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by Luisfe

Part 12

Eleventh Update: The Center! And LOTS OF TEXT.

And so, Hawk now is not named after a predatory bird, now he is named after a letter!

That guy that was next to the old gym said so.

Don't see why not.

And with that being said, Hawk/Aleph gets teleported to the very center of the Center (hurr).


And she is taken away.

Memories erased?

*quintuple gasp!*

Hoo...ray? And it is BOOK OF REVELATION, damnit.

And yet cannot use the simplest and easiest magic powers.

And a new person enters the room.

That's... Creepy.

Oh no!

Double OH NO!
A Basilisk, and a King Frost. THat sounds potentially nasty.

And that's the last thing he says before kicking Aleph's butt out of the Control Room.

Soothing blue.

Let's check Rei's statistics.

And a weapon upgrade!

Elevator! Up first.

In the next floor, there is only a single interesting thing:

Their tone makes it sound like the punishment will be severe. That is not good.

Back down again.


A church! (duh)

Ah, a Terminal.

A former Champ!

Second place = First loser = DEAD. Okay.

Lots of these guys in the Center.

A bar. With alcoholic beverages. In the Center. What the hell, that doesn't sound like a godly stablishment.

That will surely be useful.


So there are only five districts in the Millenium? Bah.

No one wants that.

Yeah, sure, whatever.

So, Aleph was a Temple Knight of exceptional strenght/abilities?
Or is this old fart talking about something else?

Boggles the mind. Saves them the trouble of minting their own money, though.

Couldn't that cause many problems?


The Map! Mostly empty. No random encounters, though.

And a locked door!

What should be done next: Visiting the Virtuals, or checking what's behind the door?