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Part 14

Thirteenth Update

Inside the building we see a very, very annoying graphical effect.

Oooh, a church inside!

That ain't no church, and this bastard overcharges!

Will have to come back later, then.

In the only other place of the first floor that hasn't been explored, one finds THIS monster.

And so, the battle starts.

Wikipedia posted:

The Frost King was a short story written by Helen Keller at the age of twelve, in 1892. Keller's story has similarities to an older story, Margaret Canby's "Frost Fairies", with which Keller may have been familiar. As a result, there was an implication of possible plagiarism on Keller's, or her teacher, Anne Sullivan's part.

Anne Sullivan often described detailed visual and auditory impressions to Keller. When Sullivan mentioned that the autumn leaves were "painted ruby, emerald, gold, crimson, and brown", Keller, then twelve, imagined fairies doing the work, and was inspired to write a story about how Jack Frost came up with the idea when a cask of jewels his fairy servants were transporting melted in the sun and covered the leaves [1]. She sent the story to Michael Anagnos, head of the Perkins School for the Blind, as a birthday gift. He had it published in the Perkins annual report, accompanied by his own lushly written endorsement of Keller's talents, and it was picked up by two other journals on deaf-blind education.

Ah, no more annoying effect.

Behind the frozen door, there were stairs.

Every bit helps.

An Angel!

Wikipedia posted:

An angel is a supernatural being found in many religions. In Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism, angels, as attendants or guardians to man, typically act as messengers from God. In some cultures, they are believed to be the most powerful type of fairy.

Significantly more powerful, but less dangerous somehow than the freaking frog ninjas.
It boggles the mind (it's all about the skills, and its usage, and whatnot).

Aaah, that's better. Due to casinos and whatnot, money is far easier to acquire than Mag (at least for now), so this treasure is far more valuable than the other box.

Fortunately, random encounter rate is not crazy in this area. Unfortunately, moon phases change SLOOOOOOWLY

Done with that floor.

Another chance to play Code Breaker.


Bah! That means that eventually, Aleph will have to revisit Holytown, or something.

In the same floor, near to the Elevator:

Decided to not open a portal, for the time being.

Colors are back to normal.

Time to check this place.

Oh come on.

Oh come on, isn't there ANYONE in this damn place?

Backdoor then. Nothing in the previous two entrances served any purpose

Oh goddamnit.

This better have that old fart behind the door...


Wikipedia posted:

Ocypete ("swift wing") was one of the three harpies in Greek mythology. She was also known as Ocypode ("swift foot") or Ocythoe ("swift runner")

A garage!




Nothing else to do here.


Back to the Center.

And time to go back to the innards of theridiculously high tower.

Oh god damn it.

Next update: Visiting the Factory.

link in first post later, got to go out.