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Part 29: Karma Society Tower (Part Three)



I don't know how Heat was able to cast magic without tuning, but he used his brand... somehow...

Also another DDS1 flashback.


He's hiding something!

What's wrong with you!?

The only difference is who's controlling you.

She's Sera's mother!?
Her father as well, to be precise.

...What could she be scheming?

We tried to help, but our warnings were ignored...


You mean the Cuvier Syndrome?

Our city does have a limit, afterall...

That's totally insane!

And if they lose control...

And so, food supply is the only remaining concern.

Order will decide.


We can ensure you will have a peaceful life without hunger and needless killing.

Hey look, it's a dialogue choice. Obviously, then, this is going to be important later. And since there's no reason to do a New Game+ run here...

We'd never join you...

Epic Battle ~ Prelude

Not entirely sure Serph is perfctly fine with this idea but... he is kinda asking for it.

Boss: Asura Agni; 2x Beast Gdon (and some other chumps)

Epic Battle

Well... this is just precious. Just gonna destroy these guys before they can even get a turn and move on.

It's nice of the game to give you those losers to prepare on, though. I don't think they could even tune if you wanted to let them.

Anyway, of course Agni is still weak to Ice and the Gdons he's brought with him are too. Not the best decision he could make.

Of course, he is still the Fire dude and the other two are tigers on fire (which is awesome) so Voiding that it is.

I'll tear you apart!

For some unfathomable reason, Heat quite likes to cast Agidynes in this fight. At least he's smart enough to aim it at Serph almost exclusively, which makes actually having Void Fire/Fire Walls helpful.

Or, uh, just don't use Serph I guess.

The Gdons are much less interesting, though, and work on a simple pattern. The one on our left casts Ice Repel every turn. The one on the right uses regular attacks. She casts Ice Repel if she's alive and her sister is dead though. How taxing.

Since Ice Repel shuts down their one weakness, and Fire is super-blatantly out by default, we need to mix it up a little.

Phys attacks are a bad idea though.

...A very bad idea.

On the other hand, Sukukaja is pretty easy to have by now so that helps mitigate damage a ton. Rakukaja would be better for if you really have to tank it, but that's harder to get.

Neither Heat nor the Gdons have Dekaja or Dekunda which is nice.

Speaking of Heat, when he's not trying to cast Agidyne like a silly person he does use decent Physical attacks at least. Hell Fang is the same as it was before, being a medium damage attack.

For some reason, he also has Mind Charge but no Power Charge. A weird decision but his single-minded "beat Serph" tactic works as a justification.

Obviously, he always follows it up with an Agidyne. A normal one is annoying because its hitting a weakness, of course. This one is actually threatening and could oneshot Serph at max HP.

He also has Double Slash which is something I guess? It might get lucky and kill someone if he crits or hits the same person twice or something.

Once the Gdons are down (only 750HP each by the way), you'd think the fight would change up a bit.

C'mon... Let's go, Serph!

....You'd be wrong, of course. Heat doesn't really change things up at all ever.

Kind of a shame he never gets to be a real challenging fight.

This isn't over. Next time, I'll devour you!

Just keep plugging away at that Ice weakness once you can and his 2000HP won't last very long at all.

At least he drops a Soma, which is nice of him.

...Oh and this fight is probably the only time I'd bother using attack items if only because I kinda didn't get Bufula in time. Or even a non-combo Mabufu but that's my fault for being dumb.


Tower of Reunion

What happened to him, bro?

What did they tell him? We need to find out the truth behind all this as soon as possible.

Comrades shouldn't have to fight one another...

We need to keep moving. They won't let us escape that easily.

All very good points, and we'll do just that.

Immediately coming to a Life Terminal seems very nice but don't do it! It's a cunning ruse to steal your money!

unless uh everyone is in crit and out of mp in which case you have bigger problems anyway

Also, man, Heat must've been in a baaaaad mood when he ran off. Those poor plants.

Belive it or not we're actually finally nearly done here. I know, I'm shocked too.


I don't think Heat did this one. Just a hunch.

There's no point in complaining... The unit and that red Asura guy were sent to capture the remaining Asuras.

You're the wanted Asura!

Heroic Battle

...Man, why do these guys even bother? A single Raskasha and Berith? No reinforcements?

Zanma. Terazi. Fight's over.

Tower of Reunion

The other guys up in this room have red armbands. The guys what were riddled with bullets and that we just killed had blue ones.

Red = SEES Nazis the good guys.
Blue = the guys that aren't traitors and must be fought

More importantly, there's random encounters against new stuff here too. Except, uh, that looks a bit different.

Our Technical Director is waiting for you. Please hurry.

They always get the initiative, talk to us and run away. Because they're not attacking us at all. How nice.

It's just a short walk to our final destination, though...

Jenna Angel



What the hell is it you want, anyway?


It's kind of an interesting thing this entire plot beat, really. If this were a more traditional game, you'd expect Heat to be our party member that sides with the Chaos faction and Argilla to be the one with Law. And yet Cuvier's entire ideology and MO is super-transparently the intended equivalent to the Law faction and Heat's sided with her...

So they can devour each other!?
'eh, what you laughin' at?

Oh? And, what is dat?

...Angel straight up admitted to being the closest equivalent to a Chaos figurehead already, but Argilla doesn't exactly agree with her either (to the point of needing to be restrained by Cielo!). So close to completely reversing the obvious expectation.


Also: an actual flashback that isn't just reusing cutscenes from the first game!

It, uh, it doesn't last long though.

One fade to black later...

now a flashback that is just reused dds1 footage.


Those poor nameless mooks. About to get completely slaughtered by Hari-Hara.

But we don't get to see that. Instead, we get to take the plane and follow Cielo out of...

...wait is that...