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Part 18

Seventeenth Update

Luck it is.

Now that there's nothing at all to do in Holytown, it is time to go back to Valhalla to show that bastard who is the real Messiah.

And voila! Valhalla!

First, the new Gym.

Meh. Afraid of the small chance that Aleph could lose?
Meh I said!

Time to go to the Arena/Colloseum.

That is... Weird. The statue was not crying the last time we saw it. What could that mean?

Of course not.

The Fate of the World and its savior are nothing but a chance to make a profit to the guys in the Arena. Okay. Fair enough.

I am sure he is waiting patiently to EXTERMINATE Aleph. Unfortunately, this particular one is not slowed down by stairs.
Bullets and magic will slow him down, though. If not kill him.

But Aleph himself has said nothing

That's a cheesy line.

And so, it starts. AGAIN.

That happens in both sides of the Colloseum Maze. No one is rooting for the Messiah Formerly Known as Hawk. And now named

Betelgeuse's humanoid form!

Tried to recruit one, but due to Aleph's strong Law alignment (for the moment, at least), it refused. Oh well.

A Nue!

Wikipedia posted:

A nue (鵺 is a legendary creature found in Japanese folklore. It has the head of a monkey, the body of a raccoon dog, the legs of a tiger, and a snake instead of a tail. A nue can also transform into a black cloud and fly around. Due to its appearance, it is sometimes referred to as a Japanese chimera.

Nue are bringers of misfortune and illness. According to The Tale of the Heike, the Emperor of Japan became sick after a nue took up residence atop his palace in the summer of 1153. After the samurai Minamoto no Yorimasa killed the creature, the emperor recovered.

The most famous story involving the nue takes place in the year 1153, at the imperial palace in Kyōtō. Emperor Konoe begins having terrible nightmares every night, to the point that he falls ill, and it seems that the source is a dark cloud that appears on the palace roof every night at two in the morning. The problem is eventually solved by Yorimasu Minamoto, who stakes out the roof one night and fires an arrow into the cloud, out of which falls a dead nue. Yorimasu then takes the body and sinks it into the Sea of Japan.

A local expansion of the story exists, in which the nue's corpse floats into a certain bay and the locals, fearing a curse, bury it. The mound where the beast lies can still be seen today.

One of those could be quite useful, but as a Dark Demon, it is rather asshattish about joining. Or maybe I used the wrong paths, eh, whatever.

Map! Same as before. No new treasures. Boooring.

And with that, the fight starts.

Click me for the longest fight so far fought in the game.

And so end the epic fight of the two Artificial Messiahs.

Notice: No matter who would have won, they would have said that the loser would be the Anti-Messiah. It is a foolproof plan, I tell you.

MEKATA? Isn't that the other scientist that escaped from the Center?

This guy creeps me out.

Time to watch the NEWS.

See? It was a foolproof plan.

Damn right.

Uhh... Maybe? Summoning demons also helps.

Okamoto must get more money due to FAME now.

If you say so...

Sorry, no monetary/economic miracles for you (even if Aleph COULD repay his debts, he is loaded now thanks to the CASINO).

What the hell? That's exactly what Aleph has been doing all the time!
Ungrateful bastich.

Okay, that's it with the Medium Class part of Valhalla. Time to go and check that Mekata guy.

But first: Aleph shows off his Mesiahhood.

He is truly powerful.

Back to the Slums.

And into the Church of Gaia.

Aaaah, Corruption.

That's the place.

So if Aleph desires to recover his old memories, he needs to save Hiroko. Does not seem too bad a deal, since his female adventuring companion just commited suicide.