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Part 25

Update 24:

And so, Taira Masakado was completely revived.

Looks quite different with his soul, eh?

To the Seal Cave!

Masakado's Katana
Attack = 190 Hit% = 87 # of Attacks = 1-3, Inflicts FREEZE
STR +3, INT +1, STM +2
Gender: MALE
Alignment: NEUTRAL
Unfortunately, had no free spots for it, so it is lost in the sands of time. Damnation, it would have been awesome to have it.

Oh well.

Well, durr. No one else is here to DO THE JOB.

A new pillar! And somehow still having BOTH Masakado's parts, and his body. Huh.

There are 3 or so floors like this one. Each one of them having places that teleport to another floor. It is rather annoying.


Wikipedia posted:

Eligos (also Abigor or Eligor), in demonology, is a Great Duke of Hell, ruling sixty legions of demons. He discovers hidden things and knows the future of wars and how soldiers should meet. He also attracts the favours of lords, knights and other important persons.

He is depicted in the form of a goodly knight carrying a lance, an ensign and a sceptre (a serpent to some authors, most notably Aleister Crowley).

Alternatively he is depicted as a ghostly spectre, sometimes riding a winged horse.

Fire spells!

Another floor.

And then, the main floor of the cave is reached. There are several Japanese gods being held by... Paper bonds? It is the duty of Aleph and his merry party to free them and restore them to their former glory. After all, he is the Messiah, or somesuch.

Wikipedia posted:

Tsukuyomi or Tsukiyomi(月読の命 or 月夜見の尊, Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto), also known as Tsukuyomi-no-kami, is the god of the moon in Shinto and Japanese mythology. The name Tsukuyomi is a combination of the Japanese words for "moon" (tsuki) and "reading" (yomu). Another interpretation is that his name is a combination of "moonlit night" (Tsukiyo) and a verb meaning "to look at" (miru). Yet another interpretation is that the kanji for "bow" (弓, yumi) was corrupted with the kanji for "yomi". "Yomi" also may refer to the Japanese underworld, though this interpretation is unlikely. It is also interesting to note the apparent morphological parallelism with the Japanese word koyomi, which means "calendar" and is believed to possibly be derived from a compound of the obsolete Old Japanese word ke (generally believed to have meant "days") and the gerund of the Japanese verb yomu, which means "to read" in the modern language, but originally had meanings varying from "to chant," "to compose (poetry)," "to babble," and "to count" (as in the Japanese idiomatic expression, saba-o yomu, which signifies the act of falsifying one's age).

Tsukuyomi was the second of the "three noble children" born when Izanagi, the god who created the first land, Onogoro-shima, was cleansing himself of his sins while bathing himself after escaping the underworld and the clutches of his enraged dead wife, Izanami. Tsukuyomi was born when Izanagi washed out of his right eye. However, in an alternate story, Tsukuyomi was born from a mirror made of white copper in Izanagi's right hand.

After climbing a celestial ladder, Tsukuyomi lived in the heavens, also known as Takamagahara, with his sister Amaterasu, the sun goddess.

Tsukuyomi angered Amaterasu when he killed Uke Mochi, the goddess of food. Amaterasu once sent Tsukuyomi to represent her at a feast presented by Uke Mochi. The goddess made the food by turning to the ocean and spitting out a fish, then facing the forest and game came out of her mouth, and finally turned to a rice paddy and coughed up a bowl of rice. Tsukuyomi was utterly disgusted by the fact that, although it looked exquisite, the meal was made in a disgusting manner, and so he killed her.

Soon, Amaterasu learned what happened and she was so angry that she refused to ever look at Tsukuyomi again, forever moving to another part of the sky. This is the reason that day and night are never together. In later versions of this myth, Uke Mochi is killed by Susano-O.

One god thing freed!

Megaten Wiki posted:

One of the Shinto gods sent to take away the rule of earth from Okuninushi. Takemikazuchi and Takeminakata had the first sumo match which Takemikazuchi won.

And another god is gone.

Can't find information about this dude.


Wikipedia posted:

Omoikane(思兼 is a Shinto god of knowledge. His name means "serving one's thoughts."


Awesome, so once a god is freed it will be available through FUSION!

Mostly complete map.

Amaterasu! And not in tehe wolf form she takes in Okami!

Wikipedia posted:

Amaterasu (天照, Amaterasu-ōmikami (天照大神 or 天照大御神 or Ōhiru-menomuchi-no-kami (大日孁貴神 is in Japanese mythology a sun goddess and perhaps the most important Shinto deity (神 kami). Her name, Amaterasu, means literally "(that which) illuminates Heaven." She was born from the left eye of Izanagi as he purified himself in a river and went on to become the ruler of the Higher Celestial Plane (Takamagahara) and was also considered to be directly linked in lineage to the Imperial Household of Japan and the Emperor, who were considered descendants of the kami themselves.

Amaterasu is freed!

Time to go out.

And so, Amaterasu and Hiruko leave. Bah.

Tiem to go to a place with a bar, to celebrate the success of freeing the gods.

Maybe, maybe not!

The mutant elder, eh? Too bad he still says the same thing, it's not yet time to go and check him.

God damnit.
So, the Pillars must be acquired soon.

Holytown it is then!

In Holytown:


Time to check the NEWS.

But.. But... They look so happy!

Okay, to the Factory then.

This guy says something different.

Hms. A song?

So the Factory is where the old Akihabara was? Okay.

I want the information!

Wait what.
Drinking to reduce head pain?
Okay, soemthing is wrong there.
Very very wrong.

Next update: GOING IN.