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Part 6: Anahata (Part Two)

Man's Tomb

Alright, so before we deal with those statues from before, we'll explore this new area quite thoroughly.

Because we sorta have to anyway. Might as well start in the top-left.

...Sadly, that just leads to a short passageway and the room we were in before. This room is the one where we had to fall down a hole originally, but at least now we can explore it. That yellow-eyed statue dead ahead could be red eyed, or it could be blue-eyed.

We'll skip over that for now; just remember it for later. In the meantime, we'll head around clockwise and check out the area to the northeast of the Large Terminal.

While we're doing so, I remember that since Serph has Mudo and Heat has Death Spray I can cast Mamudo already.

I, uh, I cast it a lot when we're here. This is where ailments and instant death spells start to become super-useful.

Anyway, there's more to this area than "big room with statues" thankfully. Like this gold capsule by its entrance!

So, remember how I said they contain 2 things? That's not
entirely true, but they do only contain two good things.

Because they can also be trapped. This one just had a fight in it.

Hunting ~ Rare Devil

We get a pair of Nues this time; they're just regular enemies from later on. Nues aren't all that tough; they're even kind enough to use Taunt. This drops defense by two stages, but it boosts attack by two in return. It's also only able to used on your enemies, so we can exploit the hell outta that.

...Since they don't remove the buff after applying it, we can use this opportunity to ruin their days.

Or we can just cast Zan, since they're weak to that. Using their own Taunts to kick ass seems more fun though.

Sadly, they're not really worth going out of your way to fight. No neat drop, relatively low money (regular fights here give 1k+) and piss all Karma? Kinda lame!

Man's Tomb

The room's worth going to, though, since it has an easy to get Vital Noise tucked away next to the door.

Oh, and this area isn't without statues. They're more placed to catch you offguard than anything else though. You see it peeking next to the door? That's to force you to run around more than anything else.

Some of them are just needlessly cruel, though. That one is explicitly blocking us from proceeding down this corridor. Not just because its red-eyed; it could be blue and do the same thing. The location is the problem, but the eye colour is a visual shorthand.

Speaking of problems, you can't see it very well from here, but that is a statue just above Serph (its pedastal should be visible). Naturally it has red eyes. Just gotta run around basically the perimeter of the room to get to that gold capsule, but...

...Okay, it's not wholly worth it. More money's nice but you'd expect like new bullets or something from this one. No dice.

Nothing else in that area, so we'll double back to the large terminal and head to the southeast.

The one saving grace with yellow eyed statues is that their eyes do change colour before you get within range for them to activate. Stops them being too mean, and makes it clear in advance that we're ducking through this northern door.

...It immediately tries to spook you, though. Sticking a statue right ahead can be cruel even if it is blue eyed.

Naturally, the detour through that one small room is necessary to get here.

All it leads to, though, is a Soma Drop. Arguably not worth it, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at this.

It's also the only way to get it, since that's part of this room. We can't get to it otherwise.

...We'll come back here later as well.

Heading further south of that room, though, we come to another blue wall. This one's a bit more unlike the others we've seen though, because behind it...

Anahata Field Hunt

Lies this dungeon's field hunt. This one's a mite harder to manage than the one at Manipura, despite being one small room.

The actual Mitama fght itself though goes... a lot better. Mostly because I switched my skills around to purely deal with it.

They, uh, they can give some pretty great AP. Pretty much their sole purpose.


That done, we'll head to the southwest area and check out what's down there now. There is a side area we can get to, since its just past that blue-eyed statue.

There is nothing there, but a small corridor with only a red-eyed statue in it though. Mick's level designer interior decorator is a cruel and unusual dude.

Thankfully along the proper path down here, we can find a golden chest.

This one doesn't have demons in it! Instead, it has a Cell which is great. Could use this later on.

...There is, however, another one not too far off which is trapped. I think I'd rather have the demons than have everyone just straight up lose health, though.

Now we've scoped out everywhere, in this area, we'll head on off back to the north-west and deal with the stuff there. There's two doors up here; the left one is where we want to go.

The right one is just the only way to get a Brave Ration in this room. Nothing too exciting over here.

Although, we do now run into a Succubus for the first time. These lovely ladies are weak to Expel of course. They can put up barriers to cover their weaknesses, but because of how this works out, that means that they can only ever cover one.

And their Electric weakness is one they neglect most often. Good thing too, since its the easiest to exploit for immediate gain. Like killing them.

They also happen to be weak to a lot of ailments. Most notable of which being Nerve, which right now amounts to "sleep." Sleep's pretty good, since unlike most RPGs just whacking a sleeping demon won't wake them up immediately.

Nerve also basically boils down to Sleep in general, because Sleep is great.

Getting through the statues without falling is super easy, and leads to a small karma terminal. It also has a dead Maribel warning us about a woman ahead.

Big Battle ~ Prelude

Which means that it's time for a... not quite miniboss.

...but this is some bitch in a long, ugly skirt. Either way, you have horrible taste, so you might as well die!

Hunting ~ Compulsion

No video for Valkyrie, since she's pretty easy all things considered. Biggest issues are she has no weaknesses except two ailments we don't have, and she's immune to fire. Can also cast Phys Repel, but she shouldn't usually get the chance.

Not resistant at all to ice, though, which means she can be frozen. And when that happens, she becomes super-easy to murder in one go.

Man's Tomb

Once she's down, we can pick up an item from her room. The statue key'll be useful later.

That door you might've noticed when she was alive and talking is just a shortcut back to here from the roof area. And vice-versa.

But that's one key down, let's head back down to this giant area now and get what's through there.

This one's also mostly not a problem, but this statue is placed rather weirdly. Primarily because its facing...

A red-eyed statue!

Although this doesn't even matter; the red is just to catch you offguard if you think you can cut across. The save point is on this side, and the fight on the other one.

Speaking of which, over there we have another dead Maribel and a yellow-but-really-blue statue facing him. The statue to Serph's left is facing up and has red eyes, so that yellow one has to be blue otherwise getting across is impossible.

Behind the statue is a door that leads to our next fight. This big fella's all that lies there, and he says nothing. Not worth a video either but for different reasons to the Valkyrie.

Hunting ~ Compulsion

The Tarrasque uses nothing but Electric spells which makes him hilariously worthless if you bring Void Elec into this fight.

He's also cripplingly weak to Fire spells.

Earth ones too.

He resists Phys a bit, but not enough for Heat to care.

Man's Tomb

That guy down, we get the R Statue Key and can finally double back.

All the way back to these things, in fact. With the keys in hand, we can finally put that "left is right, right is left" clue to use.

Using the keys on the right statues, we can then turn it in the prescribed direction. Left key turns right, right key turns left.

Something's not right. I smell a rat... Let's be careful.

And then as if it's proving Heat right, the next area is a pretty straight forward linear run. But it has no random encounters at all.

There is a Large Karma Terminal, for if we really need one or need to quickly get back here later though.

Not too far from there, is the one side area in this part of the citadel. Nothing in it but this Revival Gem though.

Back on the main path, at the end of it we come to an elevator which takes us all the way up.

And once there, we reach our destination at last.

Mick's Room

Don't quite find Mick, but Serph does notice... something...

Solar Eclipse

A whole lot of Ikusas.


Mick has probably devoured the Maribel's leader by now.
-- He what?
That bastard! Shoud've devoured him when I had the chance.

And yet, here we are. Sort of fallen into our own trap here.

Ah well, at least we get to take it out on this guy apparently.

Mini-Boss: Demon Turdak

Hunting ~ Compulsion

So, like the last time we had a fight in this kind of scenario we have to cut through the chaff first. Once again, it's two waves of the lesser demon. In this case, said demon is a bunch of Ikusas. We poke their Force weaknesses and they die.

Third wave has two more Ikusas along with Turdak.

Turdak's main weakness is Expel, which we could exploit but his alternative one is more fun.

It's Panic. Raving Slash counts as a regular physical, so we don't hit his weakness technically but its all but guaranteed to proc the Panic anyway.

Something enemy demons can do in this state is give us free items. Happens a lot more often than you'd think too.

In this case, Turdak pooped out a free Revival Gem.

We then hit him and he dies. He can kind of maybe try to be a threat if he gets a chance to do stuff but eh. He's not tough really.


Oh, right, Heat kicks Turdak's skull across the room. Probably out of spite.

So what now? You wanna run away like sissies?
Serph, we can't leave Jinana. Let's rescue her.

Man's Tomb ~ Second Movement

Well, Heat does have a point but you'd figure he'd like walking right into the fire.

Anyway, there's a second exit in Mick's room which has an elevator at the other side of it.

This one brings us back down to the ground floor and a room that might seem worrying at first. Thankfully, all the statues here are in storage and this is a good sign too.

Right around the corner from there is the Large Karma Terminal and Vendor. I think we've finally found the entrance.

And by "think" I mean that we definitely have.

Confronting... Mick?


Well, shit. Looks like we're too late.


And then just to drive it home, Mick throws Jinana like a football. Jeez.

No way! That stupid woman never devoured anyone!?
I'm the same as you... I won't kill needless--

That doesn't look good...


Who's ready for a sudden scene change!

Pray -A Capella Version-

Outta nowhere, cuts straight to Sera singing at Muladhara.

Oh, that cat's here too.

Gale of all people starts actually singing along. No, really.

Then he gets a flashback to a woman crying.

Needless to say, not even Gale knows what that was about. Weird.


And a weird omious symbol (it's Jinana's atma brand) cuts off even Sera's singing.

Everyone! Run...!

Big Battle ~ Prelude

Speaking of which, back at the Citadel...

Jinana has been forcibly transformed.

Heh... Ha ha!

Mick is loving this though!

So, she's turned all demon now, eh?

It started happening to some a' my men... But, they sure stated good going down. Serves 'em right for trying to gang up on me. Have fun devouring each other.

Sadly, there's only one thing to do in this situation...

But Argilla is awful reticent to do it, for obvious reasons.

At least she is up until Jinana tries murdering her with that head-whip thing.


Still doesn't want to, but it's the only way...

And with that, it's boss time.

Boss: Asura Usas

Hunting ~ Comrades

Back to Hindu deities now, Usas being the daughter of the god of the sky. She's a beacon of enlightenment that allows people to see the truth.

Here, she's the first boss that you might have troubles with. Naturally, then, the correct thing to do is embarass her. Heat's not selected Taunt there for nothing. We use it. Buffs her strength but debuffs her defense.

Oh wait, both Serph and Argilla have Tarunda now. They can cast that separately or I can have them team up and use Dekaja. Both works, but this looks fancier.

We do this twice, suddenly her defense is in the shitter.

Mostly, Usas uses physical attacks. Whirlwind just hits a random amount of times, but hits more often than Mad Rush does.

It's also pretty shit damage on a per-hit basis but makes up for it with quantity.

She also has Hell Thrust herself.

It's pretty bleh. And this is with her strength at base, remember.

We can stack Tarundas along with the Taunts to cripple her offense too. Her main means of attack IS with physical skills, but she does have some spells.

With her defense crippled, a regular attack will deal around 100 damage. Yes, even from Argilla. Since Usas has 2000 HP, this makes things go by quite fast.

To make things even quicker, as you might've seen in the video, Death Spray can potentially hitting 4 times dealing around 50 damage each if her defense is crippled. A crit ups that to around about 100.

Heat has a passive that lets him crit more often than usual.

Spellwise, Usas seems like she might be a problem. Marin Karin does inflict Charm as per usual...

But between a good Magic stat and not-terrible Luck, it doesn't land anywhere often enough to matter. And if hits anyone but Serph it can be cured immediately too.

Her only other spell is Hama. It still can't kill you.

The biggest thing she might try and pull is bringing in a modified version of a demon.

In this case, she summons altered Unicorns. This is a bit of an issue if it happens.

They're weak to Death, but (unlike with the dudes inside the Citadel) Mudo'll miss fairly often here. Not overly often, and it is still worth using.

Unicorns are annoying because they cast friggin' Dekunda. The benefit from those Taunts has just been erased.

Plus with Unicorn out, you probably want to cast Void Expel every chance you get.

Because of this. We're not the only one to get combos!

Seraph Lore is a bit special, though. It's expel damage, so like Hama it can't quite kill you.

...Unlike Hama, it hits for 80% of your current HP. It can't directly kill you, but it will make it easier to die.

But that's her only real major trick. Without it, she falls pretty fast and reverts back.

Gives a decent chunk of Karma and Macca. Like with Bat, though, we get no AP for this fight.

Since Serph hit level 20, he can set 8 skills now. How nice!



There's a girl at our base who can help you control this power. It won't be like this anymore.

You and I get along don't we? I'm sure the others will like you as well. Come with us... Okay? Come and see Sera... Please...?

Your eyes... Those are...

I... I don't know... why. They keep coming... I can't stop, Jinana.

Finally... I have become... your comrade.

Saying it... feels right.


Devour her.

Heat totally deserves this.

Nirvana's suppose to be paradise, right?

That's it... I'm tired of this place.
What a waste...

Directly above the party, watching it all unfold...


And to think, it's all this guy's fault in the first place. Looks like now we have to... follow Mick to Manipura, maybe? He did say he was going to eat Jinana's remaining soldiers so that sounds like as good a plan as any.

In the meantime:

Basically all the skills learned in the second half of the Citadel. They're all pretty simple this time around, honestly. Heat also picked up Critical which increases the chance of him getting, well, a critical hit. Everything else is pretty standard.