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Part 8: Co-Ordinate 136 (Part One)

So, it seems that Mick and Bat have holed up in a Disney castle. At least it should make for an interesting dungeon.

There's not much to do outside other than talk to Heat, Gale and Argilla but they don't have much to say. Let's head on in, then.

Back At Muladhara...

Once we step through the door, though, the scene jumps over to Muladhara to see what's going on there.

Meow Meow

Cielo and the exact same cat from before are stuck in one of the small rooms by the strategy room.


Sorry, my little friend. De guard not gwon let us outside dis room.

Fortunately, Cielo seems to have an idea...

Hey, little help please?

It isn't me! It's, uh... de cat! De cat's doin' it! I think he wants to go outside.
The cat?

Ja, that cat. Aww, he's so cute... Come on, let him out!

I guess every unnamed dude suffers from being pretty stupid, since at this point he opens the door...

To get immediately jumped by... the cat. Gale should've picked a better guard.

'Specially since he the gets shoulderbarged by Cielo. So much for that, then.

Nice work, little bro!

'ey! Where ya goin'?

Now then, where were we?


Ah, right. The inside area of Coordinate 136.

The story to be told now...

What dramatic conclusion awaits you along this path?

Let us depart on a journey of mystery and adventure!


So, Coordinate 136 is a pretty big dungeon compared to everything before it. Might as well just dive right on.

The entranceway has what looks like a door on the left and right sides of the room, but they're not doors. You can't go through them and they don't appear on the map either.

Also this is where proper Unicorns hang out.

Still weak to Death but since they're not boss minions it works consistently now.

And our union mandated Large Terminal is right by the entrance too. Guess we can leave quickly if we ever need to for some reason at least.

The Princess

In a certain kingdom, there lived a beautiful princess with mysterious powers.

However, one day, an evil being captured the princess, and planned to use her powers for evil. She was imprisoned high up in a tall tower.

Their personalities were exact opposites of one another. One prince was always kind...

Thus, behind their backs... People begain calling them the "good prince" and the "evil prince."


So, there's a couple exits in this room, but they're all currently blocked off by giant spears. There's also a placard on the wall to the right but it just repeats the tale in written form.

Let's look at this giant painting of the Generic Princess, since there's nothing else to do in here.

Dearest traveler, might you carry these tidings to my beloved? As for his whereabouts...

Otherwise, ask the people...

...No, forget what I just asked of you. I am a captive... Dreaming otherwise will only cause pain and sorrow.

Yeah, sod that. We'll begin by heading off through the door to the east. Ignoring the statue in the process too.


But we don't quite get to ignore the fighting. Two new enemies here; a couple Apsarases we get to fight properly and the giant goatman Fomor.

Apsaras, of course, is the easier of the two. Not much of a threat on their own merits but they do like to cast Makajam.

It inflicts Mute. They just prolong their own suffering, really.

Fomor really likes to cast Ice spells.

Because the game knows who's weak to what, he'll basically never cast them on anyone other than Heat.

He, uh, he REALLY likes to cast Ice spells on Heat.

Thankfully, he's basically juat a giant goat Onkot. Only difference is he doesn't resist physicals and is weak to every ailment instead of two of them.

Other new enemy is... another tiny monkey. This time, it's Thoth and he's not to be taken overly lightly.

He's got friggin' Rage and uses it better than Camazotz ever did.

Mostly to cast debuffs and... Maziodyne. Well that takes off about half Gale's HP instantly.

Plus side is that Thoth is the newest random demon that's mercifully weak to instant death.


The area here is mostly a bland maze consisting of one-way doors and portraits positioned to penalise you making a wrong turn. We want to run into this corner, though.

Because we want to be dropped into the castle's creepy basement.

...What is it with Mick and things dropping you into his basements? Both of the places he's taken up residence have had that as a thing. Weird.

Anyway, this time the basement area is optional but its worth getting thrown in a couple times. There's some neat goodies to find down here.

Of course, you can't get it all at once because all the doors save for the exit are one-way only. Swell.

The basement's also where Turdaks and Baphomets hang out.

It's mostly a linear area where we get kicked out to the entrance, so we'll head back to the main room now.

And I guess see what this thing has for us.

Are you enjoying Mystery Castle? My name's Twinklebell, and I'll be your navigator today. Nice to meet you! The first attraction is...

There are a lot of portraits on this floor -- all of the prince. Unfortunately, there's only one portrait of the good prince, whom she loves. Please convey her love to the right person... If you listen carefully to what everyone says, you should be able to find him.

If you talk to the evil prince, you'll be in big trouble... Well then, happy searching!

Yeah, so the Evil Prince portraits are the red ones that drop us in the basement.

...Seriously, Mick's dungeon gimmicks seem to be awful similar to one another. Blue is good and lets you do what you need to; red is bad and drops you in the basement.

Anyway, the area proper is a pretty uninteresting maze but it does have seem neat stuff to get along the right path. Mildly annoyingly, all of then bar one are in rooms that are only accessible by dropping into them. This makes it kinda slow and obnoxious to get the lot.

Here's a map of the area stolen wholesale off that's easily found on GameFAQs because its easier than trying to explain the couple extra routes needed to get through this bit. Gonna grab everything here save for the Mouldy Rolls because they're the requisite Bad Prize.

As for the random portraits we get "hints" from? Yeah, uh, not worth your time bothering.

Takes a couple trips, but we get to the Good Prince eventually. Hurray.

So then, she does... I am grateful. Please sir, may I ask you a favor, as well? Please deliver a message to the princess for me.

"Once all is well, I hope that we might walk together along a beach that you fancy." That is all. I would appreciate you doing this for me, kind traveler.

...The fuck's a "beach"? Anyway, we grab the Soma Drop from in front of the guy, then spin around and head down this path that leads directly back to the main room.

Thank you very much, kind traveler. To show you my thanks, I shall remove the obstruction which blocked your path.

Oh, my dear, good prince... My feelings grow ever stronger.

...Yeah, it's gonna be one of those dungeons. At least we're done with the first part now.

Next floor's a small intermediary area. There's two yellow walls blocking us off from the rest of it.

Nothing else we can do here right now, so we'll carry on and come back whenever we finally get the Yellow Key.

Big Battle ~ Prelude

Once again, you didn't really think it was going to be that easy did you?

Bat and the boss already flew up top. They had the girl with 'em when they flew up high, ho. Hee ho!
Hee! Ho!

I could listen for a bit longer, yeah.

Hee! Ho!

Oh. Well if it's just that one line ad nauseum (it is) then forget it.

You cannot go, ho! And, that's because--

Mini-Boss: The HipHop Brothers ~ Fiend Jack Frost & Fiend Pyro Jack

So, looks like it's time to face a slightly harder version of everyone's favourite Jack duo!

Hunting ~ Compulsion

So, these guys are basically souped up versions of a couple normal demons. Still have their usual weaknesses, but a few extra resistances.

Just need some form of Fire resistance to shut down any chance of them getting extra turns. Ice stuff is surprisingly useless here, since Frosty isn't much for offense...

This ain't lookin' good ho sheezy yo!
Shout it, don't devour it, hee ho -- we're screwed!

Once one of them drops to about half HP, this happens and Frosty falls into his real role in this fight:

Healing. Lots of healing. He'll basically do nothing else so long as you keep on the offense.

It seems like it might be a nuisance, but outdamaging it is really quite easy.

And Taunt makes it easier. A lot easier.

Pyro Jack's offense is shutdown by Void Fires and Jack Frost doesn't attack so the attack bonuses are wholly irrelevant. How convenient!

Stacking two Taunts isn't a massively useful thing, though; it helps for like one round and then Pyro'll cast Dekunda and get rid of the defense debuff.

Or you could just... put him to sleep... huh. Really didn't expect that to work.

Sadly, since they count as unique encounters you can't explicitly eat them. Oh well.


Let's retreat for the moment, ho!

But not before getting off one last parting shot...

Yeah, I dunno.

We even get a bonus Jack Cell for our troubles. Gonna have a fair few Cells to offload whenever we get done here, since this place doesn't have a Vendor.

Going up...

The Princess (2)

However, in the same manner... The evil prince was madly in love with the princess. He often interfered with the princess and her love.

But try as he might... No matter what he does... Her feelings for the good prince never changed.


The weird narrator lady's stuff is meant to be one story broken up into parts. Each part just happens to coincide loosely with the puzzles we're meant to solve on that floor. Speaking of which...

This game is called... "Let's convey the princess's love by dodging obstacles!" The princess and her prince will be facing each other... Standing between them is the evil prince, interfering with "their love."

If you manipulate them properly, the princess's love will reach the good prince safely. Well... Good luck!

Well, I call them "puzzles" but they're not that taxing.

Also since we beat the HipHop Brothers, both Jacks are around now to kick the crap out of for fun and profit.

This time around, we've got three of these rooms to deal with. Can't do them in any old order, though. Thankfully, there's no fights in these.

Also, that chest thing in the corner?

It's an actual proper treasure chest, but they're both locked for the moment. Ah well.

The puzzle proper is really, really simple. Step 1: rotate the princess to the right.

Step 2: rotate the one mirror the light touches.

That's the first puzzle solved.

No, really. It's that simple. They're all that simple.

In return for doing this, we can now go do the next one and grab the loot in this room.

For our troubles, we get an Organic Cell and Revival Gem.

Since we're on the third floor, along with the Jacks some new enemies turn up now too. In this case, it's two Virtues and a Sarasvati.

Virtues are weak to Mudo. Not their finest strategy.

Sarasvati is weak to Fire. Beginning to notice a bit of a trend here.

Puzzle rooms 2 and 3 are over on the east side of the floor. Nothing too fancy here.

Puzzle room 2 is also blisteringly simple. Rotate the princess to the right again and rotate every small circular mirror the light bounces off of.

Rather than one mirror, this time we rotate 3. How difficult...

For our troubles, we get another Quantum Cell and one HP Noise. The cell is nice and I'm sure I'll use the noise one day.

That day, however, is not today. Onto the pile it goes.

Room 3 is right next door to Room 2 and we can go on in now.

This one is a little harder in the most token of senses. Rotate the statue left this time!

Then you rotate the first small mirror and then the third one! You have to skip one of them this time. That's a tricky one.

...Well, uh, this one has an inappropriately disproportionate reward. A Magic Noise (onto the pile with you) and a Soma. Not a drop. A full Soma. All HP/MP to the entire party? Man, I'm probably never going to use this thing but I want it anyway.

On the way back to the central room, ran into this guy. He likes using Force spells which could potentially inconvenience Argilla but he's not that tough anyway. He got all of one turn and he used it to cast Mind Charge.

We're about halfway done with this place now, so we'll take a short break here and head on up to the fourth floor and the remaining puzzles next time.