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Part 31: The EGG Facility (Part Two)

Egg of the Universe

So, that password we need? Yeah, uh, its... written on the keycard.

holy shit the karma society is super fucking incompetent

You just swipe it and then put in the code written on the bloody thing. If they couldn't tune, this would be pathetic.

Anyway, moving on and...

not even gonna say it.

The turn to the right lets us snag another free Scarlet Pearl, this one not from kicking the stuffing out of the Tribvhana.

The turn to the left gets us 2 impact bombs. Meh.

The way forward immediately makes us not need the keycard we just got. At least there's a Life Terminal here.

So we need to find the fourth card to do anything else. The door to the west was right there but... it leads to a small room with nothing of interest in it. So instead, we'll go to the east and then through the door to the south.

...Oh. That was easier than I figured it would've been. We'll go further east before going past the 04 gate though.

The turn to the east leads to nothing (again...) but that's an elevator at the far end. You'd think it would lead onwards, but you'd be wrong.

EGG Facility Field Hunt


Instead this one leads directly to our next field hunt. And this one is a doozy and I don't like it much.

It's a giant, giant area with very few orbs in it and they're all spaced super far apart and its not very fun and kind of a pain and the only one to date I'm gonna say "fuck it" and not try to get a good rank because ahahaha

Kusi Mitamas are next up and they're weak to Force etc. etc. Serph's already mastered his current Mantra so he can't eat them and I, um, Argilla doesn't even have a hunt skill still and Cielo's isn't equipped.

So I had to try and kill them the "normal" way and that ends about as well as you'd expect.

Egg of the Universe

So after that disaster we'll just go to the 04 gate and carry on. Like before, the password is just written on the card.

that is still stupi- you are fucking kidding. Immediately after going through the 04 door? Get rid o' that card because you need the 05 one now!

Also damn, someone already looted the dead guy.

At least he still had this note. I'm sure it'll be relevant later.

The south part of that branch leads to... nothing... again. So we'll just come through here and take advantage of that small terminal. This part also branches to the north and south from there.

We'll go south first. From this immediate new branch, we'll go to the right/west.

This brings us to a new small room with our fight in a box in it.

Three Taowns is meh. A Materazi (combo'd here of course) drops them all instantly. Oh well.

The eastern part of the southern path just gives us a single Medical Kit.

Going back to the north and here we'll go right/east.

It doesn't let us get much, but a second Rose is a very nice thing to pick up all the same.

The northwestern area gives us these three losers.

Heroic Battle

Hey it's an actual potential threat.

In part because they're both jerks alone but also because Pazuzu and Scathach can combo to hit us with a Tentarafoo.

Making Scathach panic and blasting Pazuzu with Elec stuff helps it go smoothly at least.

Egg of the Universe

That gives us the fifth card and, like with the third, there's a golden container right there.

This one is also a ring that is quite nice in theory.

Its actual use is super, super niche but whenever it does come up it's nice to have.

And this card doesn't have a password printed on it.

...At least not blatantly. A-B-Y-S-S and the note we saw earlier becomes 1-2-25-19-19 or 12251919 and wouldn't you know it? That just happens to be exactly enough numbers to fit this lock and be our password.

Before continuing on, I needed to get new mantras again and then this happened. Esoteric 2 is not very good.

Miser's Spirit is a niche-within-a-niche passive. If you get panicked and then your character opts to throw money away... if they have this they throw away slightly less. It is not worth a damn thing. Just skip it.

Little past the 05 gate, we get a branch. Gonna keep going west, since the south path leads us to nothing.


Well, that door is bigger than normal and has a different design. There's a small terminal to our left, so we'll go south first.

It only lets us get our second Great Chakra, but that's not exactly a bad thing by any means.

So lets go through that other door.

Earth Bound

Hey, it's that guy again.

Epic Battle ~ Prelude

You, uh, you okay there, Earth?

wow impressive thing you just did earth - you pissed off cielo. that takes some work.

We've learned that strenth is not everything.

Boss: Tribvhana Round 3 ~ Earth Solo

Hunting ~ Betrayal
hey you reading this right now. click that link. do it. don't ask why just do it.

also music name changes! this is called Hunting on integral but the normal dds2 soundtrack calls it Hunting ~ Betrayal which fits so much better here.

Yeah, yah, whatever you say Earth. Just tune already so we can kick your ass again. It's not like Ubelluris has ever been hard or the like.

And, of course, you're going to use Cielo here. It fits the proceeding scene too well not to. Besides if you try to not use him, he autodeploys immediately anyway.

...that's not ubelluris.

earth what did you do how did you do that

So, we're actually fighting Abaddon! He has the same resistances and weaknesses as Ubelluris. I guess that makes sense since he is still Earth and all.

He's also, appropriately enough, a fairly heavy Phys attacker. If I remembered to us an Attack Mirror here, he could kick things off by ruining his own HP by putting a Taunt up first.

but i didnt so oops

After losing about 500 health, he stops fucking around with being Ubelluris mk2 and starts to switch things up a bit.


Gate to Abyss is... a super underwhelming attack.

He just bits down on someone and, yes, eats them. This does remove them from the field. He picks his target for this randomly, of course.

And afterwards, he follows up with this.

After eating someone he will always use Bellow which reveals Abaddon's true nature.

He's a barrier change boss! There's one crucial flaw with it here though.

Rather than be completely random he shifts in a set pattern. His resistances always start by matching Ubelluris, since that's his natural state. His first Bellow makes his resistances those of Ganga.

So we just blast him with Earth spells now.

And he begins his turn by spitting out Cielo. Merely being swallowed by Gate to Abyss actually does nothing beyond remove them from the field.

Abaddon doesn't drain from it, they don't take damage when you attack the guy and even being forcibly removed leaves them unharmed.

So long as you can hit him hard enough, he just wastes his turns. The only thing it actually even does is make you game over when the other 2 characters drop instead.

Oh, and of course when he switches resistances around he also switches attacks for good measure. Since he's emulating Ganga right now he also uses her attacks.

I could almost feel sorry for the guy were he not suddenly a complete and utter shitheel.

We just rocked up the society, attacked the tower and destroyed his entire worldview effortlessly.

Also after being Ganga he switches to Cu Sith. And then back to Ubelluris etc. etc.

At least as Cu Sith he does some interesting things that Air never actually did. And by "interesting" I mean uses some ailments. Silent Howl, of course, has a chance to inflict Mute.

Granted these do come at a price; namely, he cannot Dekaja or Dekunda!

He also casts Diarama but a single mid-tier spell will outdo that effortlesly.

So, Abaddon. Great music, great money, great drop, great plot beat. And I love how Cielo got the last hit on the guy to take out the last of his 3500HP. That's just perfect.


Get outta my sight.



Egg of the Universe

That keycard will come in handy later, I'm sure. For now we've got a nice break so we'll see what the gang has to say.

Angel's "liberation" would be breaking away from that. Nobody knows what would come after liberation, but it could be the true form of mankind. Angel connected that concept to biological evolution. Karma's simplest form is natural selection. She believes that path leads to enlightenment, but... With different wording, isn't that just annihilation?

Tribe 96 and Cyber Shaman 19



Egg of the Universe

I believe so...
This makes it sound like the entire Junkyard was deleted.

Did you examine the document Argilla found? The green fire we saw must have been the "initialization code." Even though the color and size are different, something similar is in the sky, here. ...I feel uneasy.

Now we can continue onwards and... go all the way down to the 30th floor.

The surprisingly empty 30th floor. There's another door at the end of this corridor that has the same setup as the one that led to Meganada's room. There's nothing else here so...

The Rescue Attempt
hey so should really just watch this instead


Y'now, that thing looks familiar.

Ah, that explains it. I guess we've found where Sera was at the end of DDS1 at last.

Of course Cuvier is watching us approach that egg-shaped thing.

....But she's not the only one.



Hey, uh, Heat, what're you doing?

Whatever it is, it's not part of the plan apparently.

Wait, hang on...


Well, we could be a dick to spite the guy or we could pick the obvious answer.

We're comrades...

Flashback time...

Since its not cut out of DDS1 it's quite short, of course.

Meanwhile at a different place, somethingis happening with satellites.

Many, may satellites all just outside of the city... walls?

pfft ahaha yuri lowenthal trying to do a british accent is amazing

Ahem. HAARP is a real thing but I know nothing about it other than that. Sorry.

That can't be! The system isnt even connected.

Something about this looks familiar...

I see that Angel has been keeping herself nice and busy.

Surprised it took so long to cut through all those generic mooks, though.

Serph's in there.



What is this room. Why does it exist.

Considering she ran in here to wallow and cry is all that water her tears. What even is this.

But y'know, I like this. The entire first half of the game has had Cuvier be built up to be a major antagonist, probably were waiting for the inevitable boss fight...

Instead, Angel just walks up behind her and shoots her in the head with that one bullet she was saving.

What De Hell? It Wasn't Supposed To Be Dis Way!
hey look another music name change this time its between english and japanese Integrals; this is the english title and it owns. the original title is "This Isn't Very Interesting Either" which.... does not fit in the slightest


Oh good, they put Sera in clothes during the scene transition.

We only have until sunrise.

So what do we do?