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Shin Megami Tensei II

by Luisfe

Part 16

Fifteenth Update:

Since MAG was mentioned twice, MAG it is.

30k Magnetite should be enough, especially if one rations the use of demons in areas such as buildings and whatnot.

Time to go back.

That's... Weird.

Back to the tower.

After a long assignment in the mines, nothing better than hitting the bar and getting some gossip.

Thus, it is incredibly important to keep it functioning.

Well, at least it is better now without King Frost and that Basilisk poisoning everything.
Maybe a visit there would be nice later. Maybe.

Oh, the last part of the Millenium, the part that has not been visited yet.

More flashbacks would probably be nice.

To Arcadia!


Oh come on.


I hate the Gate to Arcadia.

Open sesame!

Arcadia has high-tech access.

Et in Arcadia Ego.

A former Champ! Let's see what he has to say.

Pompous bastard, isn't he?

A church.

With a terminal. Now Aleph can get to Arcadia whenever he feels like it.

Time to check this place.

Nice white walls.

And thus, will be the last mansion that is visited.


All the houses in Arcadia have the same design.

If you say so. It sure is prettier than Valhalla or Holytown.

So the Arcadians have everything but immortaility, eh?

Enviable life?

Time to go through the secret path of the FOREST.

See? That is HIDDEN.


So it is a test run area then?

Then "yes".

And everything will be good!

Back to the Center then.

It's quite pleasant. Maybe later.

Oh. That's weird. It should be blue or green, not orange.

The tower again.

Next update: Something is wrong with the Center.