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Part 20

Update number NINETEEN.

Time to avenge Valhalla. FOR VALHALLA! :blackl101:


Oh. Crap.

The powerful messiah is undone by a closed gate. Damnit.

Well, nothing to do here. But there's stuff to be done in Holytown. For example, providing appropriate equipment to Hiroko.
Her gear is not good enough, she needs Jipanium, Smile Stare, and Randi Bullets.

Yes. Obviously it does.

Time to check the NEWS.

And then, Voltai takes over the transmission.

Well, one will have to take his word for it. But the workers seemed to be pretty damn content with their labor.
Maybe somethin else is going on there...

That being said, it is time to hit the Bar.

This surprises me. Incredible lack of empathy there.

Ah hah! So next top: Great Church once again.

Ooooh, so that's why opening a portal fails everytime... Interesting.
Now, where the hell could one get a Sleeping Doll?

I find it disturbing that Louis is more sympathetic to the Valhallans than that Valhallan himself. It is weird and strange.
Or maybe he just hates them Mesians quite a bit, and is sad to see the den of vice that Valhalla was gone.
Or maybe...
Eh, he's got his own agenda. He always has one.

Out again.

He is definitely an idealist.

The Great Church is the same as always, only that instead of a Fat stalker blocking the last door in the third floor, there is THIS guy.

And guess what? He fails once more to make his threats happen

nd he goes away again.



Soo... This is the underworld?
The ruins of a civilization that has been dead for xx years?
Or is this just the door to the Underworld?
In any case, I am sure that it will be