not want to talk about the property. Instead he told me about the Daidouji Curse. I'll be 16 in only a month or two... I don't know what to do. Someone, please help me...

I woke up in this prison cell. How did I end up here?
My uncle came in my room, and... I don't remember anything that happened after that."

"This must have been Kaya's. An uncle suffering from debt at his factory, a father in critical condition... And, didn't Rin say that the Daidouji daughters were cursed to be posessed by a demon? Whoever hid this diary wasn't just trying to hide it from humans. He was thinking about demons, too. We've gotta brace the uncle in the living room, whatever it takes."

Hooray, another clue about the missing girl. But she ain't there.

What the hell. The dolls are gone!

Like fuck I am transcribing this.

"I was told some weird kid's been investigating the residence, so be careful. I was hopin' to find this trashy diary before you managed to find it, but... Looks like y'found it. Not sure if that's luck or un-luck, necessarily. I feel kind of bad, y'know? I mean, you're just a kid. But y'did read the diary, so I gotta kill you!"

Unfortunately for them, Pyro Jack. Again. He kicks ass. Done in less than one minute.

He's awesome, see?
Less so than Jack Frost, but still, he's awesome.
Time to go up again.

"Hey, did you hear that? I guarantee that whatever they are talking about in there is important. Maybe if we stood closer to the door... That butler is such a wet blanket. Normal detectives would probably have to leave and search for other evidence. Luckily, we have a Devil Summoner on our side."

Pyro Jack proves his awesomeness once again.

Kiyoshi: This is all a misunderstanding! I just wanted her to see him one last time! I was going to return her to you!

VoiceSo you hired a detective to take her to his death bed? I don't believe what I'm hearing. Takeshi's condition reflects only your own feelings toward him. And your hatred of your talented brother is quite obvious.

Kiyoshi: That isn't true! I was doing it for Kaya's sake!

Voice Don't worry, you'll still be paid the amount we agreed on, as long as everything goes according to plan. It will be more than enough to pay off that factory debt. Just make sure no one else intervenes! Otherwise, I will see to it that you end up just like your brother. And, I suppose that girl as well.

"Intriguing. But, even with the diary, that's circumstantial evidence, at best. Let's wait for the guest to go out before confronting Kiyoshi."


So, time to go out and wait for the military presence to fade.

"He dropped his bag, and I saw inside when it landed. It was full with gold, jewels and antiques. He was probably on his way to pawn them off. I hear he's in a tight spot with his creditors."

Then, back in.

He is moving nervously.

"M-Master Kiyoshi... Master Kiyoshi has become a... I've had the privilege of serving in this mansion for many decades. b-but this... Wh-what should I tell Master Daidouji?"

Time to see what Nakamura is babbling about.

"I just wanted to stop my brother from killing Kaya! I really believed she could be saved, and that I could be as well... How could I be so stupid?
My factory, my employees... I can't let them down either!"

And then: This happens.
I must say I was not expecting this to happen.

What the hell. Why.. What?


Or... Not?

He is doing his best Kirby impersonation.


"Ready to pinch this guy, Brian? C'mon, let's go!"

But obviously, things don't go the way Raidou and Gouto wanted.

"You have come much too far, and learned things you were never meant to learn. I can't let you leave. This unfortunate series of events was inevitable, I am afraid. YOU WILL DIE HERE!"

And so, the Shadowy figure summons this bastard.

Fortunately, a dose of Agathion fixed it.

And one can always use more Vitality.

"Kiyoshi's long gone, so I've done enough here. We'll meet in person eventually, but until then... It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Raidou Kuzunoha."

"He's one of us, huh? This case is bigger than I thought, if there is another Devil Summoner involved. Let's get back home, Brian. We should let Narumi know what's happened."

And that is exactly what Raidou and Gouto do.

"Not to mention the girl's uncle turning into a monster and charging off to God-knows-where. Did you ever stop to consider a normal life, hm? You bring in the strangest cases, seriously. But the police could never handle demons. *sigh* What do you think we should do next?"

"This is no ordinary caper, now that demons are involved. No matter what Narumi says, he knows you're the only one who can solve this and protect the Capital. That red caped monster is our only lead right now, we have to track him down. But we don't know where he skipped off to, do we? Let's rest for now. Kaya being abducted, Kiyoshi turning into a monster... This is just the beggining. Sooner or later we'll find out something that ties everything together. That's when we can make our move, Brian."

And that's it for the first "case". FAILURE. How does Narumi stay in business? He got absolutel no money out of this, except maybe what Raidou got out of demons (and why would demons becarrying yens, except maybe for the zombies?).

Well, next time, we'll see the Fourth Power. Yes.

Bonus! New entries in the Demonic Compendium!

A trickster ghost famous for haunting houses. It wreaks havoc by making loud noises and moving objects through the air.

An Irish spirit, seen as flames in the swamp. Also known as Jack-o'-Lantern. Said to be the spirit of a man cursed to wander the earth with a lantern to see in the dark.